Veldhuis May 2020 Prayer Letter

Dear Family and Friends in Christ,
Federal and local “shutdowns” or quotas on meeting sizes impose static limitations on Biblical missions, but could never

alter the eternal truth that “ it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe” ( I Corinthians 1:21 b) How grateful we are for our Lord’s eternal fruit through the undiminished prayers and support as well as the providential

timing of our February 10-12 revival with Pastor Joe Doyel just prior to the shutdown and the disbursement of the huge annual Cocopah Casino checks.

To God be the glory for blessing the preaching to natives from all three reservations with a more reverential overall atmosphere and the glorious salvation of 45 year old Salvador and rededication of his girlfriend Lorie the final night! Both of them are growing through Bible studies and work around the church, which we trust will soon lead to his baptism and their marriage or relocation.

The baptistry/ fellowship hall section of our building was marvellously expanded through a group from the E. Free Church of Gaylord, Michigan’s whirlwind construction of a gorgeous 14X24 storage shed, February25- March 4. Though time did not permit sightseeing, they were blessed to attend our Native services and contributed further to saving souls from the ravages of the February 15 casino windfall and the third world culture they’d witnessed firsthand.

Massive Navajo Covid 19 outbreaks miles away accentuated the prudence of the closure of all Cocopah reservations and schools in early April. This meant delivering Resurrection Sunday lessons and treat packs to homes (at a six foot distance), airing video Bible studies and stories , and live streaming church services until at least May 17th. P.T.L. even saved Cocopah who’ve moved far away have profited from these new ministries!

Miraculously, North Cocopah Reservation Bible clubs grew under the watchful eyes of tribal police to where parents began also sending children to our Sunday and Wednesday services 25 miles away. All are excited about ending the “shutdown” and resuming services, while some (saved on the other two more Godless reservations years ago) are talking of driving their children to church.

Help with the North Rez. church rides would be invaluable, as we are picking up all three reservations separately as well as keeping attendees far apart until the Covid crisis clears. Jacob and Dawn are taking turns with this route despite Dawn and Lydia’s extremely high health risks, but Jacob will soon be flying East for rescheduled deputation meetings.

Lydia and 14 month old Samuel, currently fighting their own tooth abscess and ear infection, appreciate your prayers for healing and strength laboring with us throughout Jacob’s absence. PRAY for additional helpers here if his mission meetings conflict with fluctuating dates for summer camps or Neighborhood Bible time.

Other than his ear problem, Samuel led the way health wise outgrowing his neck contracture without further therapy and learning to walk. Lydia fights food intolerances and cardiopulmonary weakness daily, but along with Jacob, Samuel, Dawn, and myself has so far experienced no Covid 19 problems. The Lord’s further grace toward year round ministries soon followed in the form of readily passed extensive C.D.L. physicals.

April/May 105 degree cloudless, windy days signalled the end of our two week 80 degree spring and initiated preparations for summer ministries. Gifts the magnitude of our sending church’s new HVAC system for our house together with your provisions for new Covid 19 labors, Michael’s glaucoma meds, vehicle tires, church lawn care, salvage bus restoration, and all camp and N.B.T. deposits can only begin to be thanked by promising our best possible stewardship.

We sincerely ask our gracious God to multiply and return each blessing to you as you further labor with us in prayer for:


  • ●  All Cocopah contacts still eager to resume services.
  • ●  Strength and safety for new ministries and unavoidable social interactions.
  • ●  Jacob and Lydia’s 75% support level and remaining rescheduled 2020 meetings.
  • ●  Michael’s good March P.S.A. numbers and six month extension of re-evaluation. PETITIONS:

IBIMI ‘s future following our founder’s April Covid 19 death.
Comfort or the Thomas family after 45 year old Junior’s death.
Safety and eternal fruit through tentative camp and Neighborhood Bible Time dates of July 6-10, July 12-17, July 20-24, and July 27- August 1.
Safe resumption and fruitful operation of all church pickups and ministries.
Golding, Phillips, Sereno, Soto, Thomas, and White households’ salvation or repentance.
69 year old Millie’s salvation and she and 70 year old Faye’s enormous health needs.
Repentance, salvation, and growth of cold teens, Ammon, Cezar, Justice, Lilly, Satori, and Tyler