April Letter from Sam & Janet


The calendar says it’s spring!?  But it’s a bit questionable.  We had 12 degrees one night and then it was in the 60’s and no need for a jacket when walking outside.  What fun guessing what to wear each day.Last Sunday we had another baptism.  A SS teacher used Easter Sunday to once again explain what it meant to accept Christ’s gift of salvation.  At the end of class, she told her students to come talk with her if they had any questions or wanted to be saved.  Her own son responded and  the following day, in their home, she led her son to Christ!  He seems to be quite aware of what happened and wanted to be baptized.  What a privilege for any parent-especially one that has brought up his name for prayer for the past couple of years!We have recently had new prayer cards printed and have sent a few to each supporting church.  If you didn’t get one, but want one, please send us a note.  Also let us know if you need more for your church.

Sam has completed his 9th oral surgery and presently has no bottom teeth.  The surgeon has told him not to return until he’s had his dentures and then just for a check-up!  We are so thankful that he still has good speech with only an occasional  lisp for his “sh’s”.  He also doesn’t have much swelling or discoloring so is still able to preach and teach.

God is good and we’re thankful that He never leaves or forsakes us. God provided a surgeon who gave us a 40% discount-but still the cost to this point was over $4,000.  Just over $3,000 was given to help us with this financial need! Thank you to each of you that have helped us. We don’t know just what the dentures will cost but confident that God will continue to keep His promise to supply all our needs. Thank you so much to each of you who have been used by God in supplying. We are looking forward to the end of this “journey”.

We are very aware of your part in our ministry and thank you for both your prayers and your gifts.

In Christ,
Sam & Janet