Grammer May 2022

May 2022
Dear Friends in Christ,
May & June are the months for graduations.  Northern Arizona University is located in Flagstaff so we have college and high schoolers graduating.  Just today we received an invitation from one of Janet’s former piano students and the pictures show a young man rather than the child that we knew.  Makes us aware of the years passing!
The final class for the spring semester of the Northern Arizona School of the Bible (held at Ponderosa Baptist Church here in Flagstaff) was this past week.  It has  been a real blessing to have a part in this ministry and hopefully the students will grow from the teaching.
The last Sunday of May and the first 2 Sundays in June, we are scheduled to be on the Navajo Reservation filling in for a pastor who will be away.  This is about 2 ½ hrs away so we will be leaving early each Sunday morning.  The Navajo Reservation, being government land, is on daylight savings time while the rest of the state of Arizona is not.  This means we will have to leave an hour earlier to be there in time for services.  Pray for traveling safety (especially for the last week-end in May which is also Memorial Day week-end.)
June 28-July 13, Sam will be in Alaska to continue to work on the Thorne Bay Christian Radio Station project.   We have 2 volunteer work crews that are planning to use their vacation time to help with the construction.  
Here is a list of requests that you can be praying with us about:
1-safety in travel and in the work  
2-good progress so we can soon be on the air
3-electric to be brought to the site 
(This will be cheaper than a generator and also increase the broadcasting hours.
4-for the teams who need to take time off from their employment- that the scheduling will work
(1 volunteer crew had to back out because of scheduling-in case you noticed that there are only 2 teams  rather than the 3 mentioned last month)
5-for the families left behind
6-direction in finding the man God would have to maintain the station and keep it on the air
We do have a young couple that are praying about taking on this ministry.  Pray with us for Micah & Rachael  and their 2 small boys to know God’s leading.  (Micah is considering  visiting Thorne Bay this summer.) 
7-SOULS TO BE WON TO CHRIST and Believers to grow in the Lord through the teaching 
(Yes- this is the same list that we gave you the past couple of letters but we’d like to add another one.)
8-for the needed building supplies to be available while the workers are in Alaska. 
 We have been having difficulty finding cedar siding for the building.  The cedar is needed because of the  rainy climate in that area but not available just yet.
This trip will be to get things ready for the work teams and be sure the supplies are on site. The Navajo Family Bible Camp is held annually here in Flagstaff and this year is July 17-23.  Sam has been asked to teach the English Bible sessions throughout the week, so be returning in time for camp.  At present, we have not booked the tickets for his return to Thorne Bay in August.
As you can see-a busy summer is planned and we surely do appreciate knowing that our brothers & sisters in Christ are behind us in prayer, as well as financially.  Thank you for having a part in this ministry!

II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer