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Baucom May 2019

Dear Pastor, Church & Friends,                                                        May  2019 We have had some interesting times since we last wrote. We had the Independent Fellowship Of Native Baptist Churches this past Easter Good Friday. This is the Native Baptist Churches within 100 miles of our Reservation. The attendance was around 100 natives from five Churches. Native […]

Baucom February 2019

To The Dear, Dear Friends Of Tommy & Elaine,                                                     February  2019 It seems we just sent one of these out. But glad to keep you dear folks informed about what’s happening and what’s not happening. And it’s this time of the year that about all that is happening is the cold weather. We’ve […]

Baucom’s December 2018 Letter

Dear Friends Of Tommy & Elaine,                                            From Elaine:  The past year and a half have been very trying due to Tom’s health. The doctors kept giving him medications before knowing a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease this past April. He’s doing much better now with the right medication, but still  has not regained full strength to […]