Baucom’s December 2018 Letter

Dear Friends Of Tommy & Elaine,                                           

From Elaine:  The past year and a half have been very trying due to Tom’s health. The doctors kept giving him medications before knowing a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease this past April. He’s doing much better now with the right medication, but still  has not regained full strength to do all he would like to do. This is my main prayer request for he and I.  Due to his illness and fainting spell in the drug store a few weeks ago, I have needed to be by his side more then usual and do most the driving.

We are both still working at the church everyday and doing all we can to keep things moving. We are thankful that God counted us worthy putting us in the ministry here. We love it.  There are so many things that has to be looked after and kept up along with visiting hospitals not only for ourselves but to see our folks that are there. I thought I could retire from the Academy a few years ago, but that has not happened. I still have a good hand in it as well. The church has a couple of our men that can preach and help Tom out that way when needed. I have to stay on him about going so hard even with his health condition. He feels like he has to be in the pulpit preaching every service. But he pays for it thereafter. He just won’t slow down. The specialist had him on a heart monitor the past two weeks due to his Atrial fibrillation.  

Our son John is also a great part of our church and God has been using him in many ways. He desires a helpmeet so that’s another request. He was saved last year, God is so good!  I’m scheduled for surgery soon for a hip replacement. Just waiting on open date.  Please help me pray about this and also that the timing of surgery will be at a time when Tom will be well enough to help with driving and looking after things for us.

From Tom:                 The church is doing well with about 30 people on average. There are a couple of people coming that are not saved yet. I expect them to move every Sunday, but they just stand there often weeping.  The work here is slow so it can get discouraging at times, especially in the cold, cold months and not too many sun shinny days. By the way, our Church just gave John & I (same birthdays) a wonderful birthday party. They also included mine and Elaine’s 45th.year anniversary along with our 30 yrs. of being here on the Reservation. Please pray for our church. They love the Lord and desire revival. There’s always some kind of work to do here. We are raising money to re-pave our church parking lot this coming summer, Lord willing. 🙂  We will say more about this soon. We have already raised close to $9000.00, thanks to the Lords people.

We hope to be able to visit the south maybe in the coming summer. Winter time driving, don’t even go there. We’ve learned our lesson. Driving is a task. It hurts to sit in one place long. Most our churches are about 800 to a 1000 miles away. We used to drive it all in one day. Gone are those days.

Thank you all so much for being a part of our lives through your financial support and  prayers. You are such dear friends to such of the least like Elaine and I. You and the Lord Jesus makes us feel like we’re important.  Bless His Name!  And lest I forget, ………..Merry Christmas.

With His Love,