September 2018


Dear Friends Of Tom & Elaine,


If there is anything I’ve learned over the past year, it is that God hears the prayers of His people. We are always hearing from people far and wide that have been praying for me and continue to do so. God has miraculously touched my body. Mark 8 gives the story of the man born blind. Jesus took him by the hand, and led him out of the town. We know Jesus could have healed this man instantly. But for some reason, (the limitation would be on the human side, not the Divine side), He took him out away from the crowd. It says Jesus spit in His eyes. I wouldn’t mind God spitting in my eyes. But for some unknown reason, Jesus had to touch him later. I appreciate the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, times so fourth that God has touched me. He could have fixed me up the 1st. time, but He knew I needed the prayers and that you needed the practice.


He has so graciously touched my body. The Neurologist said that there is no cure for Parkinson, but the rest of the things that was all out of whack with me are slowly getting back to normal. There are a few things I’m working on like my guitar playing. My right hand & arm is still slow.


The Church is moving right along. But we’re not burning up the woods seeing folks saved. It’s a task just getting them to Church, let alone getting them saved. I don’t know of any Churches up here that are seeing folks saved. Natives are still a bit skeptic even after our 30 yrs. of being here.


Our school has started again and Elaine is still heading it up. She was supposed to be retired

from it about three years ago, but that didn’t happen. She does not actually teach now, but has to make sure all records and rules are kept up. She doesn’t mind a bit. That’s why we are here. J


Remember the Titanic tracts we spoke of? These are tracts that our Sunday School Class in Monroe (Gary Howard being the teacher) had printed for us. So far since Easter our Church has given out half (2,500). They are an easy tract to pass out.


In the first week of October our Church will be sponsoring the Native Independent Baptist Churches of the surrounding Reservations. Thanksgiving up here comes the first week in October. It is one of the highlights of the year for our native Churches. Each Church will bring 2 specials and then a message will be preached. Following, our Church will provide a meal in our gymnasium.


Also, we would appreciate your prayers concerning my wife. She will be having a hip replacement hopefully soon due to her arthritis. The hip doctor said it would not get any better without a replacement. Our prayer is that she would get in miraculously soon. The waiting list can be about one year. She is just unsure about getting it done.


Oh, how faithful you dear friends have been to Elaine & I. We sure don’t deserve such kind and gracious treatment. THANK YOU DEARLY. This month will mark 45 lovely years of marriage and October will start 31 years of being on this Reservation. We are tired and getting older, but there is nowhere to get off this Gospel train. We still are lovin it and so happy to remain here until we die or Jesus comes.