Tom & Elaine Baucom Sept 2017

September…… 2017


Dear Friends Of Tom & Elaine,


I’d have to say, the past 6 months have been a roller coaster ride for me physically. Finally, my doctor has concluded that the (3) different medications I was taking for my nerves is not helping me. I’m right back where I was before taking those awful mind-altering drugs. (Prozac, Trintellix & Cymbalta) There is a still a lot of shaking and anxiety. But I’d rather do this than be zoned out all the time. The operation on my hand for carpal tunnel went well also. I have an appointment with a Neurologist on the 15th of this month. I long for the days when I can be normal again. Please pray for the doctors and specialist to find what’s causing my disorder, please!


At the end of this month the Church folks here are giving my wife and I a special anniversary and recognition service. (Oh, it suppose to be a secret) But they went ahead and told me to keep it under my hat. They know I’m like a kid around Christmas time….snooping around. This event will mark my wife and I being married 44 years and being at the Church here into our 30th. year. To God be the Glory!


Also, we’d like to recognize one of our young men in the Church. His name is Mike. We were there when Mike was born. We have watched Mike as he finished and graduated from our academy. We watched as Mike finished 2 year of Criminal Law courses at Pensacola College in Florida. Just recently Mike has been accepted into the Police Academy here in Ontario. Mike will be working toward a position here on our Reservation. Elaine and I are so happy to be part of Mike’s training towards his career. Mike will be good for the police force.


The Church is about to get all their sports events and vacationing over with for a while. These events sure punch holes in the pews of our Church. We still have people that have made professions of faith and need to be baptized, but we just can’t seem to get them cornered long enough to get them in the water, if you know what I mean. I kind of like to see a little bit of faithfulness before we put them under, amen?


My family is doing great. All is well and healthy. I have some wonderful, wonderful news I’d like to share with you soon. It is just too good! I know you will shout for joy when we share it. But for now, just know GREAT NEWS is coming!!!


Let me say again as in our last Newsletter that we are so THANKFUL for you remaining with us during our sickness. We are looking forward to feeling better one day! My wife is soooo gracious to me. Everybody is. “THANK YOU” dear friends for believing in the Baucoms!