Grammer November & December 2021

Dear Friends in Christ,
Each year, we try to visit our children, grandchildren and now great grandchildren that live along the east coast for Thanksgiving.  Therefore , we seldom send out a letter during the month of November but combine it with our December letter.  You haven’t been forgotten!
Recently we both lost a family member in death.  Sam’s oldest sister, Beverly, died from COVID complications at the age of 83 back in PA.   Though many of our family (Children, siblings & grand children) have had COVID, this is the first time that we lost one to the virus.    Janet also lost an uncle, Cloyse Drake, as a result of cancer.  Again, he was older, retired as a missionary & pastor in Oregon.   Death of loved ones and friends, reminds us that we will all face death one day and need to be ready to stand before God.  Have you accepted the gift of God? – salvation because of Christ’s death on our behalf.  So many today try to be good enough for Heaven, which is impossible.  Heaven is a place of perfection and none of us can meet that requirement.  That’s why God came as a man to pay sin’s penalty for us that we cannot pay.  That is why we are celebrating Christmas.  We hope you are celebrating with us and rejoicing in our Lord and Saviour.
In November, Sam was able to take part in another teleconference for Thanksgiving; reminding of all we have to be thankful for in Christ.  All went well with the connections and we are now planning for another teleconference for Christmas in the next couple of weeks on the question of just why Jesus came to earth as a man.  This is done by the Western Navajo Bible Conference and each time, they have an English speaker (Sam) and a Navajo pastor speaking in Navajo the following day.  Please pray as they prepare the messages and that God will also prepare the hearts of those who call in that Christians will be encouraged and that unbelievers will be saved and God glorified.
The final class for this semester of the Northern Arizona School of the Bible was held the last Mon. of November. The next semester is scheduled to begin in Feb.   Sam has really enjoyed spending this time in the Word of God teaching Bible Doctrines and  New Testament Survey.  
We have already been in contact with men that want to help again next summer in the construction of the radio station project in Thorne Bay,  Alaska.  There is still no electric to the property and a diesel powered generator will cost around $6,000. Pray that electric will become available.  It will eliminate this expense, but will also allow us to broadcast through the evening as there is presently a restriction to running generators during the evening hrs to reduce the noise created by generators.
Thank you so much for your interest in our ministry and your participation by praying and giving financially.  Thank you for your part in our ministry.

II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer
PS-Thank you for all the Christmas cards and gifts that you have sent us.  We do miss being with family during this season, so appreciate your including us in your celebrations.