Steve DeFord Sept/Oct 2021

Dear friends, family, and ministry supporters,
Thank you for your faithful support of Native American Indian
missions. Despite some COVID restrictions still in place on the
reservation, we have had a productive fall. We hosted an activity at our
home back in September. It was the first organized activity in many
months. We were encouraged to have all of our home-school families
out for a great time of fellowship and games.
Hualapai Baptist Church hosted our bi-annual missions conference in
September as well. Our congregation was blessed to have one of our
former missionaries, Joel Porcher, as our keynote speaker. The Porcher
family had ministered in Africa for a number of years and was greatly
used of the Lord there. Our conference took on an African theme as
both of our guest missionaries have been called to the continent as
well. As we “cast lots” the final night of the conference to determine
where God would have us take our next international trip the lot fell
on Israel! Normally, we would be planning this trip for 2022, but the
schedule looks as though February of 2023 will be more likely.

This school year will be Sherry’s last year to teach regularly in our co-
op. She has taught school for over 30 years! Not teaching next

academic year will enable her to travel with Steve and another couple
from our church on the Isreal trip. We’ve wanted to visit Isreal for as
long as we can remember, and now the Lord has granted that desire!
During the month of October, we were invited to present the ministry
among the American Indians at Campus Church in Pensacola, FL. We
flew to Charlotte, NC so Molly could spend the week with Jackie’s
family. We then drove on to Florida for an inspiring week with “He is
Worthy” as the theme. We received several inquiries regarding Native
work, and pray the Lord will send forth laborers into His harvest!
For God’s Glory,
Rev. Steven R. De Ford