Grammer June 2021

Dear Friends in Christ,
Some of you that keep up with the news, have read about the forest fires in Arizona and have contacted us to ask about our safety.  There is a fire southwest of Flagstaff that has several communities on standby for evacuation.  However, our home is about 5 miles northeast of town and we are in no danger at present.  We do know folks on the other side of town that are unsure of what will happen –so thank you for the prayers.

June is typically a dry, hot month that makes us all eager for the monsoon season that usually begins in July.  This year, we are breaking the heat record set in the 1920’s.  We are also facing a severe drought as last year’s monsoon season gave us little rain and the last 2 winters had little snow and were very dry.  All of this has added to the fire danger and the forests have been closed as a result.  It is common to have fire restrictions this time of the year, but there is access to the forests-but not this year. 

The state has removed the mask mandate and our city has followed suit. Once again, Janet is able to visit in the nursing home, though a mask is required.  The resident that she visits with is feeling the loss of fellowship with other Believers yet her family is still uneasy about removing her from the home to go to church.  Pray that she is able to encourage this Christian sister during this difficult time.

The reservations have their own governments and some of them are still restrictive.  We are seeing some of the churches on the various reservations that are once again starting to have Sunday services.  Many of the churches on the Navajo Reservation still feel restricted in meeting together publicly .

The Western Navajo Family Bible Conference has decided to once again hold teleconference sessions rather than meet in person.  This worked out quite well last year so they will follow the same program this year.  Sam will be teaching 3 nights in English and then there will be a Navajo pastor teaching for 3 nights.  The topic this year is Biblical Resurrection.  Please pray with us as he prepares and ministers in this way.

We are still making preparations for this summer’s work in Thorne Bay, AK on the radio station project.  Orders for building supplies are being made over the phone and will hopefully be available and ready for the work teams coming in late July and August. 

Pray with us for:  (1) the construction, (2) safety of the workers both in travel and on site, (3) the need for the electric company to put in power lines, (4) that even now, God would be preparing the man God would have run the station, and (5) that we can soon be on the air reaching out with the message of salvation to those who live in the Thorne Bay area.  (Once again, this paragraph is a repeat from past months, but still true for this coming month.  We really do need your prayers with us in this outreach.)

Thank you to each of you that have helped us financially this past month and especially for those who have been faithful in praying for us.  You are an important part of our ministry.

II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
In Christ,

Sam & Janet Grammer