Brian & Louann Shannon’s Fall Update 2014

Dear Supporting Church Families & Friends,

“How excellent is thy lovingkindness, O God!” (Ps 36:7a)  How excellent, indeed, is the lovingkindness of our Lord to us!  September and October were exciting times here, with all of the opportunities and blessings we received from Him!

We had a great time on the church trip during September, with our church family enjoying a couple of nights in San Diego, including a visit to the Creation Museum there!  The time of fellowship and touring were enjoyed by all!

It was a special blessing to have our dear friends, Pastor David Jones and his family, out for revival meetings at the church in Ak-Chin.  We enjoyed a great time of fellowship with this family, and the Lord used the preaching and special singing to work in lives.  We’re thankful for the visitors that came during this time as well.  Please pray for the work done through the revival to carry on in the hearts of the people!

We enjoyed the great privilege of baptizing 4 new Christians during the past two months.  What an exciting step for these dear people to take, following God’s instruction, even though it may “cost” them with some of their family and old friends!  Thank God He always gives back “abundantly more!”

What a great blessing we had to be invited to take part in the Missions Conference of Tucson Baptist Temple!  We are so thankful for the opportunity to present the ministry, to tell of other Native Americans who need to hear the gospel, and to enjoy a great time with this dear church family.  We went to be a blessing, and truly received the larger blessing from them!  We thank God for the friendships made, the encouraging messages heard, and fellowship He provided us through this meeting.

On last Friday night we had a Fall Festival at the Casa Grande church, with fun, food, games and candy!  A great time was had by all (though we are still debating whether the kids or adults enjoyed it the most, ha!)

We are eagerly anticipating (and already preparing for) the exciting Christmas season we always enjoy here with the various groups we are privileged to minister to.  We look forward, Lord willing, to providing toys to the kids at both churches and Bible club, as well as gifts for the dear ones in the nursing home.  Thank you for your prayers regarding this ministry!

Pray for Lilly, a junior in high school, who will be traveling to West Coast Baptist College this month to take part in their “College Days” weekend, as she seeks the Lord’s will for her future.  We are thankful to have just celebrated her 18th birthday (and thankful for the surprise party given for her by the kind people of Tucson Baptist Temple, where we were during her birthday!)  Our heart’s desire and prayer is that our children live their lives for God!  Our family is continually blessed, excited to be in the service of the King!  Thank you all for your faithful prayers and support!

Working together with you for HIM,

Brian & Louann Shannon & family

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Brian Shannon’s August 2014 Newsletter

July – August 2014

Dear Supporting Church Families & Friends,

“My days are swifter than a weaver’s shuttle…” How time does fly by, and what a busy, fast Summer we’ve experienced. We thank the Lord for His provision, safety, and the many opportunities we’ve been blessed with!

During July, I was privileged once again to travel to Virginia and take part in the youth camp that the Lord has allowed me to attend and preach for several years. This year was very exciting, as for the first time, I was able to take my family with me! What a great time of traveling across the country, seeing many things and many friends in a short amount of time! The camp was great, and time spent traveling with family was wonderful!

In August, we were blessed to attend the annual retreat of our mission board, Independent Baptist Indian Mission, Inc (IBIMI). The meeting this year was held at the church established by Dr. Glen Jaspers in Marshalltown, IA. The church (& the Jaspers) were such gracious hosts, and the mission family so enjoyed our time there. We’re thankful for this time to fellowship with the other missionaries serving with Native Americans. Bro. Jaspers has been such a friend to the Mission, and great personal friends of our family as well!

School is back in, at home and on the reservation. We pray the start of school will also provide new opportunity with the children’s Bible club in one particular village where “tribal programs” have shut us out over the past couple of months. Quite often, school season brings an increase in children’s attendance, and we pray this will be the case again this year. We appreciate your prayers for the Bible Club, as we seek His leading, and for our home school as well.

The past couple of months have brought tragedy to our area of the reservation, directly touching our church family. There was a 6 year old boy who occasionally attended different church services, day camp, etc.., who was attacked by killer bees while playing with some friends in the desert, and passed away from his injuries. His aunt is one of the most faithful people at the AkChin church. We appreciate your prayers for this family. Within a few days of this tragedy, a 36 year young lady who was saved at the church several years back, and who has family that is faithfully attending the church, passed away unexpectedly. Please pray for this family, including a sister and several nieces who have been drawn back to the Lord through her death. These have been 2 sad reminders of the truth that our lives are like a vapor, appearing for a little time, and then vanishing away. How important for everyone to make sure they’re ready, and then to be busy doing all we can, while we can!

On a brighter note, many from both churches have been saving up for many months in anticipation of our upcoming church trip in September. Lord willing, we will get away for a few days as a church family with a time of touring and fellowship. We appreciate your prayers for this special time.

Our family is continually blessed. We appreciate your prayers and support!

Working together with you for HIM,

Brian & Louann Shannon & family

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April Update from Brian & Louann Shannon

March – April 2014
Dear Supporting Church Families & Friends,

“…For thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.” (Proverbs 27:1)  Greetings from the quickly warming Sonoran Desert in southern Arizona.  The past few days and months have reminded us of the truths of this verse.  Each day is full of surprises, sometimes exciting, encouraging blessings from our Lord, and sometimes another challenge and opportunity.  We are thankful for all the Lord brings us to, and brings us through! 

March and April were filled with many blessings for us and the ministry here.  We were blessed with a great camp meeting that was well attended by our people, our local friends in other churches from the state, and several of our supporting pastors from out of state.  We are very grateful for each message, each song, each service the Lord allowed us to enjoy together.  Many were strengthened in their faith, encouraged to grow, be a witness, etc….  We were also blessed with a visit from my dear friend from high-school, Bobby Goins, his wife Paula, and their daughter Felicity.  They ministered in message, testimonies and song at both churches & Bible club, and were a blessing and encouragement to us all! I’m amazed the Lord would use us, and what a privilege to get to serve Him together for a few days!  We also had the tremendous privilege of having the Brady Rochester Family visit with us during the past month as well!  What a blessing this family was to us. The Lord gave each of us and our children a sweet time of fellowship together.  Of course their singing and Bro. Brady’s preaching at both churches, Bible Club and Nursing Home were a blessing to all.  The Lord provided us an opportunity to meet several new local people as a result of their coming and sharing in song and message with us!  The Lord has truly blessed us abundantly more than we could ever ask or think in so many ways, and one of those ways is in the many wonderful friendships He has given us throughout the years.  We are most thankful for the dearest friend any of us has, our Lord Jesus! 

We had our first ever “Sonrise” service this past month in AkChin.  It was well attended, with several visitors coming.  There are some exciting things happening in the “little church in the desert.”  The young faithful couple we’ve mentioned before recently came to me with a great question – “Can we have more of those tracts?  We’ve already handed out all the ones you gave us earlier!”  Continue to pray for our faithful group, who have a desire to see their friends and family saved.  Pray for Alexis, the faithful young girl we’ve mentioned previously, as she fell last week and broke her leg.  She has already mentioned an eagerness to get back to church, and we look forward to her getting back! 

Please pray for the other ministries here, where it seems like hindrances are at work.  The Bible Club in Cockleburr has been struggling in attendance lately, with distractions in the village very present.  Also pray for the residents of the Nursing Home.  We were excited to have more opportunity there this year than ever before, but the past few services have been canceled, as a virus has placed the facility on a tight lock-down.  We are praying to be allowed back in by the end of this month, if the Lord wills.  It is easy to become frustrated during these times of “wait” and “stand still,” but we’re thankful to know we serve the One in charge of it all, and it’s a great joy to know that it’s our job to faithfully plant and water, and it is He that is in charge of the increase! 

A few prayer requests and praises to end this letter: (1) Please for our dear Pastor Bobby Leonard, who is recovering from a recent heart-attack.  He is so precious to us, and we are thankful for the Lord’s protection through his ordeal.  We appreciate your prayers for his continued healing, for his family, and our dear home church family! (2) Our 5th annual day camp is less than 8 weeks away now.  There is much preparation & expense that goes into the camp, and we certainly desire His hand & blessing on it!  (3) We are very grateful to have celebrated Rebecca’s 9th birthday in April!  Please continue to remember our family & the dear people here on the reservation in your prayers!  (4) Nizhoni, a 10 year old girl, accepted Jesus as her Savior!  Please pray for her and her family. 

Working together with you for HIM,
Brian & Louann Shannon & family
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Jan/Feb 2014 Letter from Brian & Louann Shannon

January – February 2014


Dear Supporting Church Families & Friends,


“How excellent is thy lovingkindness, O God!” (Ps36:7a) Greetings from the Tohono O’Odham Nation. We have had such a great start to the new year, and are continually amazed by, and thankful for His excellent lovingkindness.


January brought our annual “Bible Reader’s Supper,” going to eat with 7 people who read their Bibles from cover to cover in 2013. May we all be faithful students of His Word throughout this year! I’ve never regretted one minute of time spent reading His Word! May our personal prayer and Bible reading times be of utmost importance to all of us this year!


We were blessed to have a visit from Evangelist Glen Jaspers and his dear wife Mary for several different services. Bro. Glen does such a great job of preaching, and Mrs. Mary always works with the kids, teaching stories and songs. They also travel to several other reservation ministries in AZ, preaching and doing some physical work as well. What a blessing they have been to the Independent Baptist Mission Inc in general, and to our family specifically. We thank God for such great friends!


The Bible Clubs in Cockleburr continue to be well attended. We recently completed a long series on the 10 Commandments, with many of the children having them memorized, and able to make application in their own lives! Thank you for your continued prayers for the Bible Club ministry in this village.


The Nursing Home ministry is also such a blessing. Before one recent service, one of the residents began singing aloud one of the hymns we generally sing together (our first “special” sung by a resident)! We are excited for the increased opportunities to serve there this year, having received permission to have more than the 12 services per year we’ve been having! Thank you for your prayers for this ministry as well!


The people of the AkChin church seem to be growing in desire and heart for the Lord, and we are so thankful for this. Several are like sponges, soaking up everything the Lord has for them, asking questions after church, etc…! The messages lately have focused on having a personal burden for lost individuals, friends and family. Each person in the church has asked the Lord for an overwhelming burden to see at least one specific person saved. Pray for their continued growth, and for other souls to be saved as well. We’ve had several visitors lately, and are praying they return and allow the Lord to meet their need!


To encourage Christian fellowship and growth, we have scheduled “family fun night” for one Friday every month this year for the church family to get together and play games, snack and enjoy each other’s company. The first two have been well attended and enjoyed by all. We pray an even closer bond to each other the Lord will result!


Our family was especially blessed and privileged to take part in two missions conferences during the month of February. What a great time of preaching, meeting other missionaries, and spending time with dear pastor friends and their church families. We are very grateful for how the Lord sends just the right people by at just the right time in our lives, and for the friendships He blesses us with!


“Saving the best for the last,” we are thrilled to tell of three pre-teen young people who accepted Christ as their Savior during the past two months. It is always exciting to see the increase after a season of planting and watering! Pray for Alma, Michaela and SarahAnn!


Our family remains continually blessed and eternally grateful for all the Lord does for us! Thank you too, so much, for your faithful prayers and support!


Working together with you for HIM,


Brian & Louann Shannon & family

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December 2013 Letter from Brian & Louann Shannon & family

November – December 2013

Supporting Church Families & Friends,

“This is the LORD’S doing; it is marvellous in our eyes.” – Ps 118:23  As we’ve reached the end of another year, we look back over 2013 and are truly amazed at the wonderful year He has blessed us with.  His grace and mercy are ever-present, and we can truly see marvelous things as we think back to all He has done for us during the past year.  It is with great excitement and anticipation that we press toward the mark in this coming year!  What a privilege to serve the King!

November and December were very exciting months for us here in Arizona.  Between the Casa Grande and Ak-Chin Village churches, we had several special services, including Friends & Family Day, a special Thanksgiving Dinner Service, and a pancake breakfast service.  These were very well attended, with several visitors, including some first-time visitors, to each.  We are grateful for the new people we met.  Some visitors have attended sporadically since, and we are praying they will start coming more often and learn of Him Who is mighty to save!

We were blessed with a visit from one of our dear preacher friends and supporters, Pastor Sam Vance.  He preached several times for us during December, and the Lord greatly used him to speak to hearts and encourage us all!  I’m thankful for faithful friends who boldly proclaim His Word and live what they preach!

We were blessed again to be able to distribute Christmas gifts to all the children we are privileged to work with on the reservation, and to the elderly in the nursing home as well!  What a great time to tell of, share and show His love for each of them!  Thank you to all who prayed for and gave to this project!  Only eternity will tell the return on your investment!  We must tell of one special young girl attending church from one of the villages, Alexis.  She is a 10 year old girl who has most faithfully attended the church for the past couple of years, taking part in the yearly Bible reading club, inviting friends, and has even had her mother at church a time or two over the past year.  She does all of this without anyone at home encouraging her to get up, get ready, get to church, read her Bible, etc…  The Lord rewarded her with an especially nice new bicycle, which caused her to almost break down in tears!  What an exciting time in our little church to see the Lord reward a faithful servant of His!  Please remember Alexis in your prayers, for her protection and spiritual growth.  Prayers for her family, and the other children and families on the reservation, is also greatly appreciated!

We did just have the opportunity to say “see you later” to one of our faithful members and longtime friends from the AkChin church.  Ms. Mary was saved, baptized, and attended regularly for several years.  The past few years have seen her suffer much from broken bones and surgeries, to cancer treatments.  She has been living several hours away for the past couple of years during this time.  At the end of the year, she suddenly passed away from this life of an apparent heart problem.  Though she will be deeply missed by friends and family here, we are very grateful to know where she is, and for the promise that we will meet again, by the grace of God!

Thank you for continued prayers & support!  May each of us do all we can for Him in 2014!

Working together with you for HIM,

Brian & Louann Shannon & family

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October 2013 Update from Brian & Louann Shannon

Dear Supporting Church Families & Friends,


Cooler weather has finally arrived here in the desert, for which we are very thankful! We are grateful for the times of refreshing that Lord sends in our lives, both physically and spiritually! One of our favorite times of the year is the “fall” and winter, when the temperatures go below 100 for a while!


Attendance at the Bible Club in Cockleburr has been picking back up over the past couple of months, now that school is back in! The return to school seems to have had the opposite effect with the kids in the AkChin area. It is very exciting to get to tell you that Elijah, a young boy from one of the villages near AkChin, recently accepted Jesus as his Savior! Please continue to pray for the ministries with the children here on the reservation. I’m glad Jesus loves us all, and can make such a wonderful difference in the life of anyone who will receive Him as Savior and follow Him!


Our family was blessed with the opportunity to take part singing and preaching in two different revival meetings during the past month. We are thankful for the salvation decisions and the other decisions that were made during these meetings. What a privilege to serve the Lord together as a family! To God be the glory, great things He hath done!


As Christmas is approaching, the gift buying for the kids and elderly in the Nursing Home has already begun. We greatly appreciate all you have done for this project in the past. If you wish to give for this special project, please mark the gift as “Christmas project.” We are very thankful for what has already come in toward the project this year.


We are excited about our upcoming Thanksgiving Service in AkChin. This special service and meal has often been one of the most attended services of the year, a time when everyone works hard to invite their friends, and we look forward to what the Lord will do this year. Please remember this special service in your prayers, as well as the upcoming special “Friends & Family” day at the Casa Grande church.


Our family has had an exciting time over the past two months. The aforementioned revival opportunities were such a blessing to take part in as a family. We also celebrated Lilly’s 17th birthday, and she recently got her driver license! We appreciate your prayers for her (and if anyone has an old army tank for sale, please let us know! haha) We are also very thankful for your prayers for my dad as he is doing great after his surgery. We thank the Lord for how He has helped him recovery, and for the good reports he has since received!


Please continue to pray for our family, the ministry here, the IBIMI Mission Board family of missionaries, and that the Lord would send more workers into the fields of Native America. We also have several very dear preacher friends and families across the country who are experiencing various trials currently, and we greatly appreciate your prayers for them as well.


Working together with you for HIM,



Brian & Louann Shannon & family

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August 2013 Newsletter from Brian & Louann Shannon

July-August 2013


Dear Supporting Church Families & Friends,


“… Is it well with thee?… And she answered, It is well.” Greetings from Southern AZ. I am very thankful to be able to answer that in our lives “it is well!” We never know what may “fall upon a day,” but I do “know that my redeemer liveth” and that He will never leave nor forsake us! What an encouragement our Lord and His Word are!


Our busy Summer season is finally winding down… which leads to the next busy season! “Back to school” usually means “back to Bible Club” too, for the kids on the reservation, and we look forward to that ministry being recharged in the coming days. Please continue praying for the children and the Bible Club ministry!


We are thankful for the opportunities we were blessed with during the past two months. In July, I had the opportunity to visit and preach once again with Bro. Dale Vance and his youth campmeeting in Virginia. This meeting is always a blessing and encouragement in my own life, and I pray it is in the lives of the many young people that attend as well! It is always encouraging to take part in the good fellowship with friends!


We were also blessed to attend the annual retreat of our mission board, Independent Baptist Indian Mission, Inc. It was hosted by veteran missionaries Gary & Bev Messick in Camp Verde, AZ. This meeting is always a great time of fellowship with our fellow Native missionary families. Please remember to pray for the entire Mission family of missionaries and their respective fields, and pray that the Lord would send more laborers into His fields of Native America!


We continue to be blessed with permission to meet monthly in the Nation’s nursing care facility. Attendance has been great the past few months, and we always so enjoy getting to have a service there with those dear folk. We appreciate your prayers for the elderly of the Nation, for their physical and spiritual needs.


We enjoyed a great visit by one of our longtime friends, Tom & Elaine Baucom, missionaries on the Six Nations Reservation in Ontario, Canada. They were out for our Mission Board retreat, and spent some time with us after. We so enjoyed the preaching, singing and great fellowship with this dear family. We are grateful for the many wonderful friends God has given us along this journey!


As many of you know and were praying for, my dad had prostate cancer surgery in August. We are very grateful for how the Lord has helped throughout the process. His grace and peace are always super-sufficient and ever present! We are thankful that the surgery was successful, recovery is progressing, and Dad is doing good. Please continue to pray for his recovery over the next few weeks. We are thankful that his cancer was found in its early stages, and was treated successfully!


Our family is continually blessed. Lilly (10th), Rebecca (3rd) and Brandon (1st) are all back to school now. Please pray for them, and Louann as she helps them in their homeschooling! Benjamin (3 years) is still deciding which classes he will be attending this year, but enjoys sampling the classrooms of each of his siblings! Thanks again so much for all of your faithful prayers and support, which have a huge part in making the ministry here possible!


Working together with you for HIM,


Brian & Louann Shannon & family


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May-June 2013 Brian & Louann Shannon

May-June 2013


Dear Supporting Church Families & Friends,


“Only fear the LORD, and serve him in truth with all your heart: for consider how great things he hath done for you.” I Sam 12:24 We are amazed again at how many great things the Lord has done for us, and it truly is our reasonable service to yield ourselves completely to Him!


What great (& busy) months May & June were! We are very thankful for the visitors (and faithful also) who came out for special services on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. So much hope for the next generation rest with this generation of parents who so desperately need to know the Lord personally and share Him daily with their children. May we all be faithful parents/grandparents, etc… in sharing Him with them!


The biggest event of the past two months (and year) was our 4th annual Summer Day Camp on the reservation. We had several workers come from out of town before and/or during the camp and help with the work. Evangelist Dale Vance and his family came out again this year, as Bro. Dale preached for the camp. Alaina Pettit from Sweet Springs Baptist in Alabama came out again and worked hard before and during the camp, as did Bro. Ronnie Henderson and his wife (from Montana)! Several of our own folk also joined in the work, and it was all greatly appreciated. We certainly needed all the help, as the Lord blessed us with the largest camp yet. Attendance each day averaged 90 (previous year highs were in the mid-60’s!). We were blessed to meet many new people from the reservation, see some familiar faces back, along with the faithful as well! The Lord blessed us with a great time of good singing, food, fun games and crafts, and wonderful Bible-based messages. There were 5 people who asked the Lord to save them during the camp, and a lot of other help received by all from salvation assurances, to rededications of lives, etc… We are very thankful for all the Lord did during the 4 days of camp. It was a very expensive, exhausting effort by all involved, and The Lord blessed greatly! Two of the biggest blessings personally from the camp were: receiving a letter from a young couple, recently saved and married, who were expressing their gratitude for their salvation, for the camp, and for all the Lord was doing for them through the church and camp, and; a young boy telling his mom before the final service “I’ve been praying I would win (that) prize at church tomorrow night,” (all of us were unaware of this prayer, but God wasn’t) and this young boy’s name was drawn from probably over 100 entries for that specific prize! What a great thing the Lord did for this little boy and his mother! I’m so thankful we serve a prayer-answering God who is just as concerned for everyone in the world! Thanks be to God for the great camp, and thank you very much to those who contributed to the expense. If you would like to contribute to the camp expenses, please mark the gift with “Day Camp.”


We were blessed to have Pastor Darrell Roe and Heaven’s View Baptist Church spend many hot hours laboring on the reservation to help work on the bath house project, which is very near completion. We are so thankful for these dear friends! Thank you to those who have given and prayed for this project. Your continued prayers are greatly appreciated!


We were blessed to celebrate Brandon’s 6th birthday in May, as well as his K5 graduation! I’m thankful for my family, and we cherish your prayers for us! We were also blessed with a great vacation for a few days at the end of June, for which we are very grateful!


Working together with you for HIM,


Brian & Louann Shannon & family

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March-April Newsletter Brian Shannon


Dear Supporting Church Families & Friends,


“…they said unto them, Why seek ye the living among the dead? He is not here, but is risen:…” Luke 24:5-6

Hallelujah! He’s alive! I’m so thankful to be serving a living God! I pray we celebrate His
resurrection every day by submitting ourselves to His will. We are thankful for the great time He
gave us as we celebrated with our church families here during the special resurrection celebration

Thank you for your prayers for Louann as she recovered from her surgery. We are very thankful for
the Lord’s healing! She is feeling much better now!
We were blessed with several visitors during the past two months, for whom we are very grateful.
These visitors included dear friend and supporting pastor Terry Bunch and his family from East TN,
who came and preached (and sang) in both churches; a young lady, Emylee Parks, from a supporting
church near Pittsburgh, PA, came out for a week and took part in teaching the children at each service, serving in the ministry, etc…; the Waddells, another family from the same church near Pittsburgh stopped by for a visit; and the Billy Ford family from East TN also came out on a survey trip, seeking the Lord’s will for their lives as they surrender to full time mission work for Him! (Please pray for this dear family as they soon begin the deputation process.) We are very thankful for those the Lord sent our way over the past few months, with just the encouragement each of our family needed!


We are thankful that Lilly was blessed to attend a regional youth conference in Tucson, and was also
blessed to travel to the West Coast Baptist College youth conference with another church family that’s part of our mission board, Pastor Steve Deford! We are thankful for good friends willing to take her, and for the Lord making provision for her to attend these great meetings. Please pray for Lilly, as she desires to serve the Lord with her life! I’m weary of seeing teenagers, with so much potential, waste their lives on “riotous living.” I’m thankful for Lilly, and pray the Lord will use her greatly as she yields her life to Him!


We were blessed with two wonderful church trips during the past month. 3 men from the reservation

churches, along with 6 from sister churches, were able to hike down into the Grand Canyon for a four

day camping “men’s retreat.” What a great time of seeing the sights and fellowshipping together!

We were then blessed to take a group of 23 from both churches here on a 3 day Grand Canyon &

Sedona trip. For many, this was their first vacation! We enjoyed each other’s company and seeing

the wonderful sights of our Lord’s creation!


April brought some strong winds that blew the roof off of the reservation church in Ak-Chin, and

damaged the roof of the Sunday school building as well! We are thankful for the Lord’s protection

during this time, and that the damage wasn’t as bad as could have been. We are also thankful for

insurance, and a new roof has been put on the building now! God always knows just what we need,

and when!


A current study of the 10 commandments led us recently through the commandment concerning

adultery. Within a week of hearing this message, a young couple in Ak-Chin who have both been

saved surrendered to the Lord’s command and were married! We praise God for their obedience to

His Word and their desire to grow and serve him! Please pray for this young couple and their infant

son as they begin pursuing a Christian home!


Rebecca celebrated her 8th birthday this past month! Wow, they grow up so quickly. Time is fleeting,

we must love and serve while we can! The rest of the family here at home is doing good. Everyone

eagerly anticipates the school year ending in May! Thank you for your continued prayers for our

family and the ministry and people here in Southern AZ!


Working together with you for HIM,

Brian & Louann Shannon & family


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