July 2013 Newsletter from Baucom’s


Dear Friends Of The Baucoms,


We sure hoped to have had more to report concerning people being saved!  But, we sure have had many visitors.  The Church folks are about as happy as they have been in a long, long time.  Now that summer is here, it sure is a task to keep them steady. It’s heart breaking when we come to Church each Sunday and see folks just working out in their yards as if it was a weekday.  But one day that’s all going to change.


Lately we have put two of our men teaching Sunday School classes: Bill is teaching the adults and Earl, our song leader is teaching our teenagers.  They are doing a great job.  The Bible School material from Brother Robert Carlson’s Church is really helping these men.


We did have an outstanding Graduation Service for one of our young ladies in our Academy, Michelle Johnson.  Michelle has never known anything but our Church Sunday School and Christian School education.  She has been and is an outstanding young lady.  The Sunday evening of the graduation brought out the largest crowd we have had in many years with over 65 people in attendance.  We were all surprised.  After the banquet there was hardly anything left on the counters except a little bit of salad. But everyone got filled to the max.  It was a lovely evening.


Your faithfulness to our ministry here is commendable and very much appreciated.  We hope we can visit you and your Church soon.  If you are planning a special service and would like us to attend, please let us know.


We remain full speed ahead, encouraged, excited and expecting Jesus any day.


Yours For The Harvest,