Veldhuis August 2020 Prayer Update

Dear Co-laborers In Christ,

Recent Covid-19 deaths of our godly Tribal Vice-Chair D. Begay and former Cocopah pastor’s wife Faye remind us of Biblical Jonathan’s faithfulness to God in life and in death.

“Saul and Jonathan were lovely and pleasant in their lives, and in their deaths they were not divided.” I Samuel 1:23

As with our mission founder’s homegoing this past April, both of these true Christian friends labored faithfully in our Lord’s own calling and in supporting us until His promotion to other labors.

Thanks for remembering the Begay, Ortega, and DeFord families’ enormous losses in your prayers for the Cocopah and our daily challenges. Each of our three reservations merges into a border town where one in five individuals recently tested positive for Covid-19. The broader Tribal crackdown that followed this outbreak opened new ministries for us after locking most Natives in their homes with

no more free meals, Wi-Fi, or physical outlets like church or school. You can easily imagine the gratitude of parents of homebound children for the weekly Bible activities, food packs, competitive Bible studies, awards, and DVDs of Bible stories and messages for all ages you enabled us to provide.

P.T.L. for blessing weekly live-streamed services and YouTube Bible stories, Ladies’ lessons, and teen studies by all of us with fruit here and in distant rehab programs. PRAY for professing Christians Lyetha, Desiree, Elena, and Kayla in Phoenix and Rhea and Roxanna here on the reservations. Each of these young women is fighting her way back to the Lord from substance abuse, mental illness, P.T.S.D., or recent family deaths. Dawn and Lydia pray and work with them individually through Bible studies or the internet.

The lockdown brought a further “blessing” in permitting reconnections with young men rarely on their reservations. PRAY Jaden, Corin, and Zane will follow their sisters, Maya and Kayla’s examples and return to the Lord. Mid-thirties Robert T., one of the earliest teens saved, promised to send or bring his two children to church as soon as the tribe opens.

Our tribe’s indefinite closure ruled out participating in the Bill Rice Ranch’s West Branch camps or the Apache Creek Indian one, but blessed us with time for overdue projects. Your sacrifices will live on in enabling us to repair our prophet’s chamber, gravel drive, and church van as well as to completely rebuild an essential utility trailer and resume serious work on recurrent church Quonset corrosion. P.T.L. early camp registration fees have already been applied to our 2021 West Branch enrollment!

Non-Covid related deaths of sixty plus year old Winnifred, Lloyd Jr. and George III, both in their mid-forties, illustrate the critical import of winning souls to the Lord at the earliest reasonable years. Winnifred had a Christian testimony at the Nazarene church where she raised a family, while both young men declined our Bible studies and died in prison or shortly thereafter. PRAY for the Thomas, Hayes, and Phillips’ losses and for true conversions through one on one work, our November Navajo revival, and Jacob and Lydia’s youth ministries. Jacob livestreams teen Bible studies between deputation meetings while Lydia works personally with youth here or via internet or text.

The greatly reduced electric bill and purr of our house A/C on 115-degree days are welcome reminders of the gratitude we owe Treasure Valley Baptist Church for this new system and each of you for the countless prayers and provisions for our daily needs and work.

Your prayers for the following blessings and challenges are a lifeline of God’s power we will never take for granted (Ephesians 6:18- 19)!


  • Broader spectrum of children and adults doing in person or on line Bible studies.
  • Good relationship with the tribal chairwoman and excellent ones with individuals following the death of the vice chair.
  • Jacob and Lydia’s help livestreaming services and setting up online Bible studies.
  • Lorie and Salvador’s growth along with the receptibility of North reservation contacts. PETITIONS:
  • 69-year-old Millie’s health and salvation, and the return of family to church.
  • Safe reopening of distant Navajo and local Cocopah reservations before our November revival.
  • Daren’s in hospital healing from MERSA
  • Our family’s protection from local Covid 19 hot spots, Lydia’s PH and Cerebral Palsy, Jacob’s back problems, and Michael’s Sept. 25, 2020 cancer re-evaluation. Gratefully Yours In Christ,

Michael and Dawn Veldhuis

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Sondergaard August 2020

Dear Family and Friends:
A verse that has impressed me in the past but has become more real in recent months is Psalm 61:2 “…when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” Many things can cause being overwhelmed: fear, a loss, the news, a personal hardship… Our response to being overwhelmed can either lead to multiplying fear or to peace from hiding behind God. It is from the place of God’s peace we can say, “The LORD is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower (Psalm 18:2).”

Right before a recent Wednesday evening service, Paul stepped outside to greet people listening from their cars. A lady and her son were in their van and motioned Paul over. Ida has come to church periodically for years and her son Cyrus (now in his early 20s) has come since he was young. Cyrus had concerns about assurance of salvation. Paul sensed he might not be saved. Cyrus had a Bible and so Paul took him through several verses in Romans and John. Meanwhile, Ida wrote down the references and indicated they would look at the verses again later. For several years Cyrus has had attitudes of hardness and disinterest and became involved in some dark things. This time though he was different: a tender heart, openness, and expressing a desire to be right with God. When they reached Roman 10:13, Paul asked Cyrus if he would like to do what the verse said. Cyrus said he would. After Paul prayed, he asked Cyrus if he would like to pray too. Cyrus said he just did. Please pray for Cyrus. While God was definitely working in his heart, he seemed to lack assurance or complete understanding. Also, please pray they would be faithful in coming to church.

We are thankful for the church people who have faithfully come during the last few months. Even though some stay in their cars or listen at home, it is encouraging to see their desire to hear God’s Word. Kat, a lady who is visiting the area has been coming every service. Please pray for her salvation. She listens attentively and we have had some good talks with her, but she seems a bit confused on salvation. Kat and Ida, just last week, went with Mrs. Messick to the ladies retreat at West Branch. Pray for Simon who just got out of jail. Pray for Markina (new Christian who needs to grow and make some right choices).

This month we were working on a song to sing as a family. The song we sang speaks of heaven and the reunion we will have with the Lord Jesus and saved loved ones. As we sang, Hannah, who is now five, said, “I want to get saved right now. I’ve been thinking about it all day and I want to get saved.” We immediately took the opportunity to talk with her and explain what salvation means. Then without any guidance on what to pray, Hannah prayed a simple prayer of faith.

Please pray for Paul’s Mom. She has been fighting leukemia for over a year and has become very weak. As we send this she is back in the hospital. Paul is thankful for a godly mother who is an example of loving God with all her heart.

With fewer services and less time with the people we have had more time to catch up on some work around church. Paul built a new sign which will hopefully draw people in. The old sign was falling apart

due to the weather and hot sun. The new sign is designed to be easily repainted and allows for changing service times as needed. While installing the new sign, a Roman Catholic man

(John) walked by. We encouraged him with the thought that salvation is a gift that Jesus gives. Please pray for John and for future opportunities to talk with him.

Once again, we are thankful for each of you. Thank you for faithfully praying for the ministry here, for giving sacrificially, and for sending thoughtful notes.


  • God at work in people’s hearts: Cyrus, Ida, Kat, Hannah, and others
  • People still faithful even though there are many excuses to stop coming
  • Andrew continues to develop: pushing up on his hands and knees Prayer Requests:
  • Another couple to join us in the ministry here
  • Salvation and spiritual protection for our children
  • Native American adults and children to be saved and follow Jesus
  • For several church people to choose to be faithful and come to church
  • Wisdom with the modular building All for Jesus, Paul and Naomi Sondergaard
    Ruthanne, Nathan, Hannah, Aletheia, and Andrew
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Jones August 2020

August 2020 Prayer Letter 
Dear Family and Friends,
      We want to thank you all for your prayers and financial support these last few months. We hope you are all doing well! Currently, Jacob is traveling to churches to help raise support. He is also doing online Bible studies for the Cocopah teenagers and for the Quechan people near Winterhaven, CA. Due to the COVID-19 virus, the Cocopah and the Quechan reservations are closed to outsiders. We are only allowed to drop off care packages to the Cocopah people, and the Quechan are completely shut down for the time being. We are doing all of our services online through Facebook and our YouTube channel. Lord willing, we will be able to go back to having in person services very soon.      During the month of May, we were learning a lot about how to record videos and playing and posting them on social media. We had gotten permission from the tribe to be able to make visits on the Cocopah reservation while it was still closed. We gave our church attendees bread, Chick tracts, devotionals, Bibles, and helped some with groceries. At the end of May, we looked at our support level and saw that more than 50% of our supporting churches had not sent their support for the previous two months. We sent an email to our contact list and asked if they could help us financially. We had great responses! We want to thank the Lord first for moving in many of your hearts to give! Secondly, we want to thank you all for giving and praying for us! We were able to pay our bills and put money away for emergencies. Thank you! 

   During the month of June, Jacob was able to get back on the deputation road. He went to the state of Colorado and got to preach and present at 5 churches. Towards the end of the month, we had two new churches pick us up for support! Praise the Lord! When Jacob was not traveling, he would visit the Cocopah people with Pastor Veldhuis. Lydia was able to encourage the Cocopah girls to live for God and counsel. She was also able to send a few of them devotional books and Bibles. We continued throughout the whole month with online Teen and Ladies’ Bible studies. The Lord is still working in hearts! 

During the month of July, we have continued our Bible studies online, visited the Cocopah people, written letters to a few of them, and headed out care packages with Gospel materials. The people seem to enjoy when we come visit them and drop off the care packages. After the second week of July, Jacob got back on the road. He had the opportunity to present and preach at 10 churches. While he was traveling, Jacob continued to have Teens For Christ Class online on Tuesdays and he started an online Quechan Bible study on Thursday, July 16th. He sent out invites through the postal service to tune in every Thursday for New Haven Bible Study- Quechan. We have had 4 Quechan people watch the service! We are rejoicing over that!!! Please continue to pray for the media ministry. Lord willing, very soon we will to able to meet together and have church! We had one new church take us on that month for support as well! Praise the Lord! ​

Prayer Requests:
     Salvations- Mariella, Satori, Ayla, Cayden, Airus, Sherry, Stanford, Sylvia, Mary, Joe, Jessie.
Spiritual Growth- Molly, Loren, Tyler, Lilly, Roxanna, Alex, Edward, Justice, Jasmine, Mya, Kayla, Vincent
Health: Lydia, Baby Samuel, Sherry with possible tumor; Mary, Edward, and  Bro. and Mrs. Veldhuis with general health. Pray for the Cocopah families realize the need for Christ, for protection with this virus and to stay out of trouble
Personal: Wisdom, health, protections, traveling safety and raise the funds we need to be full-time on the field. Our support level is 76%! Praise the Lord!  We’re praying that we will the at a 100% by the end of the year.
Ministries: Reopening of the reservations, visitation, care package ministry, online Bible studies and pray for the new online Bible study with the Quechan people.
Thank you all again for your prayers and your  sacrificial giving!

                        Sincerely In Christ,
Jacob and Lydia Jones Missionaries to the Native Americans
                     Cell: (928) 315- 5057

II Corinthians 4:3-4
“But if our Gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: in whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, 
should shine unto.
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Grammar July 2020

Dear Friends in Christ,

The annual Navajo Family Bible Camp held in Flagstaff each year, was canceled but replaced with a “teleconference” this week.  The theme was “…things which must shortly come to pass…”.  The first 3 nights were in English with Sam teaching and the last 3 nights are in the Navajo language, taught by 3 different Navajo Pastors.  There were approximately 60 phone connections each night but we don’t know how many were listening on each phone, but praying that the lessons were an encouragement to fellow Christians as we spent time in the Word of God together.
The reservations are still closed to outsiders, but folks are starting to visit us more as they have business to take care of in town and need some fellowship, encouragement, counsel and prayer.  Continue to pray for us as we make ourselves available to minister as God opens doors.  We have also had some calls and texts asking prayer for their families who are sick.  Several have already recovered and a few are facing death.  It is an opportunity for our Christian brothers and sisters to tell family members of salvation through Christ.  One lady told us that her son was sick and also unsure of his salvation, “But he’s sure now!”  A couple of days later, she sent the message , “my son is now in gloryland this morning!”   Rather than focus on avoiding death, which is inevitable, let’s focus on preparing for death and be busy telling others of Christ’s free gift of eternal life.
Early in August, the plan is to fly to Alaska to work on the Thorne Bay Radio project again.  A teen from Flagstaff will be traveling with Sam to help with the labor, as well as a man from Virginia and a group from N. Carolina.  Pray for each of them 
*as they travel (flights are a bit more challenging and COVID tests to take) 
*that they are safe as they work together and much progress will be made
*for a good time of fellowshipping together in their daily Bible studies together

We are still uncertain about this fall’s Bible School classes on the Navajo reservation as we don’t know just when they will be open to non-family members or residents.  Please pray with us for the Lord’s timing in this.

We are both in good health and God has been graciously providing all we need.  Thank you for letting God use you to help provide for us as well as your prayers for us.
II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”

In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer

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Sondergaard June 2020

Dear Family and Friends:
A verse I read the other day that encouraged me says, “…my heart trusted in him, and I am helped…” Psalm 28:7. It is interesting to consider how David found God to be his help after he learned to trust. During this time of needing God’s help, may we learn to trust our God.

We are still having services available for people to listen in their cars. About half come in and half stay in their cars. Even though it has been well over 100 degrees people are still faithfully coming. The reservation recently has had several who have contracted the virus. For now, the reservation is under curfew and some lockdown. Several people are quarantined. Please pray for protection for our people: both physically and spiritually. Not only do they face the danger of disease. They also face the danger of failing to look to God during this time.

Last Sunday, Dr. Alton Beal preached for us in both the morning and evening services. Brother Beal came to Arizona to preach for the teen camp at West Branch this week. It was encouraging to hear preaching on salvation and on trusting the Lord: both topics the people needed to hear. We are always excited to see our people hear good Bible preaching.

The ladies have been meeting every other Thursday for Bible Study. Sometimes we do it on Zoom when there is a lockdown, but thankfully we have been able to meet at church. God is good! All who have come express their thankfulness to hear God’s Word at church and in the Bible study. Lately the ladies have been more faithful to the Sunday services.

Because of the disease going around we had to temporarily stop services for the children. Please pray for wisdom when to start up again. One little girl sometimes comes and sits in the car with her grandma. Today after church she came and gave Mrs. Messick and Naomi a great big hug. We have not seen the other children since the sickness started and are anxious to get our children and the Native children back into the regular services with children’s classes.

Praise the Lord for our youngest son’s physical growth. Andrew is 21 months old and has developmental delays. There is no diagnosis yet, but he is holding his head up, rolling over, and lifting himself up on his arms and toes. The milestones are little “inch” stones. He responds to our voice and smiles and has the sweetest little laugh. God has placed him in our life to show more patience and love one to another. His Way is perfect!

Dropping off Dr. Beal and his daughter Karis for Camp

Special baby birds at our house. A picture of God’s care and our trust!


  • Being able to preach God’s Word
  • Being able to sing to the Lord
  • More people coming faithfully to church
  • God’s financial provision for our family and for the church
  • Andrew’s physical growth
  • Protection of our children Prayer Requests:
  • Sondergaard
    Spiritual protection and revival
  • Another couple to join us in the ministry here
  • Salvation and spiritual protection for our children
  • Native American adults and children to be saved and follow Jesus
  • For our church people to choose to be faithful and come to church
  • Rachel’s son coming home in two weeks: pray for salvation and spiritual growth.
  • Wisdom with the modular – to repair or replace All for Jesus, Paul and Naomi Sondergaard
    Ruthanne, Nathan, Hannah, Aletheia, and Andrew
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Messick June 2020

Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the 

LORD.” Psalm 31:24

Dear Fellow-Laborers,

We thank God daily for His care for us and our loved ones. Although we are somewhat limited during this time of uncertainty, it is a privilege to serve the Lord on our reservation and in our community and it will be such a blessing when we can once again gather without restrictions.

You may have heard that Arizona is a hot spot right now; yes, the temperatures, but also the rising number of cases of Covid 19. There are several new cases on our Reservation. The Tribal leaders have extended the lockdown/curfew until August 1st due to the new cases and the death of two men on from the virus.

You probably have heard of the terrible brush fires in our state. The Bush Fire is the largest, so far covering 193,000 acres. Though it isn’t too close to us, we have experienced quite a bit of smoke from it.

Those are the “negatives” we have to report. Now for the “positives!”

*Most of our church folk continue to faithfully attend services; some listening in their vehicles, others safe distancing inside the church.

*Another blessing is that we are once again having our Sunday evening service and Wednesday evening Bible study/prayer time.

*Our ladies are thankful we have been able to resume our ladies Bible study, with Naomi teaching at

church instead of on Zoom. 

*So thankful God has provided ways for us to continue sharing His Word and encouraging one another.


*Salvation of those on the Yavapai-Apache Nation

*Bev’s nephews, Bart and Eric, suffering with cancer

*That God might use these uncertain times to bring revival around the world

*Another couple to help in the ministry here

*The replacement of the modular.

Thank you for praying with us and for us. Praying God will keep you safe and well.

In Christ,

Gary & Bev

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De Ford Family May/June 2020

Micah De Ford receives BA in Church Ministries

Micah received his bachelor of arts degree from Master’s Baptist College Sunday, May 17, 2020 in Fargo, ND.

We were blessed to travel to Fargo to witness Micah receive his bachelor’s degree. Persevering through an MS diagnosis and three different institutions, Micah has now completed all requirements. He is seeking, along with his wife Rachael, where the Lord may have them serve. Also, please pray for little David Ray De Ford due September 17 and named after my dad who graduated to heaven in April.


Sherry and I were able to lead one young lady to Christ for whom we have been praying and ministering to for some time via Zoom in May.


We received a call in June asking if we would give counsel to newly weds. In our first meeting, both tearfully received Christ!


We are eager to continue disciplining these recent converts. And providing counsel to the newly weds and their blended family.

May:June 2020

Tribe remains under “Stay at Home” order.

The Corona virus has hit our reservations especially hard. The Hualapai Tribe has extended their restrictions. We are still meeting via Zoom, but are eager to resume face to face meetings.

Road trip to Indy

Steve helped move Manny to Indianapolis in May. He took an unsaved friend along to help with the driving. Steve has been witnessing to this man for a few years. He had more great opportunities to discuss salvation but as yet this friend is still outside the fold. Pray for “M”.


Molly has been diagnosed with glaucoma and is undergoing more testing. Pray the doctor will prescribe an effective treatment.

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Grammer June 2020 Newsletter

June 2020
Dear Friends in Christ,

Once again this letter will be short.  We are still staying close to home-but not in isolation or quarantine.  Our county has allowed “non-essential” businesses to open back up but requiring masks when in public for all over the age of 2.  However, we have 21 Indian reservations in Arizona and many of them are still pretty locked up with curfews each night and “lock-downs” each week-end.  It does seem that our Indian folk are being hit the hardest with this virus.  Pray with us that we will soon have a decrease in deaths and the reservations will open back up.  
During this time of stress, people need to have a personal relationship with Christ to sustain them.  How thankful we are for technology today that some of our missionaries are able to use to continue to teach and preach. It has been exciting to hear some of them share how they are able to lead others to Christ-even using technology when they can’t be physically together.  God’s plan won’t be hindered!
Various ones have called to see how we are doing and thankfully, we can tell them that we are well and God has met all our needs.  Some of the calls show that they, themselves, are struggling and they need encouragement and prayer.  Thank you for continuing to support us so that we can continue to have access to emails and phone calls.  It may seem minor to you but it is important to our ministry-especially at this time.
The trip to Alaska is still planned.  We have volunteers coming from Virginia and N. Carolina with possibly a young man from Arizona considering joining in the construction.  Pray with us for safety as they travel, safety in the work, and a good time of fellowshipping as they spend time in God’s Word together.
Though this letter doesn’t have a lot of new news, we did want you to know how good God has been to us. Thank you to each of you for your prayers and financial support.

II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”

In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer  

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Messick May 2020

May 2020

How excellent is They loving kindness, O God! Therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of Thy wings.” Psalm 36:7 

Dear Ones in Him,

During the uncertain times we face right now with the coronavirus and the unrest in our country, we find great encouragement in the verse above.  We are safe with our God. Other religions or “faiths” operate on fear, but we who have trusted Christ as our Savior, rest in His love for us and His kindness to us. How wonderful to know that, because He is faithful, we can trust Him through difficult times and always!

This year has brought other difficulties our way. In January, our dear brother-in-law, Glen Jordan, went to be with the Lord. In March, David DeFord, our very special friend and founder of our mission board, went to his heavenly home after contracting the coronavirus. Then on May 21, Bev’s 96 year-old brother, Bob Wright, went to be with his Savior. Bob was a wonderful brother who faithfully served the Lord until He was called Home. Though we sorely miss them, it is a great comfort to know we will once again be reunited with them in Heaven. 

We mentioned in our last letter that we have been able to have drive-in services using a radio transmitter. We have now begun giving our folk the option of listening to the service in their car or coming inside the modular where we have folding chairs spaced a safe distance apart. Because another tribal member has contracted the virus, the Tribal Chairman has extended their stay-at-home order closure of the Reservation to non-members through the month of June. That limits our being allowed on the Reservation at this time. 

The first Thursday in June, Naomi will be resuming the ladies Bible study, using the same options as we have for church services.


*For the good health of our loved ones and our church family

*For the good attendance at services despite the limitations

*For our faithful supporters


*Salvation of those on the Yavapai-Apache Nation

*Bev’s nephews, Bart and Eric, suffering with cancer

*That God might use these uncertain times to bring revival around the world

*Another couple to help in the ministry here

Thank you for praying for us and God’s work here. God bless you all.

In His Service,

Gary & Bev Messick

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Grammer May 2020

May 2020
Dear Friends in Christ,

Slowly, the state of Arizona is beginning to relax on their restrictions and things are starting to “open up” once again.  However, the Indian Reservations are moving slower as they seem to have been hit a bit harder during these difficult times.  We personally do know individuals that have lost family members to this virus.  Many of the younger adults go to the larger cities to shop and do business and bring it back home to family members that have lower immunities.  Many of the Reservation leaders are setting up strict restrictions for people traveling to and from their reservations to try to protect their people.

Though our “scheduled” ministry opportunities are not what they were, we are still able to have contact on the internet and by phone.  We have had some call checking that we are doing well and sharing their own personal struggles during this time.  We try to encourage them as well as pray with them for their specific problems.

We are still praying that the plans for going to Alaska in August will still come about and our volunteer workers will still be able to travel.  Pray with us for the travel plans, the safety as they build and for much to be accomplished so the station may be up and operating more quickly.

We realize that many are struggling financially at this time and we are thankful that God is meeting our needs. Thank you to those of you who have been faithfully supporting us financially and prayerfully.  Your giving allows us to have the internet and phone service that keeps us available to continue to  serve.  You are appreciated and important to our ministry.

II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”

In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer  

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Jones Family May 2020

Dear Family and Friends,

I hope you are all doing well. These last two months have been different for all of us! We all have had to make changes and with those changes struggles have come our way. I would not be sending out this letter without praying about it. During the month of March, our support level dropped 20%, in April our support level dropped 32%, and now in May, our promised support level dropped 53%. I know we all have had to cut back, but at the same time God’s work needs to go on! We are in need of financial help. If you can give, we would greatly appreciate it! If not, we understand. We love you all! 

Here are some prayer requests we have at the moment:

*Pray that the reservations will reopen. Praise the Lord, there are no cases of Coronavirus on the Cocopah reservation. 

* Pray for the kids and teens in our church. A lot of them are getting into trouble. A lot of them do not have someone to love them. We only get to see them for a few minutes each week. We give them care packages and tracts, but they need that social interaction with us. 5 minutes a week is not enough. 

* Pray for a Cocopah lady named Elena we’ve been able to reach through online ministries who is living away from here. Her fiance has liver issues and they are both battling to stay sober. 

* Pray for a Cocopah lady named Desiree who reached out over our church Facebook page for Bible studies via correspondence

* Pray for our online services. We are doing everything by the way of the internet. President Trump declared churches to be essential and our Constitution gives us the right to worship freely, but on the reservations, they are a sovereign nation and it’s the Tribe’s call on us having service. On Monday, June 1st, the Cocopah leaders will be deciding on if they should reopen in June or postpone the opening. Please pray that they will reopen. As I mentioned before, there are no cases of Coronavirus on the Cocopah reservation at this time. 

*Pray for us financially. We were at 74% promised support. Our support level went down by 53% this month. If you would like to help, you can send support directly to us or to our Mission’s finance office. (Both are listed below)

Thank you so much for your continued prayer for us and for your generosity!
In Christ, 
Jacob, Lydia, and Samuel Jones

Colossians 1:18 “And he the head of the body, the church; who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence.”

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Veldhuis May 2020 Prayer Letter

Dear Family and Friends in Christ,
Federal and local “shutdowns” or quotas on meeting sizes impose static limitations on Biblical missions, but could never

alter the eternal truth that “ it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe” ( I Corinthians 1:21 b) How grateful we are for our Lord’s eternal fruit through the undiminished prayers and support as well as the providential

timing of our February 10-12 revival with Pastor Joe Doyel just prior to the shutdown and the disbursement of the huge annual Cocopah Casino checks.

To God be the glory for blessing the preaching to natives from all three reservations with a more reverential overall atmosphere and the glorious salvation of 45 year old Salvador and rededication of his girlfriend Lorie the final night! Both of them are growing through Bible studies and work around the church, which we trust will soon lead to his baptism and their marriage or relocation.

The baptistry/ fellowship hall section of our building was marvellously expanded through a group from the E. Free Church of Gaylord, Michigan’s whirlwind construction of a gorgeous 14X24 storage shed, February25- March 4. Though time did not permit sightseeing, they were blessed to attend our Native services and contributed further to saving souls from the ravages of the February 15 casino windfall and the third world culture they’d witnessed firsthand.

Massive Navajo Covid 19 outbreaks miles away accentuated the prudence of the closure of all Cocopah reservations and schools in early April. This meant delivering Resurrection Sunday lessons and treat packs to homes (at a six foot distance), airing video Bible studies and stories , and live streaming church services until at least May 17th. P.T.L. even saved Cocopah who’ve moved far away have profited from these new ministries!

Miraculously, North Cocopah Reservation Bible clubs grew under the watchful eyes of tribal police to where parents began also sending children to our Sunday and Wednesday services 25 miles away. All are excited about ending the “shutdown” and resuming services, while some (saved on the other two more Godless reservations years ago) are talking of driving their children to church.

Help with the North Rez. church rides would be invaluable, as we are picking up all three reservations separately as well as keeping attendees far apart until the Covid crisis clears. Jacob and Dawn are taking turns with this route despite Dawn and Lydia’s extremely high health risks, but Jacob will soon be flying East for rescheduled deputation meetings.

Lydia and 14 month old Samuel, currently fighting their own tooth abscess and ear infection, appreciate your prayers for healing and strength laboring with us throughout Jacob’s absence. PRAY for additional helpers here if his mission meetings conflict with fluctuating dates for summer camps or Neighborhood Bible time.

Other than his ear problem, Samuel led the way health wise outgrowing his neck contracture without further therapy and learning to walk. Lydia fights food intolerances and cardiopulmonary weakness daily, but along with Jacob, Samuel, Dawn, and myself has so far experienced no Covid 19 problems. The Lord’s further grace toward year round ministries soon followed in the form of readily passed extensive C.D.L. physicals.

April/May 105 degree cloudless, windy days signalled the end of our two week 80 degree spring and initiated preparations for summer ministries. Gifts the magnitude of our sending church’s new HVAC system for our house together with your provisions for new Covid 19 labors, Michael’s glaucoma meds, vehicle tires, church lawn care, salvage bus restoration, and all camp and N.B.T. deposits can only begin to be thanked by promising our best possible stewardship.

We sincerely ask our gracious God to multiply and return each blessing to you as you further labor with us in prayer for:


  • ●  All Cocopah contacts still eager to resume services.
  • ●  Strength and safety for new ministries and unavoidable social interactions.
  • ●  Jacob and Lydia’s 75% support level and remaining rescheduled 2020 meetings.
  • ●  Michael’s good March P.S.A. numbers and six month extension of re-evaluation. PETITIONS:

IBIMI ‘s future following our founder’s April Covid 19 death.
Comfort or the Thomas family after 45 year old Junior’s death.
Safety and eternal fruit through tentative camp and Neighborhood Bible Time dates of July 6-10, July 12-17, July 20-24, and July 27- August 1.
Safe resumption and fruitful operation of all church pickups and ministries.
Golding, Phillips, Sereno, Soto, Thomas, and White households’ salvation or repentance.
69 year old Millie’s salvation and she and 70 year old Faye’s enormous health needs.
Repentance, salvation, and growth of cold teens, Ammon, Cezar, Justice, Lilly, Satori, and Tyler

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