Grammer April 2021

I realize some of you may be getting this twice.  My apologies.  They have changed the format of our email and I think I made some errors.  To avoid skipping anyone, I am re-sending our letter so you may well get copies.  Sorry-Sam & Janet
April  2021
Dear Friends in Christ,
This week is the final class for this semester in the Northern Arizona School of the Bible, here in Flagstaff.    We have had a good response from our students that tell us how they appreciate the opportunity to learn more of God’s Word.  What a joy it has been to be able to be one of the teachers.  We have several that attend class in person, plus more that attend online around the country as well as outside the country.  Technology has been a real blessing during these difficult times.
At the moment, the Dine Bible Institute has not yet returned to classes because of the Navajo Nation COVID restrictions.  We have kept in touch with some of the former students and they are eager to begin once again.  Pray with us for the Lord’s timing regarding fall semester classes and for wisdom for those in leadership. 
Once again, Sam has been asked to teach the English sessions for the Western Navajo Bible Fellowship summer sessions.  Again this year, they have chosen to forego the family camp that they held every year here in Flagstaff but to have teleconference sessions.  We miss seeing them in person, but glad that we can spend time together in the Word of God.
We are also making plans to spend some time in Thorne Bay, AK working on the radio station project.  We have a volunteer work team planning on helping in August and some other workers that hope to join Sam ahead of time getting materials ready for the team.  We are eager to see this station broadcasting.  
Pray with us for:  (1) the construction, (2) safety of the workers both in travel and on site, (3) the need for the electric company to put in power lines, (4) that even now, God would be preparing the man God would have run the station, and (5) that we can soon be on the air reaching out with the message of salvation to those who live in the Thorne Bay area.
What a comfort to know that God is in control of everything in our lives.  Thank you so much for your prayers and your part in our ministry.  We are very much aware that you are important to our work here and often pray for various churches and individuals that have helped us over the years to be able to serve where God has placed us.  Thank you for your letters of encouragement, your prayers, and the financial support that allows us to continue to minister and serve the Lord.

II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
In Christ, Sam & Janet Grammer

Sam & Janet Grammer