Veldhuis February 2020 Prayer Letter

Dear Colaborers In Christ,
Remnants of food midst strewn trash greeted me one typical bus cleanup day with broken, stolen, or willfully defaced
interior vehicle components and sadly gave entrance to ungodly questions as to whether in fact we were wasting our lives
casting precious gospel pearls before swine (Matt. 7:6).
Two hours later, however, the resounding reproof of these thoughts silenced the adversary without a word by the
rearview mirror panorama of 3 to38 year old natives illumined by the glorious gospel of Christ or willing to be ridiculed for
considering it.
The challenges of befriending and reaching Cocopah souls of every age and locale are more than rivalled by our
gratitude for your enabling and our Lord’s grace in entrusting us with the eternal well being of spiritually destitute and
physically hungry individuals.
No update could adequately thank you for the unprecedented gifts behind virtual miracles in the desert this winter or
for your grace in forgiving our infrequent notes. Still you will gather how sacrificial and greatly appreciated they were
without mentioning a person or amount by contemplating the scope of provisions for:
● Fuel and gratuities for four Navajo evangelists and families in their 200-600 mile drives for our November 7-9,
2019 revival.
● Dealership electrical repairs after van headlights failed during youth night pickups.
● New batteries, tires, paint, lettering, and various repairs on a donated 66 passenger bus.
● Picking and distribution of dozens of Christmas fruit and gift bags through special services and otherwise
forbidden door to door visitation.
● Replace drums and airbrake lines and repair spring and airbrake systems of the 92 Bluebird bus.
● Cocopah youth ministry needs and gift packages for boarding school students and a young woman in rehab.
● Retaining wall materials, gravel,overhead door, and equipment for church storage garage project.
The Physical and spiritual demands of these and other incessant operational needs on top of ongoing ministries make
your prayers for strength, wisdom, safety, and helpers that much more critical. We so appreciate your remembering
Jacob, Lydia, and Samuel’s health and intense deputation work all 2020, Dawn and my additional teen work and the
immediate challenges of:
● Cocopah Revival, February 10-12, 2020 with Pastor Joe Doyel of Emmanuel Baptist Mission, L.A., CA.
● Current extensive physical for annual C.D.L. renewal.
● Construction of our church garage, Feb. 25-March 4, 2020 with the Evangelical Free Church team from Gaylord,
● Michael’s cancer re-evaluation and possible hormone treatment after persistent high P.S.A. levels.
● Revival with Evangelist Tim Green at Maranatha Baptist Church in Yuma, April 9-11.
December and January alcohol related deaths of Shirley (60+) and Tanessa (35) almost overwhelmed us with the
urgency of winning and discipling natives at all costs. Shirley was saved three years ago, but we are unsure of Tanessa
though she came to Bible clubs as a child and did Bible studies in jail. She also saw her 17 year old daughter Taliah
gloriously converted at camp last summer.
Your praises and petitions for current blessings and needs are thus as important and appreciated as your countless
sacrifices are.
● Heritage, Maranatha, and True Vine Baptist churches’ help with our most powerful November revival to date.
● Taliah’s spiritual growth and successful first semester of out of state boarding school .
● Daren’s stroke recovery at home and his younger brother, Jesse’s return to church.
● The North Reservation Bible Club’s enthusiastic participation and spiritual growth.
● Tyrus’ Bible studies and sincere repentance before beginning his long sentence in federal prison.
● Samuel’s diminished neck muscle contractures and misshapen head through therapy and custom headgear.
● Spiritual, moral, and substance abuse needs of couples: Alex and Roxanna, Cheryl and Stanford, Kayla and
Vincent, Lorie and Salvadore, and Loren and Martina.
● Comfort for the Huck and Phillips families after recent deaths.
● True conversions and deliverance from immorality, substance abuse, or life threatening health needs of Lilly,
Roxanna, Salvadore, Millie, Tyler, and Mitchel.
● Personal health, strength, wisdom, God’s power, and eternal fruit at His direction and to His glory.
● New adult Bible studies with Daren, Darnel, Jesse, and Lorie.
● Safety and control of bus and van pa