Sam & Janet Grammer Oct 2017

October 2017   

Dear Friends in Christ,

We have had several opportunities to serve the Lord this month: 

                *We both were teachers at a Parenting Conference on the Navajo Reservation.

                *We have been able to share the Gospel with folks that God puts in our daily life as well as times                             of counseling in our home.

                *We were able to have a small part in a Missionary Conference on the Hualapai Reservation.

                *We filled in for a pastor that had to be away from his church on the Navajo Reservation.

                *Each Sunday evening, Sam teaches a Theology class on the Navajo Reservation. 

                Please continue to pray with us for the faithfulness of the students and their spiritual growth as a result of studying God’s Word.

                Janet has not been able to do any visiting in the local nursing home this month as her partner and translator, Helen, is recovering from surgery.  Hopefully, we can make a visit before the month is over.

                It was 45 years ago (1972) that we left the east coast to minister among the American Indian people.  Our main goal has been to train the Indian Christians to serve the Lord.  A large percentage of our ministry has been in the Southwest part of the US; New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Utah and Nevada.  There were several tribes that we have worked with and some of them from all over the country that came to the Southwest for schooling.  However, We have also had ministry opportunities among the Sioux, in North Dakota, the Carrier in British Columbia, an Indian tribe in Mexico, and the Shimshian, Tlinglit and Haida in Alaska.  These opportunities lasted  from  a week to over 3 months. 

                Sam has also gone on short term mission trips overseas to teach doctrine classes.  These were largely financed by tribal churches here in the southwest; in Nicaragua, India, and twice to Russia.  This was exciting to us as we saw the American Indian Christians reaching outside their own communities to help other Christians.   We have also been blessed over the years  to see them send some of their own into the mission fields besides serving on their own reservations.

                At present, we are busy in Arizona, but each summer, we have spent 2-6 weeks in Alaska working on developing a building for a Christian radio station that will hopefully reach several small Indian villages with the Gospel.  The radio station project began as a result of one of these times spent in Alaska.  Once the building is completed and the station up and running, we are praying for someone with computer knowledge that wants to serve the Lord by manning this station and deal with any computer problems.  We are making progress as the Lord supplies the funds.  If you should desire to be a part in this project, gifts can be sent to our office address and marked for the Alaska Radio Project.

                   What a thrill to watch God working out His plan and using us.  Your support and prayers have made this possible.  Thank you so much for your faithfulness over the years.   As long as God blesses us with the ability and opportunities to serve, we hope to continue until He takes us Home.  Thank you again for your prayers for our good health and our safety with all the travels through the years.  


II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”

In Christ,

Sam & Janet Grammer