Veldhuis February 2022

Dear Family and Friends In Christ,
Belated best wishes and prayers for a healthy and rewarding 2022 accompany our genuine

gratitude for the numerous persons and ways our Lord strengthened and provided for bus, building, and property repairs in time for our December 8-10 Native Revival and the ensuing Christmas ministries.

Unseasonably warm weather delayed fruit picking until after our revival, but the unforgettable three days’ fellowship, testimonies, preaching, and godly music set a perfect trajectory for the remainder of December’s compressed opportune labors.

Only the combined prayers, in person help, and perfect gifts from too many of you to name could’ve gotten hundreds of fruit bags and a clear Gospel invitation to almost each of our three reservations’ homes in time for our Christmas service!

Donations of every sort throughout the year were the heart of dozens of age and gender-specific gifts- used in turn to invite individuals of any age to trust and receive God’s unspeakable gift of eternal life in the Lord Jesus Christ as the full payment for their sin (II Cor, 5:21, 9:15)

Several teens from the normally closed traditional Brown, Day, and Garcia families heard the gospel again, though none made professions of faith. PRAY for true conversions of those asking questions about the Gospel as well as for the spiritual needs of the many nominal believers through weekly services, Bible clubs, and our revival with Pastor Joe Doyel of Emmanuel Rescue Mission, Los Angeles, CA, February 6th-9th.

HUGE THANKS to the many who helped revive our 1982 20 passenger bus for daily pickups and to Treasure Valley Baptist Church of Meridian, Idaho for vastly improving our pickups for meetings like this through their donation of a beautiful 66 passenger bus. The chance to replace our other “bondo bus” with this larger cruiser made weeks of sanding and painting it to Arizona requirements more than worthwhile!

P.T.L. for renewing my C.D.L. through strict annual neurological and cardiovascular tests and for healing Dawn sufficiently from Covid-aggravated bronchitis to carry on all her 15-passenger van pick-ups and ladies and children’s ministries!

We have scarcely scratched the surface of describing the unending needs and means of reaching Native Americans with the Gospel and so thank you for trusting us with the unmentioned challenges and faithfully furthering every labor through prayer.


  • ●  Never imagined bus and vehicle provisions and repairs
  • ●  Jehovah-jireh’s enabling and spiritual stirring through our best Native revival yet, Dec.8-10, 2021.
  • ●  Spiritual impact of Jacob and Lydia’s Jan. 7-8 youth rally on our teens.
  • ●  Long needed widening of our church drive while tackling large operational facility projects.
  • ●  Protection of the Cocopah from sister Quechan Nation Covid outbreaks.
  • ●  Increasingly faithful North Reservation church and Youth Night attendees.


  • ●  No loss of lives from misuse of huge annual Cocopah casino checks, Feb. 11-18.
  • ●  Enormous legal, spiritual, and mental needs of Lorie and Salvador’s teen children.
  • ●  Resurrection week revival meetings at Maranatha Baptist Church with Evangelist Tim Green.
  • ●  Millie, Salvador, Lori, and each of our safety and major health needs.
  • ●  Scheduling and preparations for summer camps and Neighborhood Bible Time.
  • ●  Dawn and my frequent lack of helpers with Jacob and Lydias’ focus on their new Quechan church plant.
  • ●  Daren, our oldest saved man’s healing from MERCA. Gratefully Yours In Christ, Michael and Dawn Veldhuis
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Veldhuis November 2021

Dear Co-laborers in Christ,

     Meaningful follow up of the glorious fruit of summer’s neighborhood Bible Time and distant weeks of camp ‘midst the challenges of desert weather and constant facility and vehicle repairs bespeak the untold value of your prayers and sacrifice for our ongoing native ministries.   

     We owe you too much gratitude, however, to presume on your enabling or fail to recognize your personal labor with us in our Lord’s eyes:   “… For the Lord Jesus Christ’s sake, and for the love of the Spirit… ye strive together with me in your prayers to God for me” (Romans 15:30).   May this recounting of some of His blessings reward you as much as they have us!

     Where the conversions of 70-year-old Millie’s granddaughter and two of her three daughters had only hardened her in spirit worship and vocal opposition to the gospel, your prayers gave unction to our frequent pleas to trust in the Lord alone and brought her to saving faith in Christ this summer.  P.T.L. Millie is now growing in him and one of the most faithful adults despite severe arthritis!

     Mid-forties, Salvador and Lorie his wife grew much through weekly Bible studies and church attendance with their three children.  Affordable housing for them meant a residence in need of repairs, but the Lord also provided better income for them.  PRAY for their transportation and health needs as well as their teenage children’s legal and mental health needs.  Rightly rejoice that these enormous, combined pressures miraculously drove them to the Lord rather than to former substance abuse.

     The deaths of four 35- to 47-year-old men from substance abuse in September and October alone offer the strongest possible incentives to use every Biblical means to win young Cocopah to the Lord. The youngest man had professed faith as a teen; one had lived out of our contact; and the other two never accepted the earnest gospel invitations of our individual Bible studies or services. The Lord mercifully offered grace for grace in allowing us to assure saved children of their own eternal home after they had endured their loved one’s all-night hopeless wailing cremation ceremony.

     How thrilled we were by professions of faith or of assurance by Jaylon, Lilah, Lorenzo, Misty, and Violet through Neighborhood Bible Time. Largely saved juniors and teens loved and grew through Bill Rice’s west Branch Camp, while the Apache Creek Camp was cancelled because of flash flooding.

     The salvation and bit by bit maturation of young natives from universally broken and often abusive homes is a thrilling reality evidenced by their excitedly pulling family and friends to Bible clubs and church months or years after first coming.  This means driving without monitors to fill our largest bus on two reservations and still reach the third one by van.

     Between the Lord’s provisions for engine repairs by brother Nam and a bus yard for our body work we succeeded in keeping at least one bus usable through September’s 100 degree days.  North reservation Bible clubs took a break with the heat, NBT, and camps, but P.T.L. at least two of their families are now part of regular church pickups!

     Mid October brought a setback to in person ministries when all of us except Jacob and Samuel contracted Covid 19.  PRAY much for Dawn and Lydia’s full recovery as their respiratory diseases worsened, suppressing the full benefits of the normal treatment protocol and additional Regeneron infusion.  PRAY for the strength, wisdom, and resources while healing and resuming  all ministries to adequately prepare for our annual Native Revival looming , December 8-10 on our premises. 

     Our sincere and heartfelt gratitude for your remembering the following:


  • 70-year-old Millie’s salvation after decades of rejection
  • Salvador’s successful foot surgery and better job
  • Michael’s further improved September cancer evaluation
  • Fully paid enormous bus repairs
  • Blessed September 21st meeting presenting the Cocopah ministry at Highway Bible Church near Sacramento, CA  
  • Our emergency funds covered a new church A/C system when the entire system failed in 110+ degree weather
  • Michael and Rebekah W’s assistance through their own physical hardships


  • Healing of saved teen girls severely traumatized and doubting God over unpunished incestuous family abuse
  • Millie’s severe arthritis
  • Each of our full Covid recovery
  • Personal and ministry Vehicle repairs
  • Ladies and Girls Tea Party November 20th
  • Eternal fruit through the December Native Revival and Christmas ministry opportunities.
  • Travel and housing help for preachers coming for the revival from 200-700 miles away

            Sincerely in Christ, Michael and Dawn Veldhuis

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Veldhuis May 2021

Dear Co-laborers in Christ,
Despite repeated unfortunate delays with this update, we can only thank you and extol our God of all Grace for turning this Covid-19

“valley of Baca [weeping] into a well” of life (Psalm 84:6).
The promises of verses five and seven of this chapter further proved as true today as when first penned: “Blessed are they that

dwell in thy house: they will be still praising thee. Selah. They go from strength to strength…”

The year long closure of all three Cocopah reservations to any group ministries or Native pickups actually broadened and strengthened relationships through increased weekly personal visits. Parents were often happier than their largely foster children families for our constant supply of basic life needs, Bible DVDs and quizzes, school or activity packs, and tri-weekly live-streamed church services.

Bible studies and smaller group meetings with off-reservation Native families brought rich fellowship the world could never give those who looked elsewhere (1 John 2:17). Homebound Lydia S. blessed us similarly in town with news of her watching a Biblical Navajo evangelist after viewing our live-streamed services.

Salvador and Lorie were gloriously married March 5th in our church almost a year to the day of his conversion and Lorie’s re- surrender to the Lord the final night of our 2020 revival. They won custody of Lorie’s three nine to sixteen year-old children after his full time employment and both of their victory over longstanding substance abuse.

PRAY for the entire family’s huge health and housing needs as well as teenagers Lilly, Tyler, and Tyrus’s suicide attempts, gang activities, and lifetime imprisonment. Revival meetings late March at Heritage and Maranatha Baptist churches helped relieve these pressures and assuage the losses of Salvador’s probably unsaved aunt and Lorie’s last living Quechan sisters to the virus.

The re-opening of our tribe April 1st allowed us to take teens to the Bill Rice West Branch Teen Retreat, April 30th-May1st as well as to resume Jacob and Lydia’s monthly teen rally, April 9th. Dawn and I were blessed to update Central Baptist Church of Santa Ana, CA in person for the first time in ten years, April 7th and 8th!

Our dependence on your prayers and provisions for both physical and spiritual needs cannot be overemphasized or adequately recognized. Providential virtual miracles in recent weeks alone included:

  • The spiritual hunger and joy throughout the teen retreat of Ayla and Phoenix, two girls from hardcore traditional and broken homes.
  • Breakdown of our van before beginning the 720 mile round trip drive to the retreat.
  • Protection from loss of control on mountain curves of the substitute van’s dangerously worn ball joints and steering components.
  • Discovery of a bus fuel line leak spraying onto its’ hot manifold in time to prevent a fire.
  • The means to cover a full set of tires and the myriad repairs of other vehicles for summer ministries. Your prayers for “utterance and boldness in making known the Gospel” (Eph. 6:19) are tools we know and trust to turn these petitions into eternal blessings. PRAISES
    • Parents increasingly sending children to Bible Clubs and church.
    • Excitement of young people and parents about summer camps.
    • Superb teen response to resumed Bible clubs and rallies.
    • Jacob and Lydia’s completed full time deputation and help with the Cocopah beyond their recently begun Quechan work.
    • Resumption of North Rez Bible clubs and church pickups (25 miles away).
    • Michael’s good February cancer follow-up, a CDL physical, and successful March knee surgery. PETITIONS
    • Young adult Casey’s salvation and huge physical and mental health needs.
    • 12 year old Anthony, five siblings, and mother’s needs after the father’s fatal April heart attack.
    • Souls saved and matured through Neighborhood Bible Time, June 14-18, and Bill Rice West Branch Junior and Teen Camps, June 21st-25th, and June 28th-July 2nd, 2021.
    • Possible July Native Week at Apache Creek Deaf and Youth Camp in New Mexico.
    • Each of our health, wisdom, and safety ‘midst summer’s grueling heat, sandstorms, and monsoon humidity. Heartfelt love and personal thanks for each one of your invaluable prayers and sacrifices. Sincerely In Christ, Michael and Dawn Veldhuis (II Cor. 9:8)
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Veldhuis December 2020

Dear Family and Friends In Christ,

Through your prayers and the saving grace of our Lord’s Incarnation we were privileged to give the Gospel to families of the 7 Cocopah that passed away since our August letter and comfort believers with the assurance that “to be absent from the body [is] to be present with the Lord.” (II Corinthians 5:8)

P.T.L. at least five of the seven 29-84 year olds who went home had trusted Him as their Savior before passing unexpectedly from Covid-19 complications of pre-existing illnesses.

The exposure to the Gospel of our Tribal Chairwoman at several of these funerals was a paradoxical blessing, as she had kept all three reservations closed to any group meetings since May, 2020. PRAY our much more congenial relationship will be a stepping stone to Ms. Sherri’s conversion to Christ and the full reopening of the Cocopah Nation in God’s perfect timing.

She currently welcomes reservation-wide distribution of school and food packs, clothing, DVD messages and Bible activities, studies, and contests but limits in person services to Natives living in Yuma. How grateful we are for your enormous provisions for our 1,000 souls’ homebound needs and your enabling us to also livestream three weekly services to them and distant Cocopah!

Covid outbreaks here and in the Navajo Nation far away forced the cancellation of our annual November Native revival and further broadened our Christmas ministries here. Rather than bus large numbers to church meetings, we will take the Gospel to every receptive home through irresistible, individual Christmas gifts, fruit, and a beautiful prerecorded Christmas story.

The replayable story transitions powerfully into a clear explanation of the Gospel and an invitation to personally trust and receive God’s unspeakable gift as Savior. Only the Lord knows the untold cost of these recordings by a South Carolina supporter or the part your prayers and sacrifices will play in “delivering souls from the kingdom of darkness…into the kingdom of His dear son.” (Col. 1:15)

We humbly ask the One “that ministereth seed to the sow

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Veldhuis August 2020 Prayer Update

Dear Co-laborers In Christ,

Recent Covid-19 deaths of our godly Tribal Vice-Chair D. Begay and former Cocopah pastor’s wife Faye remind us of Biblical Jonathan’s faithfulness to God in life and in death.

“Saul and Jonathan were lovely and pleasant in their lives, and in their deaths they were not divided.” I Samuel 1:23

As with our mission founder’s homegoing this past April, both of these true Christian friends labored faithfully in our Lord’s own calling and in supporting us until His promotion to other labors.

Thanks for remembering the Begay, Ortega, and DeFord families’ enormous losses in your prayers for the Cocopah and our daily challenges. Each of our three reservations merges into a border town where one in five individuals recently tested positive for Covid-19. The broader Tribal crackdown that followed this outbreak opened new ministries for us after locking most Natives in their homes with

no more free meals, Wi-Fi, or physical outlets like church or school. You can easily imagine the gratitude of parents of homebound children for the weekly Bible activities, food packs, competitive Bible studies, awards, and DVDs of Bible stories and messages for all ages you enabled us to provide.

P.T.L. for blessing weekly live-streamed services and YouTube Bible stories, Ladies’ lessons, and teen studies by all of us with fruit here and in distant rehab programs. PRAY for professing Christians Lyetha, Desiree, Elena, and Kayla in Phoenix and Rhea and Roxanna here on the reservations. Each of these young women is fighting her way back to the Lord from substance abuse, mental illness, P.T.S.D., or recent family deaths. Dawn and Lydia pray and work with them individually through Bible studies or the internet.

The lockdown brought a further “blessing” in permitting reconnections with young men rarely on their reservations. PRAY Jaden, Corin, and Zane will follow their sisters, Maya and Kayla’s examples and return to the Lord. Mid-thirties Robert T., one of the earliest teens saved, promised to send or bring his two children to church as soon as the tribe opens.

Our tribe’s indefinite closure ruled out participating in the Bill Rice Ranch’s West Branch camps or the Apache Creek Indian one, but blessed us with time for overdue projects. Your sacrifices will live on in enabling us to repair our prophet’s chamber, gravel drive, and church van as well as to completely rebuild an essential utility trailer and resume serious work on recurrent church Quonset corrosion. P.T.L. early camp registration fees have already been applied to our 2021 West Branch enrollment!

Non-Covid related deaths of sixty plus year old Winnifred, Lloyd Jr. and George III, both in their mid-forties, illustrate the critical import of winning souls to the Lord at the earliest reasonable years. Winnifred had a Christian testimony at the Nazarene church where she raised a family, while both young men declined our Bible studies and died in prison or shortly thereafter. PRAY for the Thomas, Hayes, and Phillips’ losses and for true conversions through one on one work, our November Navajo revival, and Jacob and Lydia’s youth ministries. Jacob livestreams teen Bible studies between deputation meetings while Lydia works personally with youth here or via internet or text.

The greatly reduced electric bill and purr of our house A/C on 115-degree days are welcome reminders of the gratitude we owe Treasure Valley Baptist Church for this new system and each of you for the countless prayers and provisions for our daily needs and work.

Your prayers for the following blessings and challenges are a lifeline of God’s power we will never take for granted (Ephesians 6:18- 19)!


  • Broader spectrum of children and adults doing in person or on line Bible studies.
  • Good relationship with the tribal chairwoman and excellent ones with individuals following the death of the vice chair.
  • Jacob and Lydia’s help livestreaming services and setting up online Bible studies.
  • Lorie and Salvador’s growth along with the receptibility of North reservation contacts. PETITIONS:
  • 69-year-old Millie’s health and salvation, and the return of family to church.
  • Safe reopening of distant Navajo and local Cocopah reservations before our November revival.
  • Daren’s in hospital healing from MERSA
  • Our family’s protection from local Covid 19 hot spots, Lydia’s PH and Cerebral Palsy, Jacob’s back problems, and Michael’s Sept. 25, 2020 cancer re-evaluation. Gratefully Yours In Christ,

Michael and Dawn Veldhuis

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Veldhuis May 2020 Prayer Letter

Dear Family and Friends in Christ,
Federal and local “shutdowns” or quotas on meeting sizes impose static limitations on Biblical missions, but could never

alter the eternal truth that “ it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe” ( I Corinthians 1:21 b) How grateful we are for our Lord’s eternal fruit through the undiminished prayers and support as well as the providential

timing of our February 10-12 revival with Pastor Joe Doyel just prior to the shutdown and the disbursement of the huge annual Cocopah Casino checks.

To God be the glory for blessing the preaching to natives from all three reservations with a more reverential overall atmosphere and the glorious salvation of 45 year old Salvador and rededication of his girlfriend Lorie the final night! Both of them are growing through Bible studies and work around the church, which we trust will soon lead to his baptism and their marriage or relocation.

The baptistry/ fellowship hall section of our building was marvellously expanded through a group from the E. Free Church of Gaylord, Michigan’s whirlwind construction of a gorgeous 14X24 storage shed, February25- March 4. Though time did not permit sightseeing, they were blessed to attend our Native services and contributed further to saving souls from the ravages of the February 15 casino windfall and the third world culture they’d witnessed firsthand.

Massive Navajo Covid 19 outbreaks miles away accentuated the prudence of the closure of all Cocopah reservations and schools in early April. This meant delivering Resurrection Sunday lessons and treat packs to homes (at a six foot distance), airing video Bible studies and stories , and live streaming church services until at least May 17th. P.T.L. even saved Cocopah who’ve moved far away have profited from these new ministries!

Miraculously, North Cocopah Reservation Bible clubs grew under the watchful eyes of tribal police to where parents began also sending children to our Sunday and Wednesday services 25 miles away. All are excited about ending the “shutdown” and resuming services, while some (saved on the other two more Godless reservations years ago) are talking of driving their children to church.

Help with the North Rez. church rides would be invaluable, as we are picking up all three reservations separately as well as keeping attendees far apart until the Covid crisis clears. Jacob and Dawn are taking turns with this route despite Dawn and Lydia’s extremely high health risks, but Jacob will soon be flying East for rescheduled deputation meetings.

Lydia and 14 month old Samuel, currently fighting their own tooth abscess and ear infection, appreciate your prayers for healing and strength laboring with us throughout Jacob’s absence. PRAY for additional helpers here if his mission meetings conflict with fluctuating dates for summer camps or Neighborhood Bible time.

Other than his ear problem, Samuel led the way health wise outgrowing his neck contracture without further therapy and learning to walk. Lydia fights food intolerances and cardiopulmonary weakness daily, but along with Jacob, Samuel, Dawn, and myself has so far experienced no Covid 19 problems. The Lord’s further grace toward year round ministries soon followed in the form of readily passed extensive C.D.L. physicals.

April/May 105 degree cloudless, windy days signalled the end of our two week 80 degree spring and initiated preparations for summer ministries. Gifts the magnitude of our sending church’s new HVAC system for our house together with your provisions for new Covid 19 labors, Michael’s glaucoma meds, vehicle tires, church lawn care, salvage bus restoration, and all camp and N.B.T. deposits can only begin to be thanked by promising our best possible stewardship.

We sincerely ask our gracious God to multiply and return each blessing to you as you further labor with us in prayer for:


  • ●  All Cocopah contacts still eager to resume services.
  • ●  Strength and safety for new ministries and unavoidable social interactions.
  • ●  Jacob and Lydia’s 75% support level and remaining rescheduled 2020 meetings.
  • ●  Michael’s good March P.S.A. numbers and six month extension of re-evaluation. PETITIONS:

IBIMI ‘s future following our founder’s April Covid 19 death.
Comfort or the Thomas family after 45 year old Junior’s death.
Safety and eternal fruit through tentative camp and Neighborhood Bible Time dates of July 6-10, July 12-17, July 20-24, and July 27- August 1.
Safe resumption and fruitful operation of all church pickups and ministries.
Golding, Phillips, Sereno, Soto, Thomas, and White households’ salvation or repentance.
69 year old Millie’s salvation and she and 70 year old Faye’s enormous health needs.
Repentance, salvation, and growth of cold teens, Ammon, Cezar, Justice, Lilly, Satori, and Tyler

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Veldhuis February 2020 Prayer Letter

Dear Colaborers In Christ,
Remnants of food midst strewn trash greeted me one typical bus cleanup day with broken, stolen, or willfully defaced
interior vehicle components and sadly gave entrance to ungodly questions as to whether in fact we were wasting our lives
casting precious gospel pearls before swine (Matt. 7:6).
Two hours later, however, the resounding reproof of these thoughts silenced the adversary without a word by the
rearview mirror panorama of 3 to38 year old natives illumined by the glorious gospel of Christ or willing to be ridiculed for
considering it.
The challenges of befriending and reaching Cocopah souls of every age and locale are more than rivalled by our
gratitude for your enabling and our Lord’s grace in entrusting us with the eternal well being of spiritually destitute and
physically hungry individuals.
No update could adequately thank you for the unprecedented gifts behind virtual miracles in the desert this winter or
for your grace in forgiving our infrequent notes. Still you will gather how sacrificial and greatly appreciated they were
without mentioning a person or amount by contemplating the scope of provisions for:
● Fuel and gratuities for four Navajo evangelists and families in their 200-600 mile drives for our November 7-9,
2019 revival.
● Dealership electrical repairs after van headlights failed during youth night pickups.
● New batteries, tires, paint, lettering, and various repairs on a donated 66 passenger bus.
● Picking and distribution of dozens of Christmas fruit and gift bags through special services and otherwise
forbidden door to door visitation.
● Replace drums and airbrake lines and repair spring and airbrake systems of the 92 Bluebird bus.
● Cocopah youth ministry needs and gift packages for boarding school students and a young woman in rehab.
● Retaining wall materials, gravel,overhead door, and equipment for church storage garage project.
The Physical and spiritual demands of these and other incessant operational needs on top of ongoing ministries make
your prayers for strength, wisdom, safety, and helpers that much more critical. We so appreciate your remembering
Jacob, Lydia, and Samuel’s health and intense deputation work all 2020, Dawn and my additional teen work and the
immediate challenges of:
● Cocopah Revival, February 10-12, 2020 with Pastor Joe Doyel of Emmanuel Baptist Mission, L.A., CA.
● Current extensive physical for annual C.D.L. renewal.
● Construction of our church garage, Feb. 25-March 4, 2020 with the Evangelical Free Church team from Gaylord,
● Michael’s cancer re-evaluation and possible hormone treatment after persistent high P.S.A. levels.
● Revival with Evangelist Tim Green at Maranatha Baptist Church in Yuma, April 9-11.
December and January alcohol related deaths of Shirley (60+) and Tanessa (35) almost overwhelmed us with the
urgency of winning and discipling natives at all costs. Shirley was saved three years ago, but we are unsure of Tanessa
though she came to Bible clubs as a child and did Bible studies in jail. She also saw her 17 year old daughter Taliah
gloriously converted at camp last summer.
Your praises and petitions for current blessings and needs are thus as important and appreciated as your countless
sacrifices are.
● Heritage, Maranatha, and True Vine Baptist churches’ help with our most powerful November revival to date.
● Taliah’s spiritual growth and successful first semester of out of state boarding school .
● Daren’s stroke recovery at home and his younger brother, Jesse’s return to church.
● The North Reservation Bible Club’s enthusiastic participation and spiritual growth.
● Tyrus’ Bible studies and sincere repentance before beginning his long sentence in federal prison.
● Samuel’s diminished neck muscle contractures and misshapen head through therapy and custom headgear.
● Spiritual, moral, and substance abuse needs of couples: Alex and Roxanna, Cheryl and Stanford, Kayla and
Vincent, Lorie and Salvadore, and Loren and Martina.
● Comfort for the Huck and Phillips families after recent deaths.
● True conversions and deliverance from immorality, substance abuse, or life threatening health needs of Lilly,
Roxanna, Salvadore, Millie, Tyler, and Mitchel.
● Personal health, strength, wisdom, God’s power, and eternal fruit at His direction and to His glory.
● New adult Bible studies with Daren, Darnel, Jesse, and Lorie.
● Safety and control of bus and van paFacebooktwitter

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Veldhuis May 2019 Update Addendum

 My first four month post radiation cancer treatment labs May 31st found the prostate Specific Antigens less than one-half of what they’d been and in the middle of the normal range for a healthy man of my age. 
     We couldn’’t be more grateful for all the prayers and gifts responsible for the health and means to carry on all Cocopah ministries while covering medical expenses.  PRAY for Godsends of strength, coworkers, vehicles, weather, receptive souls, and funds for summer’s numerous ministries. 
     Pray Jacob, Lydia, and Samuel’s on and off deputation meetings while helping us will soon enable them to join us full time, and that until then Dawn and I will be able to safely handle and control the huge increase in van and bus riders and class sizes without our usual monitors. 
     Your PRAYERS for our LORD’s true lasting fruit this summer as well as for Dawn’s vasculitis, Lydia’s pulmonary hypertension, and my remission through September 2019’s next cancer evaluation are truly an invaluable and appreciated lifeline as you labor with us. Romans 15:30 
Michael and Dawn

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Veldhuis May 2019

Veldhuis May 2019 Prayer Update

Dear Family and Friends in Christ,

How good it is to freely appeal to our Lord’s eternal rewards when words fail and circumstances hinder our individually thanking and returning you the enormous blessing of your faithfulness this year.

“For God is not unrighteousness to forget your work and labor of love, which we have shewed toward His
name, in that ye have ministered to the saints, and do minister.” (Hebrews 6:10)

Your inquiries, prayers, gifts, and special provisions for my cancer treatments and Jacob and Lydia’s needs are fresh enough memories to view this update as a personal note of gratitude to each of you.

January 8, 2019 Yuma obstetricians and cardiopulmonary experts referred Lydia and Jacob to a Phoenix high risk perinatal clinic with the goal of getting Lydia to a potentially viable 26-week delivery of their firstborn
son. Low oxygen Sats, potential heart failure, edema, and crippling weakness made carrying the baby much farther too risky, but God blessed her beyond our boldest prayers.

Countless prayers undoubtedly superintended the frequent ultrasounds, prenatal and cardiopulmonary care, E.R. visits, and hospitalizations that culminated in Samuel Jacob Jones’ delivery, March 28, 2019 at 7lbs 4oz.
Despite initial food intolerance and reflux problems, Samuel’s four pound weight gain in as many weeks highlighted the toll his delivery had taken on Lydia. Twenty-nine hours of induced labor ending in a C-section left her hospitalized again a week later with life threatening edema and possible heart failure. THANK the LORD Lydia gradually recuperated enough this month to resume full time Cocopah work here with Jacob. PRAY for their remaining 50% support needs as Jacob canceled May meetings to be home. He will make occasional short deputation trips solo until Lydia and Samuel are able to accompany him.

Nine weeks of weekday focused prostate radiation treatments ran from Nov. 27, 2018 through Jan. 28, 2019 for me. Morning sessions allowed me to carry on all ministries in the afternoons and weekends with extra rest.

One blessing was their conclusion in time to attend Grace Baptist Church’s annual Bible Believer’s Conference in Corona, California, Jan. 28-30th.
General exhaustion and other radiation side effects diminished steadily throughout February and permitted the resumption of cactus landscaping work and the initiation of serious vehicle, property, ministry, and staff
preparations for summer’s opportune labors.

PRAY the first cancer follow-up evaluation, May 31, 2019, will clear me to focus fully on the grueling weeks ahead and that any additional or alternative treatments will be covered by my specified disease insurance
policy. Kindly accept our late but heartfelt thanks for your enormous help to date!

Your prayers and enabling for Christmas, New Year, and ongoing winter Cocopah ministries undoubtedly contributed directly to the decreased mayhem of death, substance abuse, and violence normally accompanying
their huge casino cash disbursements each February. Adult church attendance dropped as thousands of dollars were squandered on casinos and sinful pleasures, but junior and teen attendance increased despite having to combine their classes.

Young couples Alex and Roxanna, Loren and Martina, Stanford and Cheryl, and Vincent and Kayla either sent their children or attended occasionally until surrendering to substance abuse or the cares and pleasures of
this world. PRAY for the unique spiritual and family needs of each couple and their combined 15 children as Satan’s attack on these first two generations of Cocopah believers is vicious and unending.

Thankfully, Lori returned to church after her release from prison and is doing her best to provide for her four children after their recent abandonment by their caretaker for an ungodly higher paying job. PRAY for Adolfo, Michael, and Tyrus’ true repentance and conversions in prison and family members’ needs at home.

P.T.L. for nearby Native and Hispanic adults to whom we devoted labors rejected by disinterested Alvanez, Hayes, May, Phillips, Serrano, Soto, and Thomas Cocopah families. What can compare to the privilege of leading 84 year old Joe H. to the Lord January 5, 2019 or of preaching and giving the gospel to neighbor families prior to their move in May.

PRAY for all of these souls as Mays and Phillips youth and a first time parent have miraculously resumed or begun young people’s or adult Bible studies and rallies. Your prayers and sacrificial gifts are the lifeline of
winter and spring blessings as well as summer’s opportunities, as “ye strive together with us in your prayers to God for us.” Romans 15:30.

● Jacob, Lydia, and Samuel’s 50% support level and fulltime work with us as of this past April.
● Gospel seed sown and grown through Maranatha’s revival with Evangelist Tim Green April
● Dawn and my first mission conference in some nine years with faithfully supporting Calvary
Indian Baptist Church in eastern Oklahoma.
● Humbling special gifts for medical needs, vehicle maintenance, and larger repairs for summer
● Brother Carl Engstrom’s months’ help with church piano accompaniment and youth chorus

● Salvation of 11 year-old Airus and comfort in her young father’s death.
● Restoration of Lydia’s health as well as that of the Hastrichs and the Wilburs.
● Strength for and fruit from Jacob and Lydia’s resumed North Cocopah Reservation Bible Club
25 miles away.
● Repentance and just sentences for Tyrus, Vincent, and Kayla as well as continued Biblical care
for Kayla’s four children.
● God’s strength, safety, provision for, and truly eternal fruit through:
○ Bill Rice West Branch Junior and Teen Camps June 24-29 and July 8-12, 2019.
○ Neighborhood Bible Time (on our property), July 15-19, 2019.
○ Apache Creek Deaf and Youth Camp 600 miles away, July 22-29, 2019.

Yours In Christ,
Michael and Dawn Veldhuis

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The Veldhuis December 2018 Prayer Update

Nov & Dec. 2018
Dear Friends in Christ,
Each November, we try to fly back to the east coast to spend Thanksgiving with our family.  This is the only time we get to see each other for most of them and we always look forward to the visit.  This year, our family surprised us with a surprise party to celebrate our 50th anniversary.  It was actually this past August but they weren’t able to get together at that time.  We had 4 of our 6 children, their spouses, several of our grandchildren and even one great grandchild there!  Sam jr.’s family in Alaska even joined us by “face time”!  We feel so blessed with the family that God has given us.

We are now back home in AZ and back into the routine of visitation and Bible classes.    The Sunday before Christmas, we will be on the Navajo Reservation for their Sunday services as well as their Christmas dinner.  After this coming Sunday, the Bible College classes will be taking a break for the holidays and starting up again in January.  It is a joy to us to see various students using their studies to serve the Lord.  

We have been asked about that earthquake in Anchorage and how Sam’s family is doing.  They were actually in Anchorage for dental appointments that day.  Sam was even in the dentist chair and all numbed up for drilling when the quake hit.  Amber and the 3 boys were in the hotel and experienced the shaking and power outage, but no-one was hurt.  This will mean another trip for them to get their dental work done, but we are thankful for God protecting them.

We want to wish each of you a Joyous Christmas as we remember that our Creator was “pleased as man with men to dwell” because He knew our need for salvation and was willing to pay the price for us!  What love!  (We don’t send many Christmas cards outside of our family because of the cost of postage, so please accept this as our Christmas card to you.)
If any of you are receiving this monthly letter by US mail but have an email address, please let us know so we can send it electronically.  We were just informed that postage goes up again on Jan 1 by $.05.  That isn’t much for just one letter, but adds up when multiplied.

II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer   

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Veldhuis October 2018

Veldhuis October 2018 Prayer Update

Dear Prayer Partners,

            Long-awaited daytime temperatures below 100 degrees arrived late September heralding the onset of Fall and a possible reprieve from summer’s heat, wind, and work. The first rain in months, however, was not to be outdone by sandstorms with its’ own destructive winds and recurrent power outages.

            Bus and van door closing or radiator problems while filled with Cocopah and without monitors miles from church brought additional difficulties that so perfectly depict the challenge of reaching three distinct age groups of Natives simultaneously without Jacob and Lydia’s help.

            We are as grateful for God’s prospering their initial months’ deputation as we are for winter visitors Michael and Rebecca’s godly winning influence on all age groups and the Hastrichs’ enormous help with special meetings and weekly cleaning.

            Without each contribution even the best intentions could not have overcome the hindrances to writing you of unending Reservation needs, Bible studies, clubs, visitation, medical emergencies, church services, and vehicle and property maintenance.

            BLESS the Lord and your prayers for getting our teen campers over 320 miles of up to 6,000 foot mountains before completely breaking down a block from a Flagstaff repair shop thirty minutes from Bill Rice’s West Branch Camp. The breakthrough in getting parts and major repairs so far from a large city was rewarded beyond measure in the profession of faith of long delinquent Cesar and the assurance/surrender decisions by 13-17 year olds Loren and Ayana. Teenagers Cylas and Tyler were also far more spiritually attentive following Cesar’s brother Kaden’s camp suspension for drug possession.

            P.T.L. for the packed, godly wedding of Alex and Roxanna in our building, July 27th! They are as faithful to church as possible raising their baby, Miracle, and their foster nieces and nephew, Lilah, Lilly, and Tyler on very limited resources. PRAY for their employment needs and spiritual battles on the reservation as well as their influence on their oldest nephew Tyrus, and his criminal choices.

            Nineteen year old Chris, on the other hand, was the greatest light into his closed traditional family until moving to an out of state school and job. His family and the Alvanez, Brown, Phillips, Soto, and Thomas clans are among the unsaved or undiscipled from summer ministries. PRAY for true conversions and surrender to God through our own October 25-27 revival with Native pastors. We postponed our July baptisms to locate all summer candidates and include revival decisions with them.

            Summer’s churchyard light installations totaled four times the cost of materials, but prepared us perfectly for Fall’s early nights and increased attendance. We can’t thank you enough for your prayers and special provisions for revival and Christmas ministries as well as for your past part in the following blessings and opportunities.          



  • Resumption of North Reservation Bible Clubs.
  • Teen Bible studies and ministries during Jacob’s solo deputation trips.
  • Lydia’s Cocopah work and ultra high risk prenatal care in Yuma until the birth of she and Jacob’s firstborn April, 2019.
  • 50 year old Joe’s dialysis problems and growth and victory over substance abuse.
  • Kayla and Vincent’s full drug rehab and their children’s continued care and church attendance.




  • Saved 69 year old Felipe’s light to his Catholic family before and through his September 1, 2018 home going.
  • Uncomplicated removal of Dawn’s benign tumor, Sept. 11, 2018.
  • Encouraging preachers and missions conferences at Yuma’s Heritage, Faith, and Maranatha Baptist churches.
  • Wonderfully increased Junior church attendance.
  • Jacob and Lydia are at around 40% of their support
  • Edifying Sept. 8 youth rally with Bill Rice’s West Branch Ranch in Phoenix.
  • 63 year old Shirley’s improved health and hygiene after several months’ assisted care.


                                       Gratefully Yours In Christ,Facebooktwitter

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Veldhuis Summer 2018

Veldhuis Summer 2018 Prayer Update

            “Brethren, pray for us that the word of the Lord may have free course and be glorified…and that we may be delivered from unreasonable and wicked men.”(II Thess. 3:1&2)

            Sparse correspondence on our part since the February update reflects the intervening months’ relentless Cocopah challenges rather than our utter dependence on your prayers and our Lord’s conviction for any true lasting fruit. How encouraging your prayers are knowing the Holy Spirit “will reprove the world of sin, of righteousness, and of judgement”(John 16:8) regardless of surface appearances.

            This is our trusted prayer as we strive to evangelize and disciple the many Cocopah who missed March, April, and May’s revivals along with the core Natives who attended them. Thank you Pastor Ulises for our youth revival March 8-9, Pastor Robinson for your Tim Green meetings March 29-31, and Pastor Doyel for our own May 6-8 revival!

            PRAY God will give life to the convicting seed sown each meeting and bear fruit to His glory in many more Native lives through ongoing witnessing, individual Bible studies, weekly services, and summer’s unique ministries. Sheer numbers cannot be our goal as too many professing individuals have failed to repent from demonic traditions or to show signs of transformation and growth.

            Such was evidently the case with Lydia B., “Pumpkin,” and their large extended family once over Lydia B.’s near death crisis. Many of even the more educated San Diego and May family members committed their souls firmly to unseen Christ-rejecting, sin denying, spirit guides after probing the Gospel through church visits or Bible studies.

            Nineteen and fifty year olds Chris M. and Joe C. are definite exceptions to this, as Chris and Joe both confess Jesus as Lord and Savior under the most trying circumstances. PRAY for both of their enormous health needs and testimonies in boarding school and on our reservations. Joe C. suffered a life-threatening head injury early June exercising and pushing too hard bringing friends to church so soon in his recovery from 3 “code blues” January-March 2018. 84 y.o. Joe H. and daughter, Mary are saved, faithful Hispanic attendees we’re blessed to help physically.

            This February I also took over the complete medical, financial, and caretaking responsibilities of disabled 68 y.o. Felipe. PRAY for wisdom and strength meeting this wonderfully saved but severely limited man’s numerous neurological, physical, and mental health needs secondary to a traffic accident and one year coma in 2001&2002.

            The prayers that saw the safe deliveries of diabetic Roxanna and Alex’s girl, Miracle, and Adolfo and Lyetha’s twins, Havoc and Adolfo Jr., are needed more than ever for both couples’ spiritual needs, marriage, and deliverance from substance abuse. P.T.L. 27 y.o. Vincent and Kayla returned to church and began rehab programs to break the drug abuse cycle in which they were raised and lead their four children God’s way!

            The first step to helping Natives find the path of the new birth and victory over sin often requires getting them off their reservation’s vortex of sin and pall of hopeless death. We thus write this note the eve of our week of Neighborhood Bible Time earnestly coveting your prayers for God’s power, protection, provisions, and fruit through the dangerous heat and challenges of the following summer ministries or needs:


  • Neighborhood Bible Time, June 17-22/2018.
  • Bill Rice West Branch Jr. Camp, June 25-29 and Teen Camp July 16-20.
  • Apache Creek Deaf and Youth Camp July 23-28.
  • Jacob and Lydia’s deputation meetings, June 17/’018-May 2019.
  • Lydia’s health
  • 63 year old Shirley’s well-being.
  • 28 year old paraplegic Jessica’s care since her 2017 accident.
  • The Serreno, Soto, and Thomas families’ return to the Lord.


  • No known deaths from this year’s casino payout.
  • New North Cocopah Reservation Bible Club
  • Jacob and Lydia’s acceptance into our mission.
  • Lydia’s recovery from her recent SIRS infection and subsequent hospital stay.

                 Sincerely In Christ,Facebooktwitter

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