Sam & Janet Grammer Sept 2017

September 2017   

Dear Friends in Christ,


This month, Sam started teaching the Theology  classes at the Diyin Bizaad Institute (Navajo for “God’s Word” Institute).    The classes are 2 hours each week on the Doctrine of Soteriology (salvation).  Though fall has definitely hit northern Arizona, the weather is quite nice at present- but the snows will soon be upon us.  Pray with us for the faithfulness of each of the students, both in their studies and in attendance, as well as for safety for the weekly  travel (1 ½ hr each way). 


 Not only do we travel for these classes, but often for meetings to help the local churches and pastors.  We have some meetings lined up for the coming month and often get “last minute” calls to fill in as needed.  We are thankful for each opportunity to minister and thankful for God’s protection over the years.


Thank you for praying with us as the Navajo tribal leaders considered altering the “mission site leases” in hopes of discouraging Christianity and return the people to their native Indian traditional religion.  They had wanted to restrict and even rescind the present leases for lands being used for churches and ministry outreaches.  They held meetings at 4 chapter houses that divide the nation into sections (similar to counties within our states).  These meetings were heavily attended and Christians made a strong appearance causing the tribe to put off action for the present in this area since they didn’t have the support they had hoped for.   This was a definite answer to prayer.  Thank you.


Janet’s partner in visitation has had some health issues that have limited their nursing home visiting.  Pray for Helen that the Drs. will have wisdom as they try to resolve some of these problems. 


We are rejoicing as one of our elderly ladies left us this month to join her husband before the throne of our Heavenly Father.  Sallie and Gordon Yazzie were previous students when Sam was teaching at the Bible School here in Flagstaff.  They were faithful in their ministry and left a good example for our younger Christians to follow.


                         II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”

 In Christ,

Sam & Janet Grammer