March/April 2015 Letter from Baucom’s

March – April 2015

Dear Friends Of Tom & Elaine,

Finally, we are seeing green, green grass! It’s a welcomed smell of fresh cut grass. Beats the hound out of shoveling snow pert near every day for about 4-5 months!

We had told you about a Church in Arkansas that wanted to help us with our Church roof repair….well, we didn’t know they would take care of it completely!
Notice the pictures on the back….it looks wonderful. Praise the Lord!

Things have been happening this past quarter more than the average. Three professions of faith along with kind of almost record-breaking attendance of 41 for this time of the year.

This is kind of better than some months when it’s not been all that hot. In some of the off months where we hated to write due to not much happening, I’ve been discouraged, attendance has been off, sickness is widespread, children breaking our hearts, sun is not shining and it’s still cold, not too many people have called or wrote us a letter from the states….(maybe one or two). ☺

You know a lot of missionary letters you get are like the Wal-Mart settings. After the family shoot is over everybody puts their old work clothes back on and everybody goes back to the way they were. Smiles are put away and the march to the doldrums returns.

Really, it’s not that bad, Elaine & I are doing ok. It’s just sometimes we like to remind folks of how it is sometimes up here. But God is still so good. I wouldn’t trade places with any of you.

About those three that were saved; that’s what keeps us going. A husband and wife and another young man. I was sitting here and it dawned on me that all this happened right under my nose and I almost missed it. The roof completed and totally paid for, the record attendance of 41 this time of the year and three adults being saved, Glory To God!

I was thinking also how God continues to be sooooo good to us. We have never been looked after so well physically and medically as we have been here in Canada! I have had several serious surgeries with the last one just three weeks ago where my eyelids were lifted. Quite an ordeal. Our doctors and specialist here are so good to Elaine & I! We can’t understand why they take so much time and care for us, except that God puts it in their heart.

To our friends, family, Churches and Pastors, Elaine and I are so thankful for your love and trust. We count it an honor to represent you here among the native people of Six Nations Indian Reservation, Canada. Thank you for your love, prayers, trust and support.

Tommy & Elaine