DeFord August 2022

July:August 2022

That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us:

and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ. I John 1:3 Gamyu [gam yū] That’s hello or welcome in Hualapai,

These update letters give us a wonderful opportunity to share with all our prayer partners what the Lord has been doing here among the Hualapai and through the ministries of the Hualapai Baptist Church and the Independent Baptist Indian Mission, Inc. And you can have true fellowship right along with us.

A unique fellowship opportunity that we have developed at the church is our “Super Sunday.” About once a month, we move our evening service up to 8:00 AM. We follow the early service with a fellowship breakfast. The church provides pancakes and coffee while everybody else provides various breakfast side dishes. Sunday school, which is usually at 9:00 AM is moved back to 10:00 and our morning worship service is at 11:00 AM. Often, we schedule Super Sundays on holiday weekends allowing our members more ways to celebrate whatever the given holiday may be.

We have often written about our monthly men’s fellowships and the ladies’ Bible studies. These special times give us more ways to fellowship around God’s Word in addition to our regular service times. Other special summer services are our three fellowship Wednesdays. Through the summer months, we schedule our annual Watermelon Wednesday which, as the name implies, is prayer meeting followed by watermelon. The second aptly named special service is our Prayer/Pie/and Praise night. And third is the much anticipated “Sundaes on Wednesday” when we finish the regular prayer meeting service with an ice cream social.

I hope that by describing some of our unique times together as a church you can sense a closer fellowship with us. Your prayer and financial support of this ministry help us provide fun and exciting times around God’s Word in fellowship with God’s people.

The Lord has certainly given us an increase theses last couple months. Five souls received Christ as Saviour through the ministries of the church. Another young man was led to Christ on a Sunday afternoon by his father-in-law after attending Hualapai Baptist in the morning. This young man has been coming for a few months off and on, so we were all thrilled to hear of his receiving Jesus as his Savior. One other Sunday morning, one of our Sunday School teachers missed their class. When the family arrived for the morning worship service they reported that just as they were about to walk out the door, a nephew called. He wanted to know how he could know he was on his way to heaven. This family was able to lead him to Christ over the phone! We are eager to begin a new level of fellowship with these new believers knowing that our fellowship in Christ will never end.

Thank you for your fellowship with us through your prayers and financial support. For God’s Glory,

Steve De Ford

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De Ford May/June 2022

May:June 2022 Update

Exodus 20:12 Honour thy father and thy mother:
Dear Ministry Partners and Praying Friends, May/June 2022

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers the last couple of months. Much has happened since our last letter including some special recognitions. We honored mothers in May and saw one salvation decision that day as well. Then we celebrated fathers in June with Faith Baptist Church’s missions team that had come out to assist with Vacation Bible School. We were invited to honor our local police department, where Steve serves as Chaplain, during National Police Week. He gave the invocation at a special assembly and Sherry’s class led the Star Spangled Banner.

We also saw the completion of another year of our home school co-op. This year was Sherry’s last year teaching in a regular class setting. She will still be assisting the mothers in the co-op with whatever needs they may have teaching their own children. The academic year ended with a field trip to Bearizona, a wildlife park in Williams, AZ.

Camp season has now begun. The ladies of the church enjoyed their annual “Getaway” at the Bill Rice Ranch West Branch. Mom (Becky) De Ford was the guest speaker. Mom came back to the house with Sherry after the event to spend a few days, but our visit was cut short as Sherry tested positive for COVID. A couple days later Steve also tested positive. We had avoided the virus up to that point, but we have now been fully vaccinated, boosted, and infected! A couple weeks later, our juniors went to “West Branch.” Praise the Lord two of our unchurched campers received Christ as Saviour. Since then ten teen girls have gone to camp. They had great time, and decisions for Christ were made. None of the boys went due to scheduling conflicts, however, they are registered to go later this summer.

As I mentioned above, one of our supporting churches (Faith Baptist of Morristown, IN) came out to help us with Vacation Bible School. We had a Wordless Book Theme this year which was new to our people. We averaged 33 with a high attendance of 42 children. Several children were dealt with for salvation, and one boy was saved. While the missions team was here the men installed a new driveway for us. After 14 years we can now pull onto our property with a relatively smooth ride! Two culverts were installed to help during the monsoon season.

Thank you to all those who prayed for and contributed to our vehicle need. A generous $10,000 matching gift was offered that helped us raise enough money to purchase a 2005 motor home for our furlough this fall. We still hope to raise enough for a dependable vehicle to pull along, but we are grateful to have the essential part accomplished. Our goal was between $30,000 and $40,000 for both vehicles. Over $25,000 has come in so far. We are eager to see nearly all of our supporting churches east of the Mississippi River in the coming months. By the end of this trip we will have reported to all of our eastern supporters within the last two years. For those of you in the west, we hope to see you all soon as well.

For God’s Glory,
the Steve De Ford family

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De Ford Jan/Feb 2022

Jan:Feb 2022

Philippians 1:6 Being confident of this very thing, that He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:

Dear friends and family, Jan/Feb 2022 We are confident that our Lord will not only perform His good work in you all and us personally, but also

as it pertains to His church! This year has certainly gotten off to a great start for us at the Hualapai Baptist Church. In recent days, COVID restrictions have been lifted and we are back to “code green!” The human loss and toll on everyone has been enormous. We remain grateful to God Who sustains and strengthens us through every challenge.

As a result of lifted restrictions, HBC’s jail and juvenile home ministries have resumed. Brother Raynard has met with the male inmates on a few occasions already, while Sherry and Laurie have been in to see the ladies once so far. During that visit last week, only one young lady came out to hear the Bible study Laurie had prepared. However, that inmate did accept Christ as her Saviour! The ladies are looking forward to their next visit tomorrow night. Brother Scott will have his second service at the juvenile home tomorrow, too!

Sherry is just about to finish up a second round of “Women of the Word” studies. She along with four other women meet on Monday nights to learn how to effectively study the Bible. This marks the second time Sherry has gone through this particular study. All the ladies that have participated gain valuable tools and skills to help them rightly divide the Word of God.

Steve and Brother Melvin have been asked to minister during several funerals the last couple months. Steve has preached two services sharing the gospel each time. Melvin has been asked to preach two different services also presenting the gospel while encouraging the family members. It has been rewarding to see God open up doors for Brother Melvin who has been serving as a deacon for a number of years now. He has also taken on the teaching responsibilities of the teen Sunday school class since we were able to resume Sunday school last year.

One of the advisory board members of the Independent Baptist Indian Mission, Evangelist Glen Jaspers, was with us for a full day of services on January 30. Brother Jaspers and his wife, Mary, have been dear friends for many years. We were encouraged and strengthened by their ministry among us. They have been wintering here in Arizona the last couple years increasing their involvement among our IBIMI missionaries. We are blessed to have them regularly available to assist in the various ministries around the state.

Another highlight was the opportunity to assist the West Branch of the Bill Rice Ranch. Last year we helped hang much of the drywall for the new Rasmussen Crossing. In February we returned to finish the taping and mudding. The building is well on the way to receiving the permits needed for summer camp.

We have seen a return to our pre-COVID numbers the last couple weeks. The larger crowds (around 70) have lifted our spirits! The singing is more robust, and the testimonies have been an encouragement to everyone. Over the last three Sunday mornings, we have seen three significant decisions: February 13 a young lady accepted Christ, February 20 a young mother gained assurance of salvation, and just yesterday a young man accepted Jesus as his personal Saviour!

Other good news, we resumed our monthly Super Sunday Schedule. During the entire COVID outbreak I think we had only had two Super Sundays, while the one scheduled for January did have to be canceled due to another spike in cases resulting in a code red-the most severe. By February we had dropped to code green- completely open-Praise the LORD! Again, the spirits were high as we met for an early 8:00 AM service, shared breakfast at 9:00, met for Sunday school at 10:00 followed by the worship service at 11:00.

Thank you to those who have contributed to our vehicle fund. So far $13,022.25 has come in for this need. We hope to raise $40,000 in order to purchase a small RV and towable vehicle to facilitate a furlough this fall. Also, if you are a supporting church in the midwest or east and have not heard from me yet to schedule a meeting for this fall, please reach out to me. I may not have your current contact information. My number is (928) 200-2392.

For God’s Glory,
the Steve De Ford family

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DeFord December 2021

Ministry News:

Hualapai Baptist Church is missions minded!

While HBC remains a mission work, it is no less missions minded. We currently support 17 missionaries world-wide. One of the ministries we support is the West Branch of the Bill Rice Ranch just down the road in Williams, AZ. Our men have helped with various projects at West Branch over

the years including a drywall project in November.

We continue to encourage our men to take on leadership roles at church. All of our Sunday school classes are currently taught by couples, including our beginner’s class. Our current deacon is also beginning to preach occasionally. The men often fill in for Steve when he has to be out of town. God continues to encourage us through the ministry to which He has called us.

Our home school co-op had opportunities to sing in church and at the elderly center. Both the ladies and mens groups enjoyed their Christmas parties. And the Sunday school classes presented a meaningful Christmas program.

The Independent Baptist Indian Mission is dedicated to reaching lost Native Americans with the gospel, and establishing strong Baptist Churches throughout North America. Thank you for your continued support of this ministry through your prayers and financial gifts.

Full house in December!

We were unusually blessed during the month of December to host two HBC missionaries in our home. Housing 18 people in our house at one time was a wonderful challenge with great fellowship.

Then Jon and Jackie were in from NC and Josh was home from TX. We had a great visit and are very thankful for the many Christmas gifts we received from you!

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Steve DeFord Sept/Oct 2021

Dear friends, family, and ministry supporters,
Thank you for your faithful support of Native American Indian
missions. Despite some COVID restrictions still in place on the
reservation, we have had a productive fall. We hosted an activity at our
home back in September. It was the first organized activity in many
months. We were encouraged to have all of our home-school families
out for a great time of fellowship and games.
Hualapai Baptist Church hosted our bi-annual missions conference in
September as well. Our congregation was blessed to have one of our
former missionaries, Joel Porcher, as our keynote speaker. The Porcher
family had ministered in Africa for a number of years and was greatly
used of the Lord there. Our conference took on an African theme as
both of our guest missionaries have been called to the continent as
well. As we “cast lots” the final night of the conference to determine
where God would have us take our next international trip the lot fell
on Israel! Normally, we would be planning this trip for 2022, but the
schedule looks as though February of 2023 will be more likely.

This school year will be Sherry’s last year to teach regularly in our co-
op. She has taught school for over 30 years! Not teaching next

academic year will enable her to travel with Steve and another couple
from our church on the Isreal trip. We’ve wanted to visit Isreal for as
long as we can remember, and now the Lord has granted that desire!
During the month of October, we were invited to present the ministry
among the American Indians at Campus Church in Pensacola, FL. We
flew to Charlotte, NC so Molly could spend the week with Jackie’s
family. We then drove on to Florida for an inspiring week with “He is
Worthy” as the theme. We received several inquiries regarding Native
work, and pray the Lord will send forth laborers into His harvest!
For God’s Glory,
Rev. Steven R. De Ford

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Steve DeFord August 2021

July:August 2021

Dear Prayer Partners,
Thank you for your continued prayer and financial support of the Lord’s work among the American Indians.

The busy summer activities are drawing to close now, but we were truly blessed during the months of July and August. Missionary candidate Josh Zacharias to Australia helped Steve with projects around the house and church including painting the church sign with a fresh coat of linseed oil the week of July Forth.

Our annual IBIMI missionary retreat was in Scottsdale, AZ the last weekend of July. Advisory board member, Dr. Tim Zacharias (no relation to Josh) was our guest speaker. All of our Arizona based missionaries were able to attend at least part of the retreat and everyone was encouraged through the teaching ministry of Dr. Z. Please, continue to pray with us that more people would answer the call to Native missions. We are thankful that one new family has made application to IBIMI.

Sherry began what we plan to be her last year of teaching in mid- August. She has the same three students she had last year who are now in K5, first, and third grade. Including the time she spent teaching our own children, Sherry has been teaching over 30 years! A highlight of the past two months was a baptismal service August 22. A family in our church has been raising their children and fostering three others. Mom has lead two of them to Christ while Steve and Sherry each lead another to the Lord. Seeing all four baptized in the horse trough was a thrill for us all!

We are formulating plans for an extended road trip next fall to report to supporting churches, attend our annual IBIMI retreat, and raise additional needed support. However, in order to make the trip we need dependable transportation. We are looking to purchase a Honda Pilot or similar vehicle to pull a Winnebago Micro Mini or similar camper. We estimate the total cost for a reliable used outfit to be in the neighborhood of $30,000 to $40,000. If you would like to contribute to this need please send your gift to the finance office at: 2406 Main St., Keokuk, IA 52632 designated to the DeFord transportation fund.

For God’s Glory,
The Steve De Ford family

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DeFord May/June 2021

May:June 2021

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go….

As we celebrated Mother’s Day and Father’s Day we were reminded of our responsibilities as parents to train up the next generation for Christ.

PCC Graduation

Dear prayer and ministry partners,

Thank you for your continued enabling of this ministry. The state and reservation have continued to open up over the last two months. A recent increase in COVID cases has us concerned that this current situation may

not last long. Please pray for us and for those recovering from Covid! We were thankful to celebrate both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in person. We don’t take these times of worship together for granted any more! In addition to recognizing and challenging our moms, we also had one of our new families come to dedicate themselves to raising their children for Christ on Mother’s Day. Attendance was down somewhat on Father’s Day, however, the five fathers in attendance were also commended and challenged to maintain their testimonies for Jesus.

Our youngest son, Josh, graduated from college in Mid-May, and has taken a position in Austin, TX. We’re eager to see how the Lord uses him and his new graphic design degree for His glory. We are thankful everything worked out for us to attend the commencement exercise. As it turned out, another one of our IBIMI missionaries graduated with a Master of Ministry degree at the same time, so we were able to watch Brian Shannon march too.Sherry began hosting a new ladies’ Disciples of the Word course (via video by April Goetsch) on Wednesday mornings with three other ladies. They are learning how to study the Bible doing their own research. It is challenging, but they are learning skills they will use a lifetime!

June is camp month for us. Our juniors went the last full week of the month and our teens are in camp as I write this letter. The young people love camp and we are thankful for the ministry West Branch has in our children’s lives. My dad used to say, “We can accomplish more in a week of camp than in a year of Sunday school.”

May we all continue to train up our children in the way they should go.

For God’s Glory,
The Steve De Ford family

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DeFord March/April 2021

Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift. 2 Cor. 9:15
And thank you for your faithful prayers and support of the ministry among the Native Americans! March and April were filled with ministry
opportunities, travel, and various celebrations. Early in March, our youngest son, Josh hosted his Senior Graphic Design show at
Pensacola Christian College. He was thrilled with all the out of town guests that came to congratulate and encourage him. We are
looking forward to his graduation in May.
We are so grateful the reservation in opening up more and more. Not only are we holding in person services, but in March we had our
first wedding in quite a while. The groom is the man I mentioned in our last letter who was saved during marriage counseling. That same
day was the anniversary of Steve’s Dad’s graduation to Glory! We held a memorial service for him at Bill Rice Ranch West Branch a
couple of weeks earlier. Our family was greatly encouraged by the outpouring of support by all those in attendance. Dr. Bill Rice III
preached a message about John the Baptist that blessed us beyond words!
Two days later Steve returned to West Branch with our largest group ever to attend men’s retreat. Several first time attenders discovered
why the rest of the men look forward to this event every spring.
Resurrection Sunday brought the largest attendance since meeting back in person. We also had our first breakfast at church in over a
year. Serving the meal was different than usual to facilitate covid protocols, but everyone enjoyed the fellowship. We look forward to
getting back to our monthly “Super Sundays” including breakfast once restrictions are lifted.
The following Sunday after the evening service we had a special fellowship time to celebrate our oldest church member turning 90! Rose
has been in Hualapai Baptist Church since she was a young girl. Her life has been a miracle since she survived a car wreck a few years
ago. Her recovery has been as remarkable as it has been complete.
Another April blessing was the Brady Rochester family ministering to us in music and Word. We had scheduled this talented family last
year, but they had to cancel their trip during the pandemic. Meeting and worshiping with them was another joy of being back in person
for services.
But the greatest blessing of all to share with you is what happened the last day of April. Our church had been praying for a woman to be
saved for the last few years. This same woman approached one of our men and asked him to visit her dying husband. Arrangements
were made and Raynard and Lisa made the visit April 30. As Raynard presented the gospel Lisa prayed and it became very clear that the
woman we had prayed for for those years was very ready to receive Christ as her Saviour. By the time the visit was over she was saved
along with her husband, a nephew and his girlfriend-four precious names written down in the Lamb’s Book of Life!
All of these gifts are ours through the rich grace given us through the Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you for allowing yourself to be used of
Him to make these blessings a reality.
For God’s Glory,
The Steve De Ford family

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De Ford Jan/Feb 2021

Dear Prayer Partners,
Thank you for your faithful prayer and financial support of this
ministry. We are blessed to witness God’s faithfulness on a daily
basis as He provides for and expands the work among the
Hualapai Nation. In-person church and school have resumed in
the new year. Church attendance in person as well as on Zoom is
returning to pre-COVID levels.
The Hualapai Baptist Church approved the new budget for 2021
including supporting 17 missionaries and hosting a missions
conference in the fall. We were encouraged as a church to hear
the treasurer’s report and see how the Lord had provided
throughout 2020 and even increased our balance over the coarse
of the year.
Our family was able to present the ministry in another Arizona
church as we hope to regain some of the financial support we
have lost since returning to the States twelve years ago. Also,
please be in prayer regarding medical expenses that both Steve
and Sherry have incurred over the past year.
For God’s Glory,
The Steve De Ford family

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Deford Nov/Dec 2020

Nov:Dec 2020


3880 Stockton Hill Rd. Suite 103-438 Kingman, AZ 86409


2406 Main St. Keokuk, IA 52632


Burge Terrace Baptist 9345 Brookville Rd. Indianapolis, IN 46239


Steve De Ford
3880 Stockton Hill Rd. Suite 103-438 Kingman, AZ 86409

Psalm 125:1 They that trust in the LORD shall be as mount Zion, which cannot be removed, but abideth for ever.

Dear Friends, Family, and Prayer Partners,

Thank you for your prayer and financial support over the past year. Here in northern Arizona we rejoice in the Lord’s working among us! Amid on again off again reservation shut downs, many of our planned year-end ministries did go forward.

Brother Andy Gleiser ministered among us for a week of special meetings the first week of November. We are grateful that we were able to hold the meetings in person. The reservation was on lock down during Thanksgiving and the first three weeks of December. But just before we went on lockdown we were able to have our annual testimony and praise service. The challenges of the year made everyone much more aware of God’s presence all along.

Not knowing what the situation would be for Christmas, Steve planned a simple program for the preceding Sunday. Praise the Lord, we were able to come out of lockdown and meet face to face! Though our celebrations were more scaled down, we were again very aware of the great blessing it was to be together (in person) worshipping the Lord.

We were personally encouraged by a visit from our son, Micah, his wife, Rachael, and our newest grandson, Ray. Sherry had been able to help Rachael at their home in Fargo, ND, however, this was Steve and Molly’s first time to meet sweet baby Ray. Then, the week before Christmas, our son, Josh was able to come home for several days. This past semester he has been studying remotely in Texas while working for a political consulting firm. He is now back in Texas preparing to return to Pensacola for the spring semester. He has two more classes to finish up his degree. Lord willing, he will be marching in May!

As we finish another trip around the sun and begin another, our prayer for you is that you experience every blessing the Lord has planned for you, and trust you will rejoice with us for His marvelous work among us!

For God’s Glory,
The Steven R. De Ford family

(Missionaries among the American Indians)

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DeFord October 2020

Sept/Oct Prayer Letter

“I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord.” Psalm 122:1

We are so please to report that after seven months, we were able to begin in-person services Sunday, October 11. We are currently using Zoom to broadcast the services as well. Sunday mornings we are seeing about 50 folks attending in-person split sessions with several other devices tuning in online. Since beginning in-person services, we’ve also had mens’ and ladies’ Bible studies. After a long Spring and Summer there is enthusiasm and optimism going forward. Praise the Lord!

New Family Addition!

Tuesday, Sept 22 we welcomed David “Ray” De Ford into the world. Six months after the Lord took Dad home to Glory, He gave our son, Micah, and his wife, Rachael, their first born son whom they named after Dad. Sherry was blessed to be in North Dakota two weeks for the birth.

After she returned home, Steve traveled to Washington state to be in a missions conference with the Orting Community Baptist Church. Introducing a new congregation to Hualapai Baptist Church and the ministry of IBIMI was another Fall high light.

For God’s Glory,
The Steve De Ford family

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De Ford Family May/June 2020

Micah De Ford receives BA in Church Ministries

Micah received his bachelor of arts degree from Master’s Baptist College Sunday, May 17, 2020 in Fargo, ND.

We were blessed to travel to Fargo to witness Micah receive his bachelor’s degree. Persevering through an MS diagnosis and three different institutions, Micah has now completed all requirements. He is seeking, along with his wife Rachael, where the Lord may have them serve. Also, please pray for little David Ray De Ford due September 17 and named after my dad who graduated to heaven in April.


Sherry and I were able to lead one young lady to Christ for whom we have been praying and ministering to for some time via Zoom in May.


We received a call in June asking if we would give counsel to newly weds. In our first meeting, both tearfully received Christ!


We are eager to continue disciplining these recent converts. And providing counsel to the newly weds and their blended family.

May:June 2020

Tribe remains under “Stay at Home” order.

The Corona virus has hit our reservations especially hard. The Hualapai Tribe has extended their restrictions. We are still meeting via Zoom, but are eager to resume face to face meetings.

Road trip to Indy

Steve helped move Manny to Indianapolis in May. He took an unsaved friend along to help with the driving. Steve has been witnessing to this man for a few years. He had more great opportunities to discuss salvation but as yet this friend is still outside the fold. Pray for “M”.


Molly has been diagnosed with glaucoma and is undergoing more testing. Pray the doctor will prescribe an effective treatment.

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