Grammer February 2021

Dear Friends in Christ,
We are still healthy and thankful that God has spared us from this virus.  Early this next month, we are planning on attending a memorial service for our founder and former director of our mission.  Though he will be missed, he was already struggling with health issues that are now over.  It has been a blessing to see how God has provided for the needs of his wife; emotionally as well as her living situation.  God still keeps His promises. 
A local church in Flagstaff, Ponderosa Baptist, started a Bible School this month called Northern Arizona School of the Bible.  There are approximately a dozen students that are enrolled and attend in person- plus some others that are taking the course on line (even some out of country).  Sam is helping with some of the teaching, when the pastor is unable to be present each week.  This semester, 3 courses are available:  New Testament Survey, Life of Christ and New Testament Church.  
At this time, the Dine Bible Institute on the Navajo Reservation hasn’t been able to return to classes yet.  Some of the churches are starting to meet once again, but generally, the Reservation is still shut down each evening and week-end and don’t want outsiders visiting.  Please continue to pray that this will soon change as many of them are really anxious to be together with other Believers once again.
This coming month, we are scheduled to help out a missionary on the Hopi reservation who needs to be away to visit with some of their supporters.  Pray for their traveling safety and for us as we minister while they are away.
The nursing homes are still closed.  Each week, Janet drives by and leaves a little gift to remind the ladies that they have not been abandoned.  She includes a monthly devotional booklet to try to encourage them to continue with daily devotions. One of the ladies has returned to her family for care because the cost was too much for them and at this point, her restrictions are not insurmountable.  It will be an adjustment for all as each of them will have to release a bit of their independence.  We are praying for them, as well as another lady whose family is seeking financial help to continue her stay there.
We have had some cold temperatures this winter and a couple of good snowstorms (which are badly needed for our water supply).  Yet God has met all our needs and we have plenty of firewood to keep us warm, as well as running water and electricity.  We know that this has been a challenging winter for some of you and trust you are all back up and running-and ready for spring! 
Plans are being made for this summer’s work in Thorne Bay, Alaska.  Please continue to Pray with us that travel will not be a problem for our work teams as well as safety and progress in the construction.  Also, continue to pray with us about the electric need.  At this point, we have heard nothing but hopefully will have some answers by the time the construction is completed and we will be ready to broadcast.  We are eager to start looking for a missionary to man the station and get it on the air!
In spite of the restrictions this pandemic is creating, God is still using us.  There have been changes, with more “one-on-one” opportunities rather than public teaching and preaching.  How comforting to know that God is in control and has a purpose for it all and we are able to still being used to serve Him. Thank you for continuing to pray and financially support us so that we can still minister.
II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer