Veldhuis October 2018

Veldhuis October 2018 Prayer Update

Dear Prayer Partners,

            Long-awaited daytime temperatures below 100 degrees arrived late September heralding the onset of Fall and a possible reprieve from summer’s heat, wind, and work. The first rain in months, however, was not to be outdone by sandstorms with its’ own destructive winds and recurrent power outages.

            Bus and van door closing or radiator problems while filled with Cocopah and without monitors miles from church brought additional difficulties that so perfectly depict the challenge of reaching three distinct age groups of Natives simultaneously without Jacob and Lydia’s help.

            We are as grateful for God’s prospering their initial months’ deputation as we are for winter visitors Michael and Rebecca’s godly winning influence on all age groups and the Hastrichs’ enormous help with special meetings and weekly cleaning.

            Without each contribution even the best intentions could not have overcome the hindrances to writing you of unending Reservation needs, Bible studies, clubs, visitation, medical emergencies, church services, and vehicle and property maintenance.

            BLESS the Lord and your prayers for getting our teen campers over 320 miles of up to 6,000 foot mountains before completely breaking down a block from a Flagstaff repair shop thirty minutes from Bill Rice’s West Branch Camp. The breakthrough in getting parts and major repairs so far from a large city was rewarded beyond measure in the profession of faith of long delinquent Cesar and the assurance/surrender decisions by 13-17 year olds Loren and Ayana. Teenagers Cylas and Tyler were also far more spiritually attentive following Cesar’s brother Kaden’s camp suspension for drug possession.

            P.T.L. for the packed, godly wedding of Alex and Roxanna in our building, July 27th! They are as faithful to church as possible raising their baby, Miracle, and their foster nieces and nephew, Lilah, Lilly, and Tyler on very limited resources. PRAY for their employment needs and spiritual battles on the reservation as well as their influence on their oldest nephew Tyrus, and his criminal choices.

            Nineteen year old Chris, on the other hand, was the greatest light into his closed traditional family until moving to an out of state school and job. His family and the Alvanez, Brown, Phillips, Soto, and Thomas clans are among the unsaved or undiscipled from summer ministries. PRAY for true conversions and surrender to God through our own October 25-27 revival with Native pastors. We postponed our July baptisms to locate all summer candidates and include revival decisions with them.

            Summer’s churchyard light installations totaled four times the cost of materials, but prepared us perfectly for Fall’s early nights and increased attendance. We can’t thank you enough for your prayers and special provisions for revival and Christmas ministries as well as for your past part in the following blessings and opportunities.          



  • Resumption of North Reservation Bible Clubs.
  • Teen Bible studies and ministries during Jacob’s solo deputation trips.
  • Lydia’s Cocopah work and ultra high risk prenatal care in Yuma until the birth of she and Jacob’s firstborn April, 2019.
  • 50 year old Joe’s dialysis problems and growth and victory over substance abuse.
  • Kayla and Vincent’s full drug rehab and their children’s continued care and church attendance.




  • Saved 69 year old Felipe’s light to his Catholic family before and through his September 1, 2018 home going.
  • Uncomplicated removal of Dawn’s benign tumor, Sept. 11, 2018.
  • Encouraging preachers and missions conferences at Yuma’s Heritage, Faith, and Maranatha Baptist churches.
  • Wonderfully increased Junior church attendance.
  • Jacob and Lydia are at around 40% of their support
  • Edifying Sept. 8 youth rally with Bill Rice’s West Branch Ranch in Phoenix.
  • 63 year old Shirley’s improved health and hygiene after several months’ assisted care.


                                       Gratefully Yours In Christ,