Grammer’s October 2013 Letter

October 2013

Dear Friends in Christ,


The first hunt of this fall provided us with a spike bull elk, so our freezer is full. Thank you for praying with us. Please continue to pray as there is another hunt coming up and hopefully we will have even more meat so we can share with some families that could use it. God truly does provide for our needs-plus!


Our home-school families are staying up with their studies, in spite of some sickness and travel. If you have taken on this responsibility, you understand the challenges that they are facing. Sometimes, it’s Mom that struggles and sometimes the students; but they are convinced that this is what God wants them to do and are determined to not quit. We are praying with them for God to be glorified through it all. Please join us.


Another answer to prayer is some definite improvement in Janet’s leg. We’re a bit more careful now to stop, stretch and walk a bit as we travel. We knew we should be doing this, but now are reminded to be more faithful at it. Do pray for our health as we age. We would like to continue to serve until the Lord takes us Home.


This past month, Sam had the privilege of preaching the funeral service for Paul Johnson. Paul was a Navajo pastor for many years and spoke and preached in Navajo, though he also spoke English fluently. Paul had also worked for the coal mine and suffered from black lung disease, so when pneumonia and age became a problem, his body was unable to fight any longer. Yet Paul left behind a legacy of faithfulness and solid Biblical preaching. He had “fought the good fight and finished the course and kept the faith.” (II Tim.4:7) At the end of the service, there were at least 4 who responded to accept Christ as Savior. Paul would be glad to know that.


Also, this past month, one of our prayer supporters went Home to Glory. Addie has faithfully prayed for us for years and will be missed. She used to keep each of our letters so that she wouldn’t forget any of our requests in her daily prayers. We do appreciate each of you that pray with us each month. “Thank you” to those who are praying for us.


This week-end, Janet and some of our Navajo ladies are going to be at a Ladies’ Retreat and looking forward to a good time together with other women, teaching and encouraging them to be women of God. Please pray for safe traveling for all.


Also, this coming month, we have tickets to fly back to NC for a few days to spend Thanksgiving Day with our children and grandchildren. This is about the only time of the year that we get to spend time with our family and are thankful for God providing so we can join them. Pray for our travel and that we will encourage each other to be faithful serving our Lord.



In Christ,

Sam & Janet Grammer