De Ford March 2023

And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses,
the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also. 2 Timothy 2:2

Dear Prayer Partners,

Shalom, from the Hualapai Indian Reservation! It may seem like an unusual greeting from us, but our recent visit to Israel has us glowing in the afterlight of that trip. I’ve heard for years that a trip to the Holy Land will change your perspective on your Bible study and so much more. That is certainly the case with us. We flew out on January 31 for a two week visit with Hualapai Baptist’s missionary (ambassador) serving the Jews. This makes the third foreign mission trip in the past several years. Thanks to some generous contributions, Sherry was able to travel along this time with Steve and a deacon from our congregation.

Feb/March 2023

After returning
home, HBC, held our spring revival services with Evangelist Chase Williams. Brother Williams and his wife were a great blessing to our congregation. Mrs. Williams had a special ministry among our young people each night during revival. During the week, we hosted a special community wide outreach that resulted in 16 salvation decisions! We are working now to connect with these new converts, see them discipled, and faithful in church. Please, pray with us regarding this need. In many cases we only have phone numbers to follow up with, and as such are relying on calls to be returned to us.

In March, several of our men attended the Wet Branch men’s retreat in Marana, AZ north of Tucson. Steve was pleasantly surprised to see Missionary Stan Stringer at the meeting. Brother Stringer was Steve’s elementary school

principal way back in 1977 after first arriving on the mission field. The retreat encouraged our men as always, and we were especially thrilled to have a newcomer to our congregation attend for the first time!

Our teens attended a youth rally in Southern California for the first time since COVID struck. Our hearts have gone out to our current teens as they have missed out on so many of the opportunities the other young people have had before them. Everyone is thankful schedules are getting back to normal. A couple of our teens have made recent decisions both during revival and youth conference to follow the LORD however He may lead in their lives. We see the principle of 2 Timothy 2:2 applying to the next generation!

For God’s Glory,

The Steve De Ford Family