Messick’s September 2016


Dear Ones in Him,

2 Peter 3:18 encourages us to “Grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
It is our desire to daily see spiritual progress in our lives and in the lives of those we minister to. We know this can only happen as we draw from His strength and yield ourselves to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Fall is here and with it has come milder temperatures. This is what we have been looking forward to since April!! No more triple digits!

It has been a blessing to have recent visits from Hoosier friends, some we’ve known for years, some new to us. We enjoyed getting better acquainted with Cal & Kendra Kripe and Al & Mary Kripe from Goshen, IN. Though we had never before met Linda Jack and Sandra Day from Greenfield, IN., after being with them a short while, we felt as though we’d always known them. We appreciated the fact that all these folk took time from their vacations to stop by and desired to see the Reservation and church and to learn more of the ministry here. And it’s always good to have a visit from former Hoosiers – David & Becky DeFord. The friendships God has granted to us rejoice our hearts and make us smile!

Our congregation has grown since we last wrote. Paul & Naomi Sondergaard blessed us with another baby girl to love and enjoy. Aletheia Joy was born on September 4th – their fourth child born on the 4th! She is precious, just like her two sisters and brother. Thanking the Lord for a safe delivery and asking the Lord’s blessing on her life.

In our last letter, we had asked for prayer for a young father who is incarcerated due to wrong choices brought on by drug addiction. He seems to be doing well and is having Bible studies with other inmates. Please continue to uphold him in prayer, that through this time in prison he will be delivered from his addiction and turn His life over to the Lord.

We would also ask prayers for another man who was indirectly involved in the murder/dismemberment of a man on the Reservation. He is facing several years in prison. Pray that He, too, will come to the Lord and be freed from his alcohol addiction.

We want to thank those who have sent gifts toward the church landscaping. We are grateful for the obvious way the Lord has provided through you, but more funds are needed for this and for materials for a storage building project. There is a group planning to come at the end of January to help with this job.

Also, we are so thankful for your faithful prayers. You have had a part in what God is doing here and we could not continue without the prayers and support of God’s people. We count it an honor to serve where God has placed us, and we count it an honor to serve with you.

In Christ,
Gary & Bev