Grammer June 2019

June 2019
Dear Friends in Christ,
This past May, Janet was invited to speak to the Ladies’ banquet at the Yavapai-Apache church in Camp Verde where 2 of our missionary families are working.  There were about 20 ladies present and the topic was how to live a holy life and pleasing God.  It was a good time and the ladies seemed to enjoy the fellowship and encouragement.
The Dine Bible Institute classes are finished for this semester and we plan to start again this fall.  It is a blessing to see some of the students using this training to minister among their own people.
Just last week, we returned from a trip to Port Alsworth, Alaska for a week with Sam & Amber and our 3 grandsons (James-7, Peter-4 & Ira-2).  It has been 4 years since we have been in their home and a short visit from them 2 years ago at the family Thanksgiving gathering.  We don’t get to see much of our grandkids so this was a real treat.  We use our credit card a lot (paid off each month to avoid interest) and had saved enough “air miles” to get the tickets.  God is so good in providing our needs and even treats us to some of our “wants”.  
June 25-July 11, Sam will be flying to Alaska once again; this time to Thorne Bay
Some have asked if this is near our son’s home.   Sam & Amber live north of Anchorage and require another 1 ½-2 hr small plane flight to their community.   Thorne Bay is a 3 hr. ferry ride from Ketchikan in the south-eastern part of the state.   Same state- but it is a big state and the locations are far apart.
 We didn’t have any volunteer groups planned for this summer’s work, but God brought a Christian couple into our lives who plan on being in Thorne Bay this summer to visit family at the same time that Sam plans to be there  and the man hopes to be able to help with the work planned for this summer.  Amazing to watch God’s provision along the way.  Pray with us for safe travels and that much will be accomplished this summer
Some gifts sent this past month will help pay for this summer’s work.  We are thankful that God has met each expense along the way so that we have been able to avoid debt.  We are purchasing a large generator to power this project, since we are not getting a good response from the Alaska Power Company regarding electric coming to the property.  The cost will be approximately $5,500.   (We have to include the transportation costs of bringing it up on a barge to Thorne Bay.)  Please pray with us about meeting this need.
Sam will have a short break after arriving back in AZ before he has to speak at a Navajo family Camp; July 20-27.  He will be taking the morning and evening sessions in the English language while others will be teaching the same material in the Navajo language.  Many of the elderly still speak Navajo as their primary language but then many of the middle age and younger generation are more comfortable in English and may not even understand Navajo.  Be praying with us as he prepares for this week
Sometimes we share prayer requests and then have letters asking just how God worked in each situation.  Thank you.  It tells us that you are praying and also reminds us to mention how prayers are answered.  We were recently asked how the missionary family is doing that were experiencing a difficult pregnancy.  Jacob & Lydia Jones now have a healthy baby boy in their arms; Samuel.  The recovery time was longer than hoped for because of Lydia’s health challenges and an unavoidable c-section.  However, she was able to carry Samuel to full term and give birth to a healthy son -a definite answer to prayer!  
Thank you to each of you for your prayers for us and the ministry God has put us in.  You are a blessing to us. II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer