Gary & Bev Messick August 2016

Dear Ones in Him,

As we begin our thirty-second year serving among the Native Americans of Arizona the years have been full of blessings and challenges and experiences that have stretched us in our walk with Christ, and it has been a wonderful privilege to be a part of God’s work here.

The first half of 2016 has flown by and our semi-annual newsletter is overdue! You may recall that in January we asked for your prayers as our son, Kirt, went through triple bypass surgery. So thankful to God for answering those prayers as Kirt is back to work full-time and doing well.

In May, Naomi and Bev gave a Mother/Daughter tea at church.They were hoping that fifteen to twenty might attend, but were thrilled to have thirty-six there! Mrs. Sue Smith brought a wonderful message reminding us that our Heavenly Father cares about us and we can “cast all our cares on Him.”

Also in May, our hearts were saddened at the passing of Bev’s dear sister, Betty. Though we miss her greatly, we rejoice in the knowledge that she is with her Savior and our separation is only temporary.

July saw six of our junior age at West Branch church camp. Four of the six made the life-changing decision to trust Christ as personal Savior. We rejoice in the salvation of five of our young people this year, and are looking forward to a baptism service later this month. Please pray for spiritual growth in these young lives.

We just ended a great four days of VBS with an average of twenty-four children. What a blessing to hear the children in the Sunday morning service share the Bible verses they had memorized, as well as the songs they had learned throughout the week. Naomi did a wonderful job putting this all together.

It is exciting to see our church growing, and are anxiously awaiting yet another new “member’s” arrival! Paul & Naomi are expecting their fourth little one the end of August. Please pray all will go well.

We would covet your prayers for a father who, through wrong choices brought on by drug addiction, will be spending several years in prison. His daughter attends Junior Church regularly.

Included are some pictures of the Mother/Daughter tea and of VBS.

We are grateful for your interest in this ministry and we thank the Lord for each one of you who continues to pray for us.

God bless you,
Gary & Bev Messick

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Messick’s June 2016 letter

“Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.” Hebrews 4:16

Dear Ones in Him,

In our last monthly letter, we asked that you pray about several prayer requests. We would like to share with you how God heard and answered in wonderful ways!

We had mentioned health needs for our son, Kirt, and grandson, Zachary. We are so thankful to report that both are doing much better now.

Another request was for the children removed from their home to due to their mother’s alcohol abuse. Mom is now out of rehab and the children are back home. Please continue to pray for this mother’s salvation and that she will begin coming to church with her children.

We also asked for safety in travel. You may recall we were to drive to Arkansas to attend Zachary’s graduation on June 3. On Saturday, May 28th, we were in a town forty-five miles from JD & Jenny’s home and our starter went out. Being a holiday weekend, many businesses were closed. A young man saw our hood up and stopped by to help. We learned he was a pastor and has a Christian friend who is a mobile mechanic. He called him for us and the starter was replaced in a short time, but when they started it, it still had a problem – it sounded as though the flywheel had been damaged and needed to be replaced. We were able to drive it to the mechanic’s home, JD & Jenny picked up us and our luggage and took us to their home.

The next morning, we were saddened to receive word that Bev’s sister, Betty, had passed away. We were planning to go to Indiana to see her after the graduation, as she had been in poor health. The mechanic was able to get our car up and running on Wednesday morning and we left for Indiana. We thought we would be attending Zachary’s graduation on Friday, but God another special “graduation service” for us to attend. Betty was a wonderful, godly sister and dearly loved her Savior. It was hard to lose yet another sibling, but it is such a comfort to know it isn’t goodbye. Heaven just gets sweeter.

The two weeks we were in Indiana gave us to opportunity to see many relatives, friends, and to visit some of our supporting churches. But our car problems were not over. During those two weeks, we again had problems with the starter, brakes, and some transmission issues. But in every instance, we saw God’s protective hand. He always brought along help at just the right time, we were never left stranded in the middle of nowhere! We are so thankful to those who helped by giving us rides, housing, and even with financial gifts to help cover some of the expenses. We saw so many blessings during difficult times.

Our Youth Pastor and wife, Paul & Naomi Sondergaard, did a tremendous job handling the church services while we were away – another huge blessing! We appreciate Brother David DeFord bringing the Father’s Day message during that time. We will have to say, it is good to be home!
Please pray for:
*the lady who recently attempted to take her own life
*the mother now home from rehab
*our young people going to camp
*preparations for VBS in Aug.

*And please pray for us as we strive to see lives changed for God’s glory. We are greatly encouraged, knowing that there are friends like you who take interest in what we are doing. Thank you for praying.

In Christ,
Gary & Bev

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Gary & Bev Messick’s December 2013 letter




For unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given!!”Isaiah 9:6


I don’t know about you, but I am in mild shock that we are already heading into Christmas.

Too often, the “busyness” of this season can rob us of joy. But the words of Isaiah give us

reason to rejoice. The promised Son has been given! We must remember to keep our focus

on the One Who gives true joy, the Lord Jesus Christ.


Every day is a gift from God. As we reflect back over this year, we are amazed at how full

our days have been.. full of blessings, challenges, sadness and experiences that have

“stretched “ us in our walks with Christ.


Sadness – You may recall that Bev’s sister, Vivian passed away in February, and her sister,

Mary in May. But many of you who received our semi-annual letter in July may not know

that we also lost her brother, Barney, the last of July. Through this time of sadness, God has faithfully met needs. Knowing they are with Him and that we will be with them again one

day has brought great comfort.


Challenge – In October, Gary was hospitalized with a heart problem. After undergoing

cardiac cauterization, he is doing well. God, of course, knew that Gary was headed for

a trial of faith as He allowed sickness. God’s timing is always perfect, though I’ll admit that

we don’t always understand at the time. I’m so glad that God knows and sees what is best

for us! Gary’s last check-up was very good. He can now go back to his normal routine as

his strength allows. Truly, an answer to many prayers!


Blessings – Blessings have come in many forms:

*We are always thrilled to see a child come to Christ, but for an adult, they often have

“baggage” they must lay aside. We were reminded of this recently. One Sunday in Nov.,

ten-year-old Zach stayed after class and wanted to talk with Mrs. Bev. He shared that he

was worried, had been struggling with fears, and that he knew he needed to be saved. After

hearing the gospel, Zach prayed and trusted Christ as his Savior. He pointed to his heart and

said, “I feel better here.” At the same time, Gary was in the auditorium talking with Anita, an

older lady who had visited that Sunday for the first time. She stated that she had needs in her

life. As Gary shared the gospel with her, she said she wasn’t ready to be saved, because she

had bitterness against another person and wasn’t willing to give it up. Please pray for Zach’s

spiritual growth, and that Anita will give this over to God and allow Him to meet her needs.

*Another blessing has been the many folk who have given of their time and energy to help on

the church remodeling throughout this year. Because of Gary’s illness, it has had to be laid

aside temporarily. You have been a blessing in this process, as well. While you may not have pounded nails, hung drywall or dug ditches with us this year, you have given us a hand

nonetheless, some financially, some through your prayers.


*And yet another blessing came when the business that did our heating/cooling at church, gave

us a slightly-used gas furnace for the modular. This will be a tremendous help in lowering our electric bill.


Our Family –

Kirt and Elida, with their sons, Joseph (4) and Micah (3), still reside in Glendale, AZ. Kirt

continues his forensic work with the Phx. Police Department. Elida is a wonderful Mommy

to their lively little guys. We are able to get together frequently, and those are always fun

times Grandpa & Grandma look forward to!


Our “Kansas Kids” are now “Arkansas Kids!” Recently, a pastor friend in Conway, AR.

passed away unexpectedly. The church asked JD to become their new pastor. After much

prayer, they felt this was God’s will. It was with mixed feelings they left the folk at Lakin,

where they had ministered for eight years, and began serving at Grace Baptist on December 1.

Their new flock have made them feel most welcome. The difficult part is that we only see

them once or twice a year, and we’re now 1,220 miles apart instead of 815 miles, but knowing

this is where God wants them, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Their children are growing

so quickly! It is hard to believe that Jake is now 17, Zachary is 15, Hunter is 12, and MaKayla

is 7. Jenny keeps very busy as pastor’s wife, Mom, and teacher to her four. We miss them so

much and cherish the times we have together. The Lord willing, all our family will be

gathering at our home to celebrate Christmas the early part of January.


Bev is busy preparing for the ladies Christmas party at our home, and also the children’s Christmas play which will be on the 22nd.


We would appreciate your prayers concerning the church remodeling. Projects that need to be completed as funds become available:

*Stucco outside of remodeled building – estimate $5,000.00

*Painting of both buildings

*Interior painting,

*Carpeting and flooring – estimate $6,000.00


Wishing you a joyous Christmas with your loved ones, and a blessed 2014.


Love in Christ,


Gary & Bev Messick

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Messick’s July Update

Dear Praying Friends,


“Praise ye the LORD: for it is good to sing praises unto our God.” Psalm 147:1



The first half of 2013 has already come and gone. It has been a very busy six months since we started the remodeling on the church building. Reviewing our January letter and the list of repairs, etc. that needed to be done, we are rejoicing and are truly “singing praises unto our God” in being able to mark so many of them “finished!”


*All windows need to be replaced with energy-efficient windows – DONE

*Roof has to be replaced – DONE

*Vaulted trusses will be put in area to be used for auditorium – DONE

*Interior walls removed where auditorium will be located – DONE

*New plumbing in the restrooms and hot water lines run – DONE

*New heating/cooling in the building to replace inefficient wall heaters – DONE

*New or added insulation in building as needed

*Double-entry doors to be the new main entrance – DONE

*Paneling on exterior of building is no longer available, so we plan to stucco the building to

match future building plans

*Leaks repaired and roof recoated on modular building – DONE

*The electric company has finally changed the meter and rate from commercial to house of

worship rate – DONE – we haven’t received a bill under this new rate, and trust this will be a

great savings


Several churches and individuals have donated time, materials, and funds that have moved us to this point. How thankful we are to have this help. We know this is no small sacrifice on their part and we appreciate each one so much.


Recently, the remodeling had pretty much come to a stand-still due to a lack of funds and help. Our church had prayed that the Lord would provide in His time and in His way. A few days later, a businessman contacted us and said God had laid it on his heart to send a sizable gift to help with the work on the church. This was so unexpected, and we are just overwhelmed. God is building His building at Living Waters Baptist Church and using His people to accomplish this great task We are rejoicing in all He is allowing to be done!



*Insulation – cost $2,257.00 – includes heat block and radiant barrier

*Drywall the new auditorium

*Stucco outside of building

*Painting and carpeting

*110 ft. ditch has to be dug for the gas line to be laid



Please remember these projects in prayer. Gary is working almost every day on the remodeling, doing most of the work on his own now. Our church men help as they can.


Those of you who received our May letter might remember we asked that you pray for comfort for the loved ones in the loss of Kathy, a fifty-two-year-old woman who was found beaten to death on the Reservation. She had attended our services a few times and was a friend to several in the church. Toward the end of June, the man who was suspected of the murder was found stabbed to death and his body dismembered. It was a retaliation crime, and the young man who committed it was high on meth. We’re praying this will be a real wake-up call as so many lives, both on and off the reservation, have been affected by these horrific acts.


We are thankful to the Lord for several new families and individuals who are attending services on a regular basis from the surrounding community as well as the reservation. And we rejoice that one of our dear ladies, who had strayed from the Lord and was living in sin, has come back to the Lord and turned her life around. A great answer to many prayers! Another praise is that nine-year-old Anamea accepted Jesus as her personal Savior in June.


Several of you may have received our prayer request on behalf of our seven-year-old granddaughter, MaKayla, who had been having seizure-like symptoms. Test results revealed that she is having partial complex seizures. The medication she is taking is doing well in controlling them. Thank you to each one who has been praying for her; please continue!



Prayer requests:


*Funds are still needed to finish the church remodeling

*Physical needs would be met for Larry, a young husband and father of three in our church,

recently diagnosed with MS

*MaKayla’s health needs

*Preparations for upcoming IBIMI missions retreat being held in August at our church


Thank you to each of you for your love, concern and support for the ministry here. May God bless you.


In Christ,


Gary & Bev Messick

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May Newsletter Messick’s

Dear Fellow-laborers in Christ,


Already we are in to May! The year seems to be flying by, partly due to the busyness that goes with the church remodeling.


April held many blessings, both spiritually and materially. Here are a few:


Several visitors last month in our church services, some from the surrounding community. Among the visitors were:

*Pastor Mark & Caryn Felber and children from Whiteland, Ind. We enjoyed their time

with us so much, and we were richly blessed to have not only Pastor Mark preach in the

Sunday morning service, but then the whole family gave a wonderful concert for our evening

service. It was a great week, but it went much too quickly.


*Jim & Karol Lindsay from Newport, Tenn. took time from their vacation trip to stop by for a

short visit, and to help Gary with the electrical project. Their help was appreciated so much.


Beautiful used kitchen cabinets were donated to the church by Dave and Becky DeFord. What an improvement they have made in our the kitchen!


Prayer requests:


*Funds are still needed to finish the church remodeling

*Physical needs would be met for Larry, a young husband and father of three in our church recently

diagnosed with MS

*Comfort in the loss of Kathy, a fifty-two year-old woman who was found beaten to death on the

Reservation. She had attended our services a few times and was a friend to several in the church


Thank you to each of you for your love, concern and support of the ministry here. May God bless you.


In His service,


Gary & Bev Messick


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