Sondergaard October 2018

Dear Praying Friends and Family, 

Hospital visit: 

Since Andrew’s birth last Saturday, we have had some concerns: Andrew showed very little interest in eating, and he seemed to be in a constant deep sleep. On Monday, Naomi took him to the pediatrician who suggested we have him checked at the Flagstaff hospital. That evening we took Andrew up there where he went through several tests. After seeing some of his symptoms, the hospital staff decided to keep him over night to evaluate. During the night, Andrew stopped breathing for about 20 seconds. We are thankful this did not happen at home but he was able to receive immediate care. 


We now know Andrew has UTI infection and the rhinovirus. His oxygen has been low so is receiving a low dose of oxygen and antibiotics for the infection. This morning, he had a spinal tap to test for meningitis. So far he does not seem to have meningitis (a big praise).

Tender Loving Care:

Andrew needs to be in the hospital for at least 2-3 weeks to clear his infections. The hospital staff has been a wonderful help and seem to be giving excellent care. We would ask you to pray for Andrew and our family throughout the next two or three weeks. 

While we realize many people have much more serious health needs than what we are facing, we also realize the very serious condition Andrew is in. It is hard to see such a little one attached to the medical equipment. Life is so fragile and a precious gift from God. Life, health, family: all these are precious gifts from God not to be wasted or taken for granted. We thank each of you for praying.


*Andrew was hospitalized in time

*Pastor Messick is out of the hospital and planning on preaching Sunday morning.

*Paul’s parents are here to help watch our other children. 

Prayer Needs:

* Andrew’s health 

* Paul and Naomi – physical and spiritual strength

* Our church- people to fill in and help the Messicks as we are unable to teach. People’s spiritual growth

*Our children and family – strength day by day while Mommy is in the hospital with Andrew

* Pastor and Bev Messicks health and spiritual encouragement


All for Jesus

Paul and Naomi Sondergaard