Grammer April 2023

Dear Friends in Christ,

Ps. 37:5 “Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.”

This has been a month of preparation, planning and maintenance.  

Our plans for this summer include Sam driving to Seattle with appliances (washer, dryer, refrigerator…) and building supplies and catching ferries to Thorne Bay, AK.   A man from the Flagstaff area, will be traveling up with 4 teen boys (That  will be a big help with muscles in moving the items from the truck to the building.)  After they are back home, we have 2 volunteer crews from N. C. who will be arriving on 2 different weeks to make progress on the construction yet needed.  It is slow progress as we only have a short period each summer to work on this project but we ARE seeing progress!  

We have had 2 different young men that have inquired about working here to man the radio station, but both have decided that this is not where the Lord wants them to serve.  Please continue to PRAY with us for the right man to carry on this ministry.  

At present, our only electricity is generator power and that will limit radio time so we are still praying  for the power company to bring electric to the area.  Please PRAY with us.

We are so thankful for the way God has protected our workers from injury during the construction.  We are also thankful for the way God has provided the financial needs so that we have not had to go into debt to this point.  As we have seen the costs more than double, both in building supplies and transportation costs, our God has still proven Himself faithful.  Thank you to each of you that have given to this project.  PRAY with us to soon be able to broadcast and to reach out to the lost with the Gospel message.

Also, this year, while Sam is in Alaska, Janet is planning to visit Sam Jr.’s family in Anchorage.  (Since Thorne Bay and Sam’s family are both in Alaska, we are often asked if we visit them when in Thorne Bay.  However, Anchorage is almost 800 miles from Prince of Wales Island where Thorne Bay is located and isn’t feasible.)  Flight costs have more than tripled since last summer when this trip was planned but had to be cancelled.  We are thankful for flying miles with the Airlines so that this trip can still come about.  Once again, God has provided!

The Northern Arizona School of the Bible is almost finished with the spring semester.  It is a privilege to be able to be a part of this ministry.  Thank you for your prayers for these students and for Sam as he teaches.

We are still recording pod-casts and almost finished with I Thessalonians and ready to start II Thessalonians.  (Eric, who is doing the technical side of the recording, is one of the teen boys going to AK this summer to help.)

Also, this past month, Sam has had to have cataract surgery on his left eye with the right eye to be worked on this coming week.  He is very pleased with the success and we are praying that he will be fully recovered before he has to drive this summer.  Never realized how blurry his vision had become over time but thankful for the Lord providing once again and restoring his sight.

We have also been asked to teach Christian parenting sessions during a family Navajo camp here in Flagstaff in mid-June.  Please PRAY with us as we prepare for this opportunity.

We are very aware of your part in our ministry.  The Lord has used you to provide for us and we are truly thankful for you.  Thank you for your prayers and your financial support!

                        II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”

In Christ,

Sam & Janet Grammer