Sondergaard June 2018

Dear Family and Friends:
How much do you talk about salvation? Don’t forget “…it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth…For therein is the righteousness of God revealed…” (Romans 1:16-17). May we never lose sight of what the Lord Jesus has done and will do because He went to the cross!
Please be in prayer for the ministry here this week. We will be having Vacation Bible School every night Monday through Thursday. The theme for this year is “Have Faith in God” and is based on the life of Noah.
Last week, we finished visiting every home on the Tunlii reservation to invite kids to VBS and invite adults to church. We had several good conversations and made several new contacts. Several ladies also showed interest in the Ladies Bible Study. Please pray for Jennifer, Shanday, Melissa (has a 4-year-old she wants to bring), Chris, Delores (Roman Catholic), Brooklyn, Aleah, Frank, Mary, Savannah, Stephen, and Monty. These are just some who received tracts and need salvation. Stephen was walking down the street, so we don’t have his address. He was recently released from prison and was able to hear the Gospel. Monty is a man in his 60’s who showed great interest in the Gospel. We plan on returning to his house after VBS. Many of the people we talked to are related to, or at least are friends with, some of our church members.
Next week, nine of our church kids will be going to West Branch for junior camp. Evangelists Tim Thompson and Troy Carlson will be preaching. Please pray that the kids will be tender to the preaching they hear. Every year some of them make decisions in response to the work God does in their hearts.
In the last two weeks we had a visit from all of Naomi’s family. They were a blessing and tremendous help in many ways: baking over 70 cookies for VBS, helping invite people to church, and making song and verse visuals for VBS. Naomi’s Aunt Pat and her grandparents (who are both in their 90’s) also came from California. The three of them are all unsaved (so please continue praying for their salvation). On Wednesday night they came to church and Paul gave a short message from Psalm 139 on the truth that we cannot hide from God. Paul sensed God leading while preaching and emphasized salvation in a way he had not planned. Afterward, Pat asked, “Don’t they ever talk about anything else?” She mentioned two other Baptist churches she’d been to this year and said, “They all say the same thing!” We are thankful for God allowing them to hear the Gospel again.
Please pray for Brendon and Danielle. They have two young boys. Here is a family who recently moved to the area and seem intent on coming to church. We are excited with the possibility that with some discipleship they seem ready to grow and become a faithful part of the church here. Please pray for them. While we anticipate what God can do, we also realize the destruction Satan will try to accomplish in their hearts.
In our last letter we asked for prayer for Rachel due to the removal of her foot. She did not heal properly and her leg to her knee was removed. When we visited her in the hospital she was very encouraged. She told how, when the pain was more than she could handle, she learned that by trusting the Lord, God gave her the peace she needed. She rejoiced in the strength and help she found in God. We left her with some good music and preaching on CD to help keep her mind on the Lord.
• Good responses to tracts on the reservation
• First-time visitors: Frank & Susy, Brendon & Danielle, Cliff & Cheryl
Prayer Requests:
• One complete family to become a part of our church
• Rachel: complications with diabetes; foot removed and recovering.
• Sharon (and other ladies) to come to Ladies Bible Study
• Spiritual protection and growth for our children.
• VBS: June 18-21
• Junior Camp: June 25-30
• Deputation trip: July 16 through the beginning of August.
All for Jesus,
Paul and Naomi Sondergaard
Ruthanne, Nathan, Hannah, and Aletheia and baby __?