Grammer August 2018

August 2018
Dear Friends in Christ,

Every summer, Sam spends 1-2 weeks in Alaska at Thorne Bay working on the building for the radio station.  Each year, the Lord has supplied volunteer helpers for the construction.  This year’s volunteer crew came from North Carolina and they were able to put up the cedar siding during the week that they were there.  Sam stayed another week and was able to put a sealant on the siding to protect it from the weather.

This month’s letter is purposely late so that we can include pictures of the work so far.  There is still the kitchen and bathroom area to be added on, as well as the inside work of wiring, insulation and sheet rock…  At least we are seeing progress and eagerly look forward to getting the station up and running.  All in God’s time.  Please continue to pray with us that the power company will bring electric to the area.  

Thankfully, God has supplied the funds as needed and we have been able to avoid going into debt as we have built!  Here are some estimated costs as we move ahead:
Sheet rock- $750
Foundation for the kitchen/bathroom addition-$3,000
Plumbing for kitchen & bathroom-$1,800
(Electric wiring and fixtures have already been donated.)

These are present estimates but must be brought up by barge from Seattle so shipping will be added when they arrive.  If you would like to have a part in meeting these needs, please contact us.

It has been a full and busy summer and fall is fast approaching.  The Bible School Classes should be starting up soon and we are waiting for the schedule to be given to us.  Some of the students are involved in re-opening a church at Copper Mine, on the Navajo Reservation and putting to use what they are learning.  Pray for the students to be diligent in their studies, as well as applying the knowledge to their lives and ministry.

August 10 was our Golden Wedding Anniversary!   We celebrated by spending a night at a B & B in Sedona.  God has been good to us through the years and we are thankful that He brought us together.

It is also the time of year in 1972 that we left our families and friends on the east coast to move to the Southwest to work among the American Indians.  That makes 46 years and again we are thankful the God has seen fit to use us in His plan.  You have been part of that plan as you have prayed for us and help us financially so we could be here.  Thank you to each of you that have been so faithful for so many years.

II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”

In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer