August 2013 Letter from the Grammer’s

August 2013

Dear Friends in Christ,


August is always a good month for the Grammer family. Each year we celebrate our anniversary and also Janet’s birthday. This year we celebrated 45 years of marriage. Janet’s birthday? Well-let’s just say it’s one more year than she was last year. 😉


We had 2 men that joined Sam for a trip to Alaska this month to do some more preparation for the Christian radio station that we want to see started in Thorne Bay. We were praying that all the materials would arrive on time and in good shape, and also that the weather would cooperate so that the foundation blocks could be completed. God heard our prayers and the job went smoothly and quickly-even giving enough time for the men to fish for some salmon to bring back home. Another step closer to seeing the radio station up and going.


At the moment, Sam is traveling back home to Arizona, catching the ferry from Ketchikan to Washington and then driving. The route takes him through Idaho where all the fires have been burning, so please pray for his safety on the roads throughout this coming week. Thanks.


Last week, a new area of ministry began in Page. Two of our families have chosen to withdraw their children from the public school system and educate them at home. In reality, they are educating together in one of the classrooms in the church. This way they will be supporting and encouraging each other and the students will have the sense of a classroom setting and hopefully commit themselves to the task before them. Please pray with us for these 3 students: Keanu (“key-ah-new”), Aaliyah (“ah-lee-ah”) and Alana, as well as their moms.


Both of these families also have an older son that are both now students at International Baptist College down in Chandler, AZ (Phoenix area). Daniel is a returning student and Tyler is a transfer student from BJU. We’ve been excited to see God working in both their lives and know that this is not an easy step for either of them. Please pray also for them in their studies and for the needed finances.


Thank you for your prayers and gifts that allow us to minister in the Southwest USA.


In Christ,

Sam & Janet Grammer