The Veldhuis December 2018 Prayer Update

Nov & Dec. 2018
Dear Friends in Christ,
Each November, we try to fly back to the east coast to spend Thanksgiving with our family.  This is the only time we get to see each other for most of them and we always look forward to the visit.  This year, our family surprised us with a surprise party to celebrate our 50th anniversary.  It was actually this past August but they weren’t able to get together at that time.  We had 4 of our 6 children, their spouses, several of our grandchildren and even one great grandchild there!  Sam jr.’s family in Alaska even joined us by “face time”!  We feel so blessed with the family that God has given us.

We are now back home in AZ and back into the routine of visitation and Bible classes.    The Sunday before Christmas, we will be on the Navajo Reservation for their Sunday services as well as their Christmas dinner.  After this coming Sunday, the Bible College classes will be taking a break for the holidays and starting up again in January.  It is a joy to us to see various students using their studies to serve the Lord.  

We have been asked about that earthquake in Anchorage and how Sam’s family is doing.  They were actually in Anchorage for dental appointments that day.  Sam was even in the dentist chair and all numbed up for drilling when the quake hit.  Amber and the 3 boys were in the hotel and experienced the shaking and power outage, but no-one was hurt.  This will mean another trip for them to get their dental work done, but we are thankful for God protecting them.

We want to wish each of you a Joyous Christmas as we remember that our Creator was “pleased as man with men to dwell” because He knew our need for salvation and was willing to pay the price for us!  What love!  (We don’t send many Christmas cards outside of our family because of the cost of postage, so please accept this as our Christmas card to you.)
If any of you are receiving this monthly letter by US mail but have an email address, please let us know so we can send it electronically.  We were just informed that postage goes up again on Jan 1 by $.05.  That isn’t much for just one letter, but adds up when multiplied.

II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer