Grammer January 2021

Dear Friends in Christ,
First- thank you to those who sent us cards, pictures and annual family letters over the past several weeks.  We don’t send out many Christmas cards due to the postage, but really appreciate those that send to us-especially the letters and pictures to keep us in touch.
We live at 7,000 ft. above sea level with a high mountain desert climate.  Our water supply relies much on the winter snows.  It is not unusual for things to be dry but the year 2020 was the driest on record.  Our summer rainy season (“monsoons”) were missing and we had little snow (occasional “dusting”), so we were really pleased when a snowstorm arrived this week-end!    The roads were bad enough that Sunday services were online only and they even cancelled school.  We are so thankful for a warm, dry home but can empathize with our reservation brothers and sisters that miss the face-to-face fellowship with other Believers.
We have seen an increase in visitors in our home.  It’s ironic to have them come, give us a big hug and then sit on the other side of the room and put on a face mask.  As we’ve mentioned before, our ministry is now more one-on-one than in public services.  However, opportunities for Sam to preach have been slowly increasing; once this month and 2 scheduled for March.  God is in control and we want to be ready to serve as He decides.  Pray
We have also had visitors that come to get leatherwork done.  We have several Bible verses on the walls and Sam looks for ways to talk to them about the Lord.  Sometimes they are glad to talk and other times, not so glad and even irritated. Some have opened their hearts to the Lord while others walk away, but we have been faithful and pray for the Holy Spirit do His work.
The hospitals and nursing homes are still closed.  This past year, one lady that Janet would visit, is now with the Lord while another Christian lady was moved into a home.  Phone calls are still an option, but often these ladies feel forgotten by family and friends and don’t understand the isolation.  Hopefully this ministry will open up once again soon. Pray
Some have inquired about the Thorne Bay radio station in Alaska.  Plans are being made for this summer with 2 and possibly 3 volunteer crews hoping to come.  Much progress was made this past summer on the main building and footers set for the extension which will house the kitchen and bathroom. (rooms needing plumbing)  Pray with us that travel will not be a problem for our work teams as well as safety and progress in the construction.
Please continue to pray with us regarding the electric situation.  It would be thousands of $/s for us to put in the electric poles ourselves and then it would be our personal responsibility to maintain and repair if there are any power outages. There are some other residents in the area that are trying to convince the power company that it would be profitable for them to bring in the electric lines but so far, no positive response.  The option is generators that are being used during construction.  The fuel costs limit how long they are used and will therefore limit broadcast hours.
We have also been asked how COVID is affecting us personally.  We are still healthy.  Thank you for the prayers.  We don’t want to be careless, but neither do we want to live our lives in fear.  How great to be able to trust God through all of this. Much of the sickness and deaths are located in the large city areas, as many people are in close contact with each other. However, the reservations are also heavily hit, especially the Navajo nation.  Their isolation seems to make them less resistant to viruses, colds, flues… and the strong family ties bring the diseases into their homes.  When water and electric are not available, they become even more vulnerable.  When you have to haul water, why do you want to wash your hands more frequently?  
Thank you for your part in our ministry;  both  prayers and financial gifts.  You are a part of our ministry!
II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer