Baucom’s June 2015 Newsletter

May – June 2015

Dear Friends Of Tom & Elaine,

With excitement and encouragement we write this letter. We had told you about the three that were saved in our previous News Letter. Well, they have been excited about their salvation. We have a class called “Growing In Grace”. It is 13 weeks of lessons that are geared to new Christians. These folks can’t wait to get back on Sunday to get a new lesson.

Oh, we had a revival meeting here as well with one of my old school mates from Tabernacle, Greenville, S.C., Max Alderman. He kicked off the meeting on Sunday June 7th, with us baptizing 6 new converts all together. The following Sunday we gave them their certificates.

We also have another couple attending for about three months. Even though we are on an Indian Reservation, we welcome whosoever will. We always have non-natives visiting from off the Reservation. I don’t know what would happen if it got over balanced with non-natives. I guess nothing as most of our people had a non-native dad, granddad or grandmother back down the line somewhere.

Our health is not 100% up to par. My heart still gives me a bout ever so often. Can’t do the things I used to do with ease.

I also have had a terrible cough for about two months now. Doctor can’t seem to get at the cause. We tried all kinds of medication but not touching it. Becoming more concerned.

My eyes are getting better each day from the operation. They look almost normal on the outside, but still feels funny inside. Pray.

The school has pert near got down to a trickle. A faithful grandmother is doing the teaching. Elaine just keeps check on their progress and records.

We can’t travel as we once could due to the strain it puts on our bodies. It about a 14-16 hour trip down south just to get to the majority of the Churches that support us. If you would like Elaine & I to be with you one Sunday please let me know. We really would love to come. Maybe we could be in a nearby Church as well. Please call: 905-308-6734. ☺

Maybe you or some folks would like to visit us while on vacation this summer. We have a nice place for you to stay on the Reservation. The house we lived in for 25 years, until the trouble being a non-native living on the Reservation came up. We have the house ready for visitors. Just this past Sunday the song leader Mark and his family from Pastor Ed Partin’s Church in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. was in our service. We were so blessed to have this family mingling in amongst our folks. Our folks loved it.

Elaine & I want to say thank you for your friendship, trust, love, prayers and financial support.