Dear Family and Friends:
“…His compassion fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness” Lamentations 3:22-23. I am thankful our God is full of compassion. Even when life is overwhelming, we can expect to begin a new day with a new measure of God’s compassion.

Although the last several months have been challenging for the church, we have seen adult attendance nearly double for all services. There are also a few children coming with their parent or grandparent. God is also allowing us other times to minister to these people. Please pray for

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Sondergaard August 2020

Dear Family and Friends:
A verse that has impressed me in the past but has become more real in recent months is Psalm 61:2 “…when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” Many things can cause being overwhelmed: fear, a loss, the news, a personal hardship… Our response to being overwhelmed can either lead to multiplying fear or to peace from hiding behind God. It is from the place of God’s peace we can say, “The LORD is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower (Psalm 18:2).”

Right before a recent Wednesday evening service, Paul stepped outside to greet people listening from their cars. A lady and her son were in their van and motioned Paul over. Ida has come to church periodically for years and her son Cyrus (now in his early 20s) has come since he was young. Cyrus had concerns about assurance of salvation. Paul sensed he might not be saved. Cyrus had a Bible and so Paul took him through several verses in Romans and John. Meanwhile, Ida wrote down the references and indicated they would look at the verses again later. For several years Cyrus has had attitudes of hardness and disinterest and became involved in some dark things. This time though he was different: a tender heart, openness, and expressing a desire to be right with God. When they reached Roman 10:13, Paul asked Cyrus if he would like to do what the verse said. Cyrus said he would. After Paul prayed, he asked Cyrus if he would like to pray too. Cyrus said he just did. Please pray for Cyrus. While God was definitely working in his heart, he seemed to lack assurance or complete understanding. Also, please pray they would be faithful in coming to church.

We are thankful for the church people who have faithfully come during the last few months. Even though some stay in their cars or listen at home, it is encouraging to see their desire to hear God’s Word. Kat, a lady who is visiting the area has been coming every service. Please pray for her salvation. She listens attentively and we have had some good talks with her, but she seems a bit confused on salvation. Kat and Ida, just last week, went with Mrs. Messick to the ladies retreat at West Branch. Pray for Simon who just got out of jail. Pray for Markina (new Christian who needs to grow and make some right choices).

This month we were working on a song to sing as a family. The song we sang speaks of heaven and the reunion we will have with the Lord Jesus and saved loved ones. As we sang, Hannah, who is now five, said, “I want to get saved right now. I’ve been thinking about it all day and I want to get saved.” We immediately took the opportunity to talk with her and explain what salvation means. Then without any guidance on what to pray, Hannah prayed a simple prayer of faith.

Please pray for Paul’s Mom. She has been fighting leukemia for over a year and has become very weak. As we send this she is back in the hospital. Paul is thankful for a godly mother who is an example of loving God with all her heart.

With fewer services and less time with the people we have had more time to catch up on some work around church. Paul built a new sign which will hopefully draw people in. The old sign was falling apart

due to the weather and hot sun. The new sign is designed to be easily repainted and allows for changing service times as needed. While installing the new sign, a Roman Catholic man

(John) walked by. We encouraged him with the thought that salvation is a gift that Jesus gives. Please pray for John and for future opportunities to talk with him.

Once again, we are thankful for each of you. Thank you for faithfully praying for the ministry here, for giving sacrificially, and for sending thoughtful notes.


  • God at work in people’s hearts: Cyrus, Ida, Kat, Hannah, and others
  • People still faithful even though there are many excuses to stop coming
  • Andrew continues to develop: pushing up on his hands and knees Prayer Requests:
  • Another couple to join us in the ministry here
  • Salvation and spiritual protection for our children
  • Native American adults and children to be saved and follow Jesus
  • For several church people to choose to be faithful and come to church
  • Wisdom with the modular building All for Jesus, Paul and Naomi Sondergaard
    Ruthanne, Nathan, Hannah, Aletheia, and Andrew
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Sondergaard June 2020

Dear Family and Friends:
A verse I read the other day that encouraged me says, “…my heart trusted in him, and I am helped…” Psalm 28:7. It is interesting to consider how David found God to be his help after he learned to trust. During this time of needing God’s help, may we learn to trust our God.

We are still having services available for people to listen in their cars. About half come in and half stay in their cars. Even though it has been well over 100 degrees people are still faithfully coming. The reservation recently has had several who have contracted the virus. For now, the reservation is under curfew and some lockdown. Several people are quarantined. Please pray for protection for our people: both physically and spiritually. Not only do they face the danger of disease. They also face the danger of failing to look to God during this time.

Last Sunday, Dr. Alton Beal preached for us in both the morning and evening services. Brother Beal came to Arizona to preach for the teen camp at West Branch this week. It was encouraging to hear preaching on salvation and on trusting the Lord: both topics the people needed to hear. We are always excited to see our people hear good Bible preaching.

The ladies have been meeting every other Thursday for Bible Study. Sometimes we do it on Zoom when there is a lockdown, but thankfully we have been able to meet at church. God is good! All who have come express their thankfulness to hear God’s Word at church and in the Bible study. Lately the ladies have been more faithful to the Sunday services.

Because of the disease going around we had to temporarily stop services for the children. Please pray for wisdom when to start up again. One little girl sometimes comes and sits in the car with her grandma. Today after church she came and gave Mrs. Messick and Naomi a great big hug. We have not seen the other children since the sickness started and are anxious to get our children and the Native children back into the regular services with children’s classes.

Praise the Lord for our youngest son’s physical growth. Andrew is 21 months old and has developmental delays. There is no diagnosis yet, but he is holding his head up, rolling over, and lifting himself up on his arms and toes. The milestones are little “inch” stones. He responds to our voice and smiles and has the sweetest little laugh. God has placed him in our life to show more patience and love one to another. His Way is perfect!

Dropping off Dr. Beal and his daughter Karis for Camp

Special baby birds at our house. A picture of God’s care and our trust!


  • Being able to preach God’s Word
  • Being able to sing to the Lord
  • More people coming faithfully to church
  • God’s financial provision for our family and for the church
  • Andrew’s physical growth
  • Protection of our children Prayer Requests:
  • Sondergaard
    Spiritual protection and revival
  • Another couple to join us in the ministry here
  • Salvation and spiritual protection for our children
  • Native American adults and children to be saved and follow Jesus
  • For our church people to choose to be faithful and come to church
  • Rachel’s son coming home in two weeks: pray for salvation and spiritual growth.
  • Wisdom with the modular – to repair or replace All for Jesus, Paul and Naomi Sondergaard
    Ruthanne, Nathan, Hannah, Aletheia, and Andrew
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Sondergaard December 2019

Dear Praying Friends & Family,
Merry Christmas! We trust you had a blessed time with your family and friends.

Family Gatherings:
During Thanksgiving we spent time with Paul’s family in California with his family. For Christmas, Naomi’s parents drove from Wisconsin for a visit.

Blessings and Prayer Needs:
We had a simple Christmas service this year. The children played bells, sang two specials, and quoted Isaiah 53:5-6. The theme of the program was “Wise Men still seek Him.” Our desire is that each one would truly seek the Lord Jesus above all else.

This past Sunday, we had 11 children in Junior Church! It seemed most were misbehaving and not listening during Naomi’s lesson on Joshua and Caleb. But, after the lesson they kept asking thoughtful questions on Heaven, Hell, salvation, and sin.

Alex wondered if he was really saved since he still does wrong things. After the service, Naomi talked to him about his salvation. He said he is saved so Naomi then explained forgiveness of sin and living for the Lord. Please pray that the children would have tender hearts to God’s truth.

Please pray for Martha, an elderly lady in the church. Her husband Carl just passed away. We were able to visit Carl in the hospital and pray with him shortly before he died. What a reminder to live for Jesus and knowing for sure where your loved ones will spend eternity.

Please pray for deliverance from the control of sin. Many of the people here are held in Satan’s grip. John (the man Paul had been helping with Scripture) came to church with his family. We were excited to see them all come but then saddened as they left a few minutes later when they couldn’t control their 4-year-old. Simon (Rachel’s son) has been coming and was showing interest in spiritual things. But this week he got together with his girl friend and after drinking was arrested for breaking his parole. Many of the children who come reveal they too are starting down the same path of destruction. Please pray that God would gain victory in hearts as we strive to proclaim the life-changing truths of the Word of God.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
A simple “thank you” can barely express our gratitude for your notes of love, your financial support, and especially your prayer. Many of you pray for us daily, and we get to see God answer your prayer!
God bless,
Love, Paul & Naomi, Ruthanne, Nathan, Hannah, Aletheia, and Andrew Sondergaard

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Sondergaard October 2019

Dear Family and Friends:
“…My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.” 2 Corinthians 12:9 How we need the power of Christ in our home and church! But when we depend on our own strength, God’s power is missing. Jesus Christ must be preeminent!

We thank you for helping us bring these many needs to the throne of grace:
Needs of Salvation:
Please pray for Naomi’s grandpa, Frank Bird, who is 96. As far as we know, he has not accepted Christ as his Saviour. He has heard the Gospel many times. Pray that he would respond to God working in his heart.

Also, please pray for the children who come to Living Waters Baptist Church. Almost all of them come from broken, unsaved homes. Pray that they will turn to Christ. Please pray for wisdom as we teach the life-changing truth of the Gospel.

Needs of Health:
Jack and Sharon, a couple who recently moved into the area have been coming regularly. Sharon’s daughter, husband, and two sweet little girls (Adelynn and Riley) visited several Sundays ago. Two weeks ago, the parents, Tyler and Danielle, were hit by a semi truck. Tyler is in a medically induced coma and on DNR (do not resuscitate). He will be taken off life support Thursday (Oct 17). Danielle is badly injured and in much pain. Thankfully, the girls (age 6 and 8) were not in the car. Please pray for healing, comfort, and God’s strength.
One of the Native American ladies, Vida, has been having many healthy needs. Please pray for her and for her family who are unsaved and causing lots of stress.

Needs of Spiritual Growth:
Please pray for John. A Native American man who made a profession of salvation earlier this summer. He came to church for the first time this past Sunday! Praise the Lord. He brought Jennifer and their two boys (Jonathon and Angel). Sadly, she did not stay in the service because the youngest boy would not listen. Paul has been challenging John with Bible truths. John expresses a disire to follow God.
Please pray for Denny, a Native American lady. She stopped by our house a few days ago just to sit and talk with Naomi. Naomi encouraged her in the things of the Lord and prayed with her. We are not completely sure if she is saved but the door is open!

Thank you for your prayers! God is the only One who can change these lives!

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Sondergaard June 2019

Dear praying family and friends

We wanted to thank you for praying for our many requests and update you on the events of the last couple weeks.

Thank you for praying for our Vacation Bible School. The Gospel was presented each night and the kids memorized several Bible verses. We highlighted the life of Jonah to illustrate the need of obeying God, turning from sin, and believing God. Naomi’s parents and sister and brother-in-law were visiting and were a tremendous help throughout the week. Although we had fewer kids this year, it seemed we had their attention better. Please continue praying that they would each put their faith in Jesus Christ.

For the last several months Ron and Diana Love have been here helping our church and one other church nearby. The Loves are burdened to equip Christians in effectively sharing the Gospel. Last Sunday, in the evening service, Ron again challenged our people to share the Gospel. Please pray that these truths would get such a grip on our church family that our community might see and experience the life-changing grace of the Lord Jesus. 

Also, that evening, a friend of Paul and Naomi’s (Jim Appel) shared his salvation testimony. Brother Appel helps churches with flooring and tile work and has been helping a church in Phoenix. While Brother Appel was sharing his testimony, a native man (John) came in. He is the son-in-law of Vida (one of the ladies who comes). He is recently out of prison and has struggles with drug addiction. John listened attentively to Brother Appel’s testimony. After the service John was about to leave when Brother Appel was able to take him aside and explain the Gospel more fully. John clearly recognized he was a sinner and on his way to Hell. Without being told what to say, John prayed confessing his sin (some specific) and put his faith in the Lord Jesus. Later he told Paul what had happened and expressed a desire to have a Bible study. Please pray that Paul would have wisdom in discipling John. And please pray for John: that God would gain victory in his life.  

Thank you for faithfully praying. We are seeing God answer your prayers! To the only wise God our Savior, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen. Jude 1:25 

Paul and Naomi Sondergaard

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Sondergaard May 2019

Dear Family and Friends:

This morning my wife and I read Proverbs 18:10. The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.Praise the Lord for a place to run to daily for our safety, our needs, and our encouragement. Ministry Help: Recently, a church group from North Carolina visited while taking some young people on a senior trip. Since they came on a Wednesday,we took them to the reservation and passed out tracts and invitations to church. That night three adults (Rhonda, Christina, and Michael) came to the service. Fourteen children also came (several who had not come for a long time). During the service the young people from North Carolina led the kids’ program and their youth leader preached to the adults. It gave us a boost to have some help for the night as well as the continued results since. The following Wednesday night Rhonda came with her daughter and a man. Please pray for the salvation of the adults (Rhonda, Christina, and Michael) and for the children (Nevaeh, Alex, Bear, Brooklyn, Aleah, and several others). Neveah, Bear, Alex, and a few others have been coming since then.We have been blessed by having Ron and Diana Love here for several months offering short term help.God has given them a burden to help churches and they are leaving soon to help in another church.Ministry Needs: Please pray for one lady (Denny) who has been coming faithfully to Bible study. Naomi sat down with her at our house and gave her the plan of salvation. A couple weeks later,after the evening service she came to where Naomi was teaching the kids and expressed the struggle in her heart over salvation. Please pray that she will understand and believe the Good News. She had been coming faithfully and asked many questions but lately hasn’t been coming and seems distant. Please pray as Naomi tries to reach her and offer encouragement. Please pray for God’s wisdom as we consider the best option for the building we use for the kids programs and fellowships. It is an old modular that has been developing need for major repairs. We have been seeking counsel and it seems it may be better to put money toward replacement rather than repairing a modular of this age. In April we had a special offering and our people gave sacrificially. Ministry Blessings: It was a blessing to have so many ladies come to our Mother Daughter Banquet at the beginning of this month. Minnie and Key ara are girls who come regularly to church. Their adopted mom came for the first time. Please pray for Yolanda physical and spiritual needs. Nancy (Yolanda’s mom and Hattie’s sister) comes faithfully to ladies Bible study. Last Sunday she brought two grandsons who are 11 and 12. They were respectful, good listeners, and a delight to teach. Praise the Lord for children who will listen to God’s Word. When Naomi told them to invite friends, one of the boys said his friends were all lazy. That showed his character. Pray he will come to VBS! Their names are Hunner and Elias. Please pray as we prepare for Vacation Bible School June 3-6. Family Requests and Praises: Thank you for praying for Andrew for the last several months. Many have assured us of their prayers.Andrew’s specific praises:No genetic disorders found. UTI tests came back clear. God’s protection. Slow weight gain. Sweet smiles and responses to visual therapy. Andrew’s specific needs and prayer needs: Possible cranial band helmet to correct misalignment. Cortical visual impairment –he isn’t blind but his brain doesn’t connect with what he sees. Low muscle tone. Delayed development. Some feeding problems –swallowing and slow weight gain. Many of you have also been praying for Paul’s health. He has met with doctors and had several lung tests. Because of the breathing difficulty he was having, Paul has been avoiding nearly all paints and other harsh chemicals. In recent months Paul’s breathing has gradually cleared to where he is rarely having trouble breathing. We are praising God for answering prayer.

Praises: •Nathan prayed for salvation a few weeks ago. •New children coming to church•Tender hearts that respond to God’s Word•Protection of our church people with health needs –Mrs. Bev (skin rash healing), Patty (protection from a fall),and Rachel (healing from UTI). •Ron and Diana Love –a blessing to our ministry these last 7 months Prayer Requests: •Another couple to join us in the ministry here•Wisdom and provision in our modular building•Salvation and spiritual protection for our children•Vacation Bible School June 3rd–6th•Faithfulness of church people: Denny (lady), children.

All for Jesus, Paul and Naomi Sondergaard.

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Sondergaad March

Dear Family and Friends:
A verse that keeps coming to my mind lately is Colossians 1:18 “And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence.” O that the Lord Jesus may be most important and have first place in everything! O that He might be exalted in church, in our homes, in my words, in my attitudes, in everything! Let us make preeminent the One who has purchased us with His own blood!

Since our last update, Andrew has had several tests with various specialists. We are still waiting for some of the results including one test to check for genetic disorders. Because of the repeated UTI infections and problems with reflux, Andrew is on a medicine for a year to prevent kidney damage. When we wrote last, he was having several spasms/seizures every day. The doctors put him on a medicine for that and it has now been about a month since his last seizure. He is slowly coming off the seizure medicine and is becoming much more alert. Even though Andrew is now five months old, he still has very little muscle control in his neck but is doing some exercises which should help. In the last two weeks, we are seeing little encouragements that show God is answering your prayers!

Please pray for Rachel, a lady in our church. She is the one whose leg was removed last year. This past week, she told us she was struggling spiritually and had returned to smoking. Beverly and Naomi were both able to encourage Rachel and pray with her. They reminded her of the truths of Ephesians 6 and showed her the victory we all can have every day. Since their talk, Rachel has again been coming to church with her sister Beverly.
Please also pray for Ida, a Native lady who has come to church off and on for many years. She called Naomi one night and said she was going to end her life. She has struggled with alcohol and drugs and was drinking that night. Later Ida then texted Naomi and said she was fine. Thankfully she did not commit suicide, but still needs the Lord’s help for victory over sin!
Please pray for Jimmy, Joni, and Alex – the three brothers who have been faithfully coming to church for a few years now. They have become a hindrance to teaching the other children and are openly disrespectful to authority and often mock the Bible lessons. Alex, the oldest of the boys, is being influenced by wrong friends and seems to enjoy stirring up the other children. After repeated warnings, we finally had to keep them away for about a month. We assured them we want them to come to church and want the best for each of these children. Please pray that God will work in their hearts. And pray that God would give us wisdom in teaching these children the honor our righteous and holy God deserves. We are planning a visit and give them some Bible lessons they can do at home.

This last week we had special meetings with Evangelist Glenn Jaspers. We were challenged from the book of First John. It was especially refreshing for us to be taught from God’s Word.

In the preaching and teaching part of our ministry Paul is preaching through Romans on Sunday nights. Sunday mornings he began a study through the Gospel of Mark and has just began a Sunday School series on Baptist Distinctives.

• Little improvements in Andrew
• God providing our every need
• For the many who are praying for us
• Rachel and Beverly returning to church
• Denny: a lady who has been coming faithfully and desires to grow
• Visiting preachers: Glenn Jaspers, Troy Carlson (West Branch Camp), and Toru Marshall (NOW Ministries)
Prayer Requests:
• Another couple to join us in the ministry here
• Ladies Bible study
• Wisdom and provision in the modular replacement
• Salvation and spiritual protection for our children
• Andrew’s continued growth and development
• Opportunities to witness to Andrew’s caregivers and other patients
• Spiritual growth: Ida, Beverly, Rachel and many more
All for Jesus,
Paul and Naomi Sondergaard
Ruthanne, Nathan, Hannah, Aletheia, and Andrew
Our Address:

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