July 2013 Newsletter from Dave & Becky DeFord

Dear Praying Partners Second quarter 2013


We are experiencing some of the ho7est days of the year as this le7er is wri7en. We’ve already had temps of 119. The overworked phrase of ‘it’s a dry heat’ emphasizes the dry, but when it is 119 degrees….it’s HOT. Residents adjust schedules and seek the comfort of air condiAoning leaving outside work and acAviAes for mornings and early evenings. We are grateful for A/C.


We especially want to thank each of you who prayed for David as he had surgery April 3. The Drs were anAcipaAng he would be in the hospital a minimum of three days and possibly 5. He progressed so well he was released aCer the second day. Healing has been quick and steady and he is back to a normal rouAne, able to finish the remodeling of our uAlity room and kitchen.


Becky had an epidural injecAon which has relieved the pain in her back. She has a ruptured disc that conflicts with a swollen sciaac nerve causing the pain down the leg. We’re grateful the epidural is at least a temporary remedy.


The highlight of the last month was VBS at Ferguson Memorial. June 9—12 we had a program called “ShooAn’ Straight”. The church folks put on the Bible School themselves. For some of them it was their first Ame doing a VBS. David taught the Bible lesson each evening and had the privilege of leading 3 young people to the Lord the final night. Please pray with us for spiritual growth in the lives of Adam, Jessica and Titus. They are not regular church a7enders, but friends of our church folk. All the

workers were excited with the results of the week and sAll menAon how much they learned.

Our foremost prayer request this le7er is for Pastor Steve Fox. His cancer has grown with new spots on his liver and lungs. As a results his doctors have him on a chemo therapy every Monday which takes a very heavy toll on him physically. A week is hardly enough to recoup his strength until its Ame for another treatment. As you remember him, please include his wife Treasa in prayer as well. Pray also that we could be used of the Lord to encourage them both through a very difficult Ame .


It has been good to have been able to visit services at BapAst Indian Chapel with Marshall Yazzie, Tohono O’odham BapAst with Jay Shannon and preaching for Pastor Barthel at Gilson Wash BapAst in San Carlos.

Please conAnue to pray for the neighbors we menAoned in our last le7er. Some of them are winter residents and some are year round residents.


We are looking forward to IBIMI Mission Retreat in August at Camp Verde with Pastor Gary Messick. Each year this is our ‘family’ reunion with encouraging messages and great fellowship with the Mission family. This year we are excited to have three new missionary families join the mission, one family will be with us that work the Six NaAon Reserve in Canada. Two families are on deputation and hopefully will be able to be with us another Ame. So thankful for more laborers!


Thanks to each of you for faithful prayers and financial support for the work here in this corner of the Lord’s harvest field. We pray for you daily and ask the Lord’s blessing in your lives and area of ministry.


In His love and ours, Dave and Becky