Messick July 2017

JUNE 2017

Dear Ones in Him,

June has been a month filled with many opportunities of service:

VBS God blessed us with a great Vacation Bible School this year. We averaged about 26 young people for the week. Paul & Naomi put together such a good program, the theme: “Riding the Gospel Trail.” When fellow-missionary, Sam Grammer learned we were having a Western theme, he volunteered to bring two of his horses the last night, so the kids could each have a ride. Needless to say, it was the highlight of the week and the kids were thrilled; many had never been on a horse before. We so appreciate Sam and Janet making the final night very special.

Pastor Tim Larkly and Ruth Ann were a tremendous help with skits, missionary stories, etc. We just couldn’t have done it without them. An added blessing was that several folk from the Greenfield Ind. area had donated prizes that were earned by the children throughout the week. We so appreciate Dawn and Linda Jack making the long trip out to bring these.

But the greatest blessing was the six young people who accepted Christ as personal Savior during that week! Thank you for praying for us and please rejoice with us at the answered prayer.

CHURCH CAMPThere were five of our kids from the Reservation that were able to attend camp at West Branch Camp the last week of June. It was a delight to see God work in hearts and to hear of some of the decisions that were made, including the salvation of one of our boys!

Please keep these seven young in your prayers, as they grow in their new walk with the Lord.


You may recall that with the help of several volunteers a new storage shed was built at church in January and a cement slab poured for outdoor activities. The slab was used for game time during VBS. That area has always had a drainage problem and the ground needed to be sloped away from the slab as water would gather there during heavy rains. It would have taken much dirt and a long time for Gary to correct this with his tractor. The State is doing an extensive widening project on the highway that runs in front of the church. Gary stopped one morning and talked to the supervisor of the road project and asked if they might have some extra dirt he could use for filler at our church. The man said they really didn’t have enough for their job, but he’d come and see what Gary needed. After meeting with Gary on the property, he said he could have one of the men come over with a grader after work and start leveling that back area. A few days later, Gary went to the church and saw the job site foreman with a surveyor surveying the back of the lot. He spent the morning staking that area and then after work he sent the grader over and a water truck to keep down the dust, and spent over two hours leveling that area. Gary offered to pay them, but they refused, saying they like to help with projects in the community. We are so thankful to the supervisor of the road project for helping us with this need.

It is amazing how God gives us what we need, exactly when we need it, and often in most unexpected ways!!

Thank you, once again, for your concern, prayers and support in the ministry here. God bless you.

In Christ,

Gary & Bev