Grammer October 2018

Oct. 2018
Dear Friends in Christ,
The last Saturday in Sept, we were invited to join the Johnson family for their annual family trail ride in memory of family members that are now gone.  The father/grandfather, Paul Johnson was a good friend and pastored the Black Mesa Bible church for 53 years before the Lord took him home 5 years ago.  We met the riders at the family gravesite where Sam was asked to speak. Then we went to lunch for a surprise retirement party as Paul’s daughter retires from the Air Force and Sam was asked to speak again.  During the day, there were 4 who responded to become a member of God’s family!!  It was a great day and we were blessed to have a part in it.
A few years ago, while ministering in Page, you may remember that the road we would travel slid off the side of the Mesa.  On Oct 3, after a heavy storm, the desert land couldn’t stand up to all that water and just “washed out” part of Highway 89 on the Navajo Reservation and this time even resulted in a fatality.  This road was closed “indefinitely” but the road crews got right on it and it was ready for use a few days later.  They estimate over 1,500 vehicles travel that road daily, including school buses, emergency vehicles, Grand Canyon tourists and locals traveling to Flagstaff for jobs. The Navajo nation annual fair was scheduled for that next week-end. Guess that gave them incentive to hurry and they finished in a week.  We are so thankful because we use that road weekly for the Bible classes in Tuba City and the detour was 192 miles.  We travel a lot as we minister and appreciate the prayers for safety-especially now with the winter coming on.  We have already had snow twice at our home this month and the winter roads in the mountains can sometimes be a challenge.
Thank you for praying with us for the fall hunt camp.  Because of the drought, the elk weren’t moving and the hunting was not successful.  However, the Bible studies were enjoyed by the men and time spent in God’s Word is never wasted time.  Thank you for your prayers.
The nursing home visits are going well with Janet’s new interpreter, Mary.  Helen, the former interpreter, is scheduled for hip replacement surgery on Nov. 1 and she would appreciate prayer that all would go well and she can regain some of her mobility.
Each year in November we try to join with our family on the east coast to celebrate Thanksgiving with them.  This is the only time of the year that we see most of them and we look forward to it.  We will be leaving the middle of the month and returning 2 weeks later.  Please pray with us as we take this break.  Because of our travel plans, we hope to send out our next letter a bit later, be a combination for November and December, so don’t feel that you have been forgotten.
Thank you to each of you that are helping in our ministry with prayer and gifts.

II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer