Baucom May 2019

Dear Pastor, Church & Friends,                                                        May  2019

We have had some interesting times since we last wrote. We had the Independent Fellowship Of Native Baptist Churches this past Easter Good Friday. This is the Native Baptist Churches within 100 miles of our Reservation. The attendance was around 100 natives from five Churches. Native Churches are not many in number. If you have 35 on a Sunday morning, that’s great. Sunday night & Wednesdays the crowd gets smaller. BUT GOD….has sure done wonders for us with our little remnant.

We love to see natives visit our Church. This month we had two male visitors.  We were all so happy and welcoming them into the services. We hoped they would be back.  They did come back the next Sunday. But in the mean time red flags were going up all over the Church. I checked with police on the Reserve and back issues of newspapers while a great big lump was rising up in my throat.  One was a convicted pedophile charged with 3 counts of possessing, making and distributing child porn. And to think how much we made over these two men being there. All week I worried how to handle it. The last thing I would do being a white man is tell a native of this Reservation that he was not welcome in our Church. I HAD LEARNED MY LESSON about 10 years ago. So I involved our men.  They could tell them and not bat an eye, and they did. He was very polite once he saw I had the goods on him. Oh how our mother’s with children were upset. The visitors left and we’re back to normal. Another lesson learned. Do your home work before you make over new visitor!

Another surprise was our daughter Mary, her husband Derek and our grandson Griffin came to visit us from Little Rock. Ten days of romper room excitement! I could write a book here. It was the best thing that has happened to us in a long, long  time.  Our whole family together!  We had a blast!! Most likely it will be a very long time before we get them all together again.    

The rest of us are about the same. The doctor gave me a good report apart from the Parkinson Disease.  And also, the doctors can’t understand why my strength is half of what it used to be. I get so weak every day. The Neurologist said it’s due to the Parkinson and there’s nothing I can do about it except stay active.  Elaine’s surgery for her hip is still upcoming. It’s not getting any better. Just waiting on the doctor to call. She uses a cane more often now and continues to be active as much as she can.

Let me say, our traveling in a car to come down south is just not possible for now. We live, bloom and mostly die where God plants us. The work load is as great as ever, but the physical strength is less than half. The Parkinson’s has become a ruler in my life. I have to consider it before I set out to do anything. I find myself weeping more these days due to my ability or disability to go as I use to. As in anything, we have our bad days and good days. But we keep moving forward. All else is good. To our dear supporters, we are indebted to you. Your faithfulness is so gracious and true. God love you. Your prayers and financial support is soooo much appreciated. Thank you. Anytime you’d like to call or text, please do.  As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country.Pr 25:25 Thank you for loving me and Elaine the way you dear folk do.

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Baucom February 2019

To The Dear, Dear Friends Of Tommy & Elaine,                                                     February  2019

It seems we just sent one of these out. But glad to keep you dear folks informed about what’s happening and what’s not happening. And it’s this time of the year that about all that is happening is the cold weather. We’ve had to close our services several times due to snow, ice and low, low temperatures.  Up to 2-3 years ago it did not bother us. But we have gotten older.

Elaine & I are experiencing several things that come with age & infirmities. We can’t seem to remember from the bathroom to the kitchen what we went there for. Our apartment is small, but we love it. Elaine hobbles around waiting for a hip replacement which can be 6 months to a year. I’m staggering and shaking more and more because of the Parkinsons. I’m just being truthful, We get aggravated due to our health problems and having to take soooo many pills morning, noon & night. God is still good and our marriage is still the most sweetest wonderful thing to happen to us, earthly speaking.  My prostate problem is starting to bother me more and more .

We have two Nursing Homes we attend monthly which are doing great. God just gave me a love for these dear senior folks. Some Nursing Homes are awful a shortage of funding and workers.

Our Sunday morning crowd is encouraging. But too, they are getting older and apt to fall, so they fear going out in the snow and cold. I don’t blame them. The Lord has given us a wonderful congregation of  people. Whether 25 or 255, I am prepared to preach to either size as if it might be my last.

We have had a couple of native women to visit or Church in which Bob and I decided to visit one of them. She was strongly traditional. I didn’t know just how strongly until we got there. I said, “Bob, what have you gotten us into?” After about 30 minutes, I wanted to have pray and go.  As we finished praying she wanted to pray as well. Woe! She took my hand while I still had my eyes closed. I was wondering what she was doing so I had to look.  You know the preacher has to look.  As I was peeking, she was casting out an evil spirit from me she said. She took her hand and pointed toward the window for it to leave.  Then she says  she would need to do this two more times before they were all gone. I wondered what they were that she was casting out. I didn’t feel nothing and I knew I belonged to JESUS! When Bob and I got to the end of the driveway, we stopped and prayed that  the Lord protect us and let us not carry any of this stuff back to our homes, Amen! This is some of the things we get into on the Reservation. We do a lot of pleading Jesus’ blood.

Please don’t expect too much out of Elaine & I in these winter months. It’s a task just for me and my health and heart condition along with Elaine’s hip joint to go from the house to the car. We’re not dead yet, just cautious.  We still carry a full load of preaching and visiting hospitals and such.

Our holiday season went well. Some of our Churches and individuals sent extra gifts in which we are soooo grateful. I’ve tried to keep an account of who sent special gifts so I could send a special Thank You for such.  If we missed you, please forgive.  Too, Thank You for staying behind us in prayers and financial help. You are very kind. We would love to visit you and the Church, but I’m just not strong enough yet and then having to be ready when the surgeon calls to do Elaine’s hip replacement.

Thanks again my friend(s).  With Love!              

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Baucom’s December 2018 Letter

Dear Friends Of Tommy & Elaine,                                           

From Elaine:  The past year and a half have been very trying due to Tom’s health. The doctors kept giving him medications before knowing a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease this past April. He’s doing much better now with the right medication, but still  has not regained full strength to do all he would like to do. This is my main prayer request for he and I.  Due to his illness and fainting spell in the drug store a few weeks ago, I have needed to be by his side more then usual and do most the driving.

We are both still working at the church everyday and doing all we can to keep things moving. We are thankful that God counted us worthy putting us in the ministry here. We love it.  There are so many things that has to be looked after and kept up along with visiting hospitals not only for ourselves but to see our folks that are there. I thought I could retire from the Academy a few years ago, but that has not happened. I still have a good hand in it as well. The church has a couple of our men that can preach and help Tom out that way when needed. I have to stay on him about going so hard even with his health condition. He feels like he has to be in the pulpit preaching every service. But he pays for it thereafter. He just won’t slow down. The specialist had him on a heart monitor the past two weeks due to his Atrial fibrillation.  

Our son John is also a great part of our church and God has been using him in many ways. He desires a helpmeet so that’s another request. He was saved last year, God is so good!  I’m scheduled for surgery soon for a hip replacement. Just waiting on open date.  Please help me pray about this and also that the timing of surgery will be at a time when Tom will be well enough to help with driving and looking after things for us.

From Tom:                 The church is doing well with about 30 people on average. There are a couple of people coming that are not saved yet. I expect them to move every Sunday, but they just stand there often weeping.  The work here is slow so it can get discouraging at times, especially in the cold, cold months and not too many sun shinny days. By the way, our Church just gave John & I (same birthdays) a wonderful birthday party. They also included mine and Elaine’s 45th.year anniversary along with our 30 yrs. of being here on the Reservation. Please pray for our church. They love the Lord and desire revival. There’s always some kind of work to do here. We are raising money to re-pave our church parking lot this coming summer, Lord willing. 🙂  We will say more about this soon. We have already raised close to $9000.00, thanks to the Lords people.

We hope to be able to visit the south maybe in the coming summer. Winter time driving, don’t even go there. We’ve learned our lesson. Driving is a task. It hurts to sit in one place long. Most our churches are about 800 to a 1000 miles away. We used to drive it all in one day. Gone are those days.

Thank you all so much for being a part of our lives through your financial support and  prayers. You are such dear friends to such of the least like Elaine and I. You and the Lord Jesus makes us feel like we’re important.  Bless His Name!  And lest I forget, ………..Merry Christmas.

With His Love,

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September 2018


Dear Friends Of Tom & Elaine,


If there is anything I’ve learned over the past year, it is that God hears the prayers of His people. We are always hearing from people far and wide that have been praying for me and continue to do so. God has miraculously touched my body. Mark 8 gives the story of the man born blind. Jesus took him by the hand, and led him out of the town. We know Jesus could have healed this man instantly. But for some reason, (the limitation would be on the human side, not the Divine side), He took him out away from the crowd. It says Jesus spit in His eyes. I wouldn’t mind God spitting in my eyes. But for some unknown reason, Jesus had to touch him later. I appreciate the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, times so fourth that God has touched me. He could have fixed me up the 1st. time, but He knew I needed the prayers and that you needed the practice.


He has so graciously touched my body. The Neurologist said that there is no cure for Parkinson, but the rest of the things that was all out of whack with me are slowly getting back to normal. There are a few things I’m working on like my guitar playing. My right hand & arm is still slow.


The Church is moving right along. But we’re not burning up the woods seeing folks saved. It’s a task just getting them to Church, let alone getting them saved. I don’t know of any Churches up here that are seeing folks saved. Natives are still a bit skeptic even after our 30 yrs. of being here.


Our school has started again and Elaine is still heading it up. She was supposed to be retired

from it about three years ago, but that didn’t happen. She does not actually teach now, but has to make sure all records and rules are kept up. She doesn’t mind a bit. That’s why we are here. J


Remember the Titanic tracts we spoke of? These are tracts that our Sunday School Class in Monroe (Gary Howard being the teacher) had printed for us. So far since Easter our Church has given out half (2,500). They are an easy tract to pass out.


In the first week of October our Church will be sponsoring the Native Independent Baptist Churches of the surrounding Reservations. Thanksgiving up here comes the first week in October. It is one of the highlights of the year for our native Churches. Each Church will bring 2 specials and then a message will be preached. Following, our Church will provide a meal in our gymnasium.


Also, we would appreciate your prayers concerning my wife. She will be having a hip replacement hopefully soon due to her arthritis. The hip doctor said it would not get any better without a replacement. Our prayer is that she would get in miraculously soon. The waiting list can be about one year. She is just unsure about getting it done.


Oh, how faithful you dear friends have been to Elaine & I. We sure don’t deserve such kind and gracious treatment. THANK YOU DEARLY. This month will mark 45 lovely years of marriage and October will start 31 years of being on this Reservation. We are tired and getting older, but there is nowhere to get off this Gospel train. We still are lovin it and so happy to remain here until we die or Jesus comes.Facebooktwitter

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Baucom March 2018

March 2018,


Dear Precious Friends Of Tommy & Elaine Baucom,


First, I greatly apologize for being so long in writing. That’s not my style. The reason is I have been sick and continue to not be completely out of the woods yet! Stress, depression and anxiety was killing me. My doctor kept asking me to take a 2-3 month medical leave and let our men keep things going at the Church. I asked him who was supposed to pay for this. No answer except trust the Lord. Well, it happened. Our pastor friend in Deland, Florida headed up putting it altogether along with a some of his preacher friends. They gave us several options of places to go. We chose North Carolina, our home Church, Tabernacle, Pastor Bobby Leonard. We actually stayed about 25 miles out in the country in a home fully furnished and provided by a dear pastor friend from Wilmington NC. Our home Church provided a van along with two other families in our Church that allowed us to use their vehicles as well. Meals upon meals they provided. And then our pastor, Brother Bobby Leonard, He could not do enough for us. So gracious! I don’t know why God would even look upon a dead dog as I.


It was total bliss. No one bothered us, no cell service, no satellite hook-up, no computer or internet, nothing except one Christian radio station and total peace and quite. My wife and I spent hours each day praying, reading, watching the birds and drawing closer to God and one another. We went there to do nothing but rest and relax. You know how hard that is to do? We feel we have accomplished so much concerning our health. But we still are not out of the woods. I still have an MRI and a schedule with a Neurologist here in Canada soon.


Thanks for being patient with us. Also, my wife has had an MRI and a biopsy concerning a mass they have found in the lower part of her body. Praise the Lord, the doctor saw the mass as a fibroid and said not to worry about it for now.


Our son-in-law Pat, Melissa’s husband is not fairing well. It seems like the chemo is not helping. He’s considering just stopping it all or not…for now his blood count is too low for chemo.


Our son John is continuing to be a blessing to the Church. He is involved in everything possible. The folks are amazed that he has become such a servant wanting to help everybody. Pray for him a wife. He wants his own family.


The Church is doing well. Our people have been behind us 100 percent. They kept things moving as well as could be with all the snow and cold weather and then sickness. John says it sounded like a hospital during Church. I have a schedule on the back that gives you an idea how they helped out. We are so glad to be back home and back in the saddle.  


Preachers, don’t wait until you are burned out. Take some time off. Elaine & I have given ourselves totally unto to the work here for 30 years without furlong. Don’t do this, Come apart before you come apart.

We will keep you up to date with the results of our test.   THANK YOU DEARLY FOR YOUR LOVE, PRAYERS AND FINANCIAL SUPPORT.   Our Cell: 905-308-6734   Our Email: tbaucom7531@gmail.comFacebooktwitter

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Tom & Elaine Baucom Sept 2017

September…… 2017


Dear Friends Of Tom & Elaine,


I’d have to say, the past 6 months have been a roller coaster ride for me physically. Finally, my doctor has concluded that the (3) different medications I was taking for my nerves is not helping me. I’m right back where I was before taking those awful mind-altering drugs. (Prozac, Trintellix & Cymbalta) There is a still a lot of shaking and anxiety. But I’d rather do this than be zoned out all the time. The operation on my hand for carpal tunnel went well also. I have an appointment with a Neurologist on the 15th of this month. I long for the days when I can be normal again. Please pray for the doctors and specialist to find what’s causing my disorder, please!


At the end of this month the Church folks here are giving my wife and I a special anniversary and recognition service. (Oh, it suppose to be a secret) But they went ahead and told me to keep it under my hat. They know I’m like a kid around Christmas time….snooping around. This event will mark my wife and I being married 44 years and being at the Church here into our 30th. year. To God be the Glory!


Also, we’d like to recognize one of our young men in the Church. His name is Mike. We were there when Mike was born. We have watched Mike as he finished and graduated from our academy. We watched as Mike finished 2 year of Criminal Law courses at Pensacola College in Florida. Just recently Mike has been accepted into the Police Academy here in Ontario. Mike will be working toward a position here on our Reservation. Elaine and I are so happy to be part of Mike’s training towards his career. Mike will be good for the police force.


The Church is about to get all their sports events and vacationing over with for a while. These events sure punch holes in the pews of our Church. We still have people that have made professions of faith and need to be baptized, but we just can’t seem to get them cornered long enough to get them in the water, if you know what I mean. I kind of like to see a little bit of faithfulness before we put them under, amen?


My family is doing great. All is well and healthy. I have some wonderful, wonderful news I’d like to share with you soon. It is just too good! I know you will shout for joy when we share it. But for now, just know GREAT NEWS is coming!!!


Let me say again as in our last Newsletter that we are so THANKFUL for you remaining with us during our sickness. We are looking forward to feeling better one day! My wife is soooo gracious to me. Everybody is. “THANK YOU” dear friends for believing in the Baucoms!Facebooktwitter

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Baucom’s June 2015 Newsletter

May – June 2015

Dear Friends Of Tom & Elaine,

With excitement and encouragement we write this letter. We had told you about the three that were saved in our previous News Letter. Well, they have been excited about their salvation. We have a class called “Growing In Grace”. It is 13 weeks of lessons that are geared to new Christians. These folks can’t wait to get back on Sunday to get a new lesson.

Oh, we had a revival meeting here as well with one of my old school mates from Tabernacle, Greenville, S.C., Max Alderman. He kicked off the meeting on Sunday June 7th, with us baptizing 6 new converts all together. The following Sunday we gave them their certificates.

We also have another couple attending for about three months. Even though we are on an Indian Reservation, we welcome whosoever will. We always have non-natives visiting from off the Reservation. I don’t know what would happen if it got over balanced with non-natives. I guess nothing as most of our people had a non-native dad, granddad or grandmother back down the line somewhere.

Our health is not 100% up to par. My heart still gives me a bout ever so often. Can’t do the things I used to do with ease.

I also have had a terrible cough for about two months now. Doctor can’t seem to get at the cause. We tried all kinds of medication but not touching it. Becoming more concerned.

My eyes are getting better each day from the operation. They look almost normal on the outside, but still feels funny inside. Pray.

The school has pert near got down to a trickle. A faithful grandmother is doing the teaching. Elaine just keeps check on their progress and records.

We can’t travel as we once could due to the strain it puts on our bodies. It about a 14-16 hour trip down south just to get to the majority of the Churches that support us. If you would like Elaine & I to be with you one Sunday please let me know. We really would love to come. Maybe we could be in a nearby Church as well. Please call: 905-308-6734. ☺

Maybe you or some folks would like to visit us while on vacation this summer. We have a nice place for you to stay on the Reservation. The house we lived in for 25 years, until the trouble being a non-native living on the Reservation came up. We have the house ready for visitors. Just this past Sunday the song leader Mark and his family from Pastor Ed Partin’s Church in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. was in our service. We were so blessed to have this family mingling in amongst our folks. Our folks loved it.

Elaine & I want to say thank you for your friendship, trust, love, prayers and financial support.Facebooktwitter

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March/April 2015 Letter from Baucom’s

March – April 2015

Dear Friends Of Tom & Elaine,

Finally, we are seeing green, green grass! It’s a welcomed smell of fresh cut grass. Beats the hound out of shoveling snow pert near every day for about 4-5 months!

We had told you about a Church in Arkansas that wanted to help us with our Church roof repair….well, we didn’t know they would take care of it completely!
Notice the pictures on the back….it looks wonderful. Praise the Lord!

Things have been happening this past quarter more than the average. Three professions of faith along with kind of almost record-breaking attendance of 41 for this time of the year.

This is kind of better than some months when it’s not been all that hot. In some of the off months where we hated to write due to not much happening, I’ve been discouraged, attendance has been off, sickness is widespread, children breaking our hearts, sun is not shining and it’s still cold, not too many people have called or wrote us a letter from the states….(maybe one or two). ☺

You know a lot of missionary letters you get are like the Wal-Mart settings. After the family shoot is over everybody puts their old work clothes back on and everybody goes back to the way they were. Smiles are put away and the march to the doldrums returns.

Really, it’s not that bad, Elaine & I are doing ok. It’s just sometimes we like to remind folks of how it is sometimes up here. But God is still so good. I wouldn’t trade places with any of you.

About those three that were saved; that’s what keeps us going. A husband and wife and another young man. I was sitting here and it dawned on me that all this happened right under my nose and I almost missed it. The roof completed and totally paid for, the record attendance of 41 this time of the year and three adults being saved, Glory To God!

I was thinking also how God continues to be sooooo good to us. We have never been looked after so well physically and medically as we have been here in Canada! I have had several serious surgeries with the last one just three weeks ago where my eyelids were lifted. Quite an ordeal. Our doctors and specialist here are so good to Elaine & I! We can’t understand why they take so much time and care for us, except that God puts it in their heart.

To our friends, family, Churches and Pastors, Elaine and I are so thankful for your love and trust. We count it an honor to represent you here among the native people of Six Nations Indian Reservation, Canada. Thank you for your love, prayers, trust and support.

Tommy & Elaine


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Letter from Baucom’s July 2014

June-July 2014

Dear Pastor & Church,

It is summertime once again. Along with that comes much activity that pulls people away from Church. Sports events, family gatherings and vacations. We are so thankful to have many people here that never give it a second thought on Sunday morning, Sunday evening and Wednesday as to whether they will come to Church or not. One native pastor here told me that it was very hard just to get folks to come to Church, let alone seeing them saved. If God be for us, who can be against us? Well, there are many things that line up to try to knock God’s people out. But God wants to bless and add to our Church more then we really realize. And we know that the Lord will always bless people who attend His House.

Needless to say, our attendance is down. But the ones that are here are here for the long haul. Each time I get up to preach I am as happy and excited to preach to 35-40 like I am preaching to 5,000! I thank God we have been enabled to remain. I remember Dr. Harold B. Slighter saying to his class years ago: He said when the day was finished he would unhook and go to the house. When morning came he would come back and hook up right where he had left off the previous day. I am glad to have sat under his ministry. I’m also glad to have been saved under my pastor’s ministry, Bobby L. Leonard. Brother Bobby will call me anywhere from 5-7 times a week. I sure wish every preacher boy had a pastor like my pastor.

Twenty-one years ago my wife, Elaine, entered the Academy as Supervisor. She has had 21 wonderful and fruitful years in the school. I believe she has been a wonderful teacher and great friend to the students and has given herself 100 percent. And she has loved it all the way. Truly her heart has been here with the school students. But due to Elaine’s age, health and stress levels, we feel it is time for her to retire from the classroom. As of June 19th., Elaine retired from the classroom of Garlow Line Baptist Academy. As to the future of the school we know of no one who would like to take it and run with it as of now. It has two young students, a brother and sister and one teenager that is homeschooling. She will do what she can to get them all either homeschooling or into another school.

Thanks again for remembering the Baucoms with your love, trust, prayers and financial help. The Lord has been merciful from all directions. This reminds me of how many ways I know how to tie a neck tie, which is no more than two. But back in 1999, two University of Cambridge researchers found 85 different ways to tie a tie, and this was the accepted amount of variations for a number of years. Recently, a team of researchers from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm used advanced mathematics and complex computer software to determine that there are, in fact, 177,147 different ways to tie a man’s tie. WOW!

This reminds me that when trouble comes upon us, we sometimes can only think of 1, 2 or 3 different ways that God could redeem us from the problem. However, because God is infinite and all-knowing, the number of ways in which He can bring us out of a troublesome situation are numberless! I said this to say that God has used so many different ways to tie up my ties that it’s beyond amazing. We have no idea which way He’ll use next. But He’ll do it again.

We Love Y’all!


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Baucom’s April 2014 Letter

Dear Pastor & Church,

Good News! Our son-in-law, Pat has accepted the Lord as his Saviour. This means so much to The Baucom family and our Church here as well. Pat has been a blessing to all of us. It surely is a shot in the arm, especially in this long, cold and dark winter. They both have been a blessing to our Church. Melissa has started playing the organ and singing specials. We will be baptizing Pat as soon as the weather breaks. What a joy to have someone that has been saved and wants to follow the Lord in Believers baptism. Pat comes from a family of Catholics and was so afraid and skeptical to loose his Catholic teachings for so long. But through prayer and patience the Lord convinced Pat to come.

Our attendance had dropped off some due to the harsh winter and sickness. But business has started to pick up due to better weather and Spring in the air. Just this past Sunday we had 39 in attendance. Elaine is still faithful with the Academy. That too has taken it’s toll with sick children.

And, And, And,…. let me tell you about our first grandbaby! It is due to arrive on September 5, Lord Willing, to Mary & Derek Ingle who live ten thousand miles away from us. Just kidding. They live in Arkansas; that seems like 10,000 miles away. ☹ A further note concerning our son John. He was in a wreck which totaled his car. A lady was not paying attention and slammed into him from the rear. He’s ok, but shaken somewhat. We are so excited about the movement the Lord has taken in his life. Thank you for praying. Please don’t forget him.

Well, not much more we can comment on except it’s been the coldest winter we have had here in our past 26 years. And it’s still cold today in April! I sure hope someone invites us down south to visit their sunny Church. We would love it. ☺ Again, we say “Thank You” for your love and continued support for the Baucom Family. The Lord miraculously supplies our needs through friends, loved ones and Churches like you.

Praise the Lord! Thank you so kindly.Facebooktwitter

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