Grammer March 2018

March  2018
Dear Friends in Christ,

March has been a busy month.  A lot of changes to our plans each day, so we’re glad that God is in control and is even interested in scheduling what we do each day.  Just trust Him and don’t stress out over unexpected changes!

Sam’s classes are going well each Sunday evening and 2 new students have joined us.  Learning God’s Word and the doctrines of Scripture always help us grow.  We praise God for the students who are transferring their knowledge into daily life.  Some of the men are now preaching at a new church in Coppermine on the Navajo reservation. Pastor Billy is talking about starting even another church on the reservation.  Pray for the Lord’s direction in these plans.

Janet and Helen are back on schedule with the nursing home visits.  When Helen’s health slowed her down, Janet had another Navajo lady help with the translating.  Mary enjoyed it so much that she asked if she can keep going with us. We’re so pleased with her response as we want to encourage Mary that she can serve the Lord.  This will also be a help whenever Helen is feeling challenged with her physical struggles and not able to join us.  Please pray with us for both Helen and Mary.

We heard from some of the folks in Alaska and ask you to continue to pray with us that the Alaska Power Company will decide to put in power lines to our property for the radio station.  It would be very expensive for us to pay for this access.   Some of the neighbors are talking about approaching  Alaska Power about their desire for electric and hoping the Company will put in the lines.  It’s in God’s hands.

A couple of Janet’s piano students are being encouraged to play in their local churches for the congregational singing.  She has encouraged them to play special offertory songs to help them adjust to playing publicly but some are still timid about becoming more involved.  This is an answer to prayer to see them willing to serve the Lord in this area of need.  Pray with us for willing hearts to serve.

Thank you to each of you that pray for us and give so that we can remain in our ministry among the American Indian people.

II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer