Grammer July 2017

Summer time is VBS time!  One evening we were able to help one of our fellow missionaries  who work  among the Yavapai-Apache people.  Their theme was a cowboy theme and we took our 2 horses down and gave the kids rides.  The kids seemed to really enjoy it and we must admit that it was fun for us too.


The church in Flagstaff is having their VBS this week and while Sam is in Alaska, Janet is helping with odd jobs that help the program to run more smoothly.  These programs are seen as fun by the kids, but the workers realize that it is a way to reach young lives with the Gospel of Christ.  Our prayer and goal is to see our youths begin their lives on the right path and serving God.  We do enjoy serving God!


It has been a joy watching God answer prayers and meet needs on the Alaskan Radio Station Project.   One of those answered prayers is in regards to the weather.  The Island has an annual rainfall of 120” per year which means rain almost every day.  We were praying for good weather and for the entire week, God held back the rains so that the men weren’t hindered in their work.  We prayed that the cabin would be completely enclosed this summer and our men were able to see that accomplished.  They are presently on their way home, but Sam has a few more days to complete some other goals before he begins his drive home.   Please continue to pray for him on this trip to Alaska.


This past month has been a “check-writing” month!  There were personal dental and health bills in Arizona as well as traveling,  shipping and building expenses in Alaska.  None were small but neither were any of them options.  Praise God that He gives peace and promises to meet ALL our needs.  So we wait in anticipation to watch God meet each of these needs and enjoy the peace that He gives us.  Thank you to each of you that have a part in God’s supplying.  We do recognize you as an important part of our ministry.  Even more than finances, we need the prayer support that you give us.  THANK YOU!!


Please pray with us for the Navajo nation.  They are feeling threatened by the Christian influence on their reservation since the Tribal council only recognizes the Peyote religion which involves their medicine men and the use of the hallucinogenic  drug  obtained from the cactus plants.  Presently they are having chapter house meetings at 5 different “chapters” (similar to counties) around the reservation to address “mission site leases”.  (Since the reservation is owned by the tribe, the use of any of their land requires a lease; whether for homes, businesses, churches…)  They would like to revoke the Mission/church leases, or revise them, to make it more difficult for the Christian churches to function.  Our prayer is that Navajo Christians will attend these meetings and make their voices heard and not feel that it is a waste of time to speak out.



                 II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”

 In Christ,

Sam & Janet Grammer