April Update from Brian & Louann Shannon

March – April 2014
Dear Supporting Church Families & Friends,

“…For thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.” (Proverbs 27:1)  Greetings from the quickly warming Sonoran Desert in southern Arizona.  The past few days and months have reminded us of the truths of this verse.  Each day is full of surprises, sometimes exciting, encouraging blessings from our Lord, and sometimes another challenge and opportunity.  We are thankful for all the Lord brings us to, and brings us through! 

March and April were filled with many blessings for us and the ministry here.  We were blessed with a great camp meeting that was well attended by our people, our local friends in other churches from the state, and several of our supporting pastors from out of state.  We are very grateful for each message, each song, each service the Lord allowed us to enjoy together.  Many were strengthened in their faith, encouraged to grow, be a witness, etc….  We were also blessed with a visit from my dear friend from high-school, Bobby Goins, his wife Paula, and their daughter Felicity.  They ministered in message, testimonies and song at both churches & Bible club, and were a blessing and encouragement to us all! I’m amazed the Lord would use us, and what a privilege to get to serve Him together for a few days!  We also had the tremendous privilege of having the Brady Rochester Family visit with us during the past month as well!  What a blessing this family was to us. The Lord gave each of us and our children a sweet time of fellowship together.  Of course their singing and Bro. Brady’s preaching at both churches, Bible Club and Nursing Home were a blessing to all.  The Lord provided us an opportunity to meet several new local people as a result of their coming and sharing in song and message with us!  The Lord has truly blessed us abundantly more than we could ever ask or think in so many ways, and one of those ways is in the many wonderful friendships He has given us throughout the years.  We are most thankful for the dearest friend any of us has, our Lord Jesus! 

We had our first ever “Sonrise” service this past month in AkChin.  It was well attended, with several visitors coming.  There are some exciting things happening in the “little church in the desert.”  The young faithful couple we’ve mentioned before recently came to me with a great question – “Can we have more of those tracts?  We’ve already handed out all the ones you gave us earlier!”  Continue to pray for our faithful group, who have a desire to see their friends and family saved.  Pray for Alexis, the faithful young girl we’ve mentioned previously, as she fell last week and broke her leg.  She has already mentioned an eagerness to get back to church, and we look forward to her getting back! 

Please pray for the other ministries here, where it seems like hindrances are at work.  The Bible Club in Cockleburr has been struggling in attendance lately, with distractions in the village very present.  Also pray for the residents of the Nursing Home.  We were excited to have more opportunity there this year than ever before, but the past few services have been canceled, as a virus has placed the facility on a tight lock-down.  We are praying to be allowed back in by the end of this month, if the Lord wills.  It is easy to become frustrated during these times of “wait” and “stand still,” but we’re thankful to know we serve the One in charge of it all, and it’s a great joy to know that it’s our job to faithfully plant and water, and it is He that is in charge of the increase! 

A few prayer requests and praises to end this letter: (1) Please for our dear Pastor Bobby Leonard, who is recovering from a recent heart-attack.  He is so precious to us, and we are thankful for the Lord’s protection through his ordeal.  We appreciate your prayers for his continued healing, for his family, and our dear home church family! (2) Our 5th annual day camp is less than 8 weeks away now.  There is much preparation & expense that goes into the camp, and we certainly desire His hand & blessing on it!  (3) We are very grateful to have celebrated Rebecca’s 9th birthday in April!  Please continue to remember our family & the dear people here on the reservation in your prayers!  (4) Nizhoni, a 10 year old girl, accepted Jesus as her Savior!  Please pray for her and her family. 

Working together with you for HIM,
Brian & Louann Shannon & family