Dave and Becky DeFord Dec 2017


Dear Prayer Warriors,                                                            Dec. 2017 update


   Although Thanksgiving season 2017 is officially gone according to the calendar, we want to convey to you some of the blessings and answers to your prayers and ours the Lord has showered on us these past six months.


   Not in any particular order; travel safety we experienced since leaving Arizona May 2, 2017. We traveled 18,600 miles covering 22 states.   During that time we were blessed to be in all but two of our supporting churches. We also had the opportunity to visit many churches for the first time. Some of the churches we were familiar with and some we had no prior knowledge of, but we’re grateful for the hospitality extended from each one. It was a blessing to be asked in multiple churches we visited to explain the need for missionaries and pastors willing to consider the Native American fields as well as the Western states.


   We purposely tried as best we could to visit as many reservations and designated Indian lands to determine the population of good sound churches in the area. Sadly, as was stated in our last letter they are desperately lacking.


   There were two very personally encouraging Missions Conferences we attended. It is always an encouragement to see young folks (and not so young) surrending to the Lord’s command to encompass the world reaching the lost. It was a blessing for us to meet some of them, spend a week getting acquainted with them and their field of service.


   We are very thankful for the health and stamina the Lord gave to each of us to pursue this trip. If directed, we would do it again.  


   We are in Arizona now for December and January visiting family, mission churches and updating with doctors.

In His love and ours,


Dave and Becky DeFord

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