Grammer June 2017

June  2017

Dear Friends in Christ,

This month we had a visit from one of our grand-daughters for 5 days.  At the age of 12, each of our grandchildren has been invited for a visit so we can get to know each other better.  This year, it was Isabela’s (Bela) turn.  Because of her age, she had to fly as an “unaccompanied minor” and a specified adult was to meet her at the gate.  Her plane arrived a half hour early and then some paperwork mix-up slowed Grandmom down in getting her gate pass.  A bit frustrating to a young girl full of excitement!  On the way up the mountain from the Phoenix airport to Flagstaff, a range fire halted all traffic on the interstate and required over 2 ½ hours of waiting in 117’ temperatures though it was interesting to watch the planes dropping the “slurry” to fight the fire. The fire came right up to the edge of the pavement but didn’t jump the highway, so we are thankful that traffic had been stopped, even though uncomfortable and inconvenient.   

                It was a busy schedule with Bela that included a horseback ride into the Supai Canyon where the Havasupai Indian people live.  On the way, a flat tire meant using the spare tire.  Then, on the way home, another flat tire- but the spare was already in use.  Grandmom was almost an hour away and drove to pick up the old tires, return to Flagstaff, have new tires put on the rims and then back to the truck and back home. Bela calmly stated that she thought God was teaching her patience.  J  She really did seem to enjoy her visit and we definitely were making memories!

                This may not seem connected to our work here in AZ but family is part of our ministry to our Lord and it is more of a challenge with so many miles between us.  We also see God’s hand of protection in each difficulty.  God is good.  Thank you for praying for her safety as she traveled so far alone.

                Last month, we asked prayer as Sam participated in a “horse camp” on the Navajo reservation.  Though not put on by Christians, Sam was asked to take part and share some saddle-fitting tips and leather work information.  Thank you for your prayers.  Sam did have opportunities to speak of our Lord to folks that probably would never come to hear him preach.  A reminder to us all that God can use us in every interest that we have in our lives, if only we will be willing to be used by Him.

                In a few days, (1 ½ weeks) Sam will be leaving Flagstaff for Bellingham, Washington to catch the ferry for Ketchikan, AK.  There, he will transfer to the Prince of Wales ferry and on to Thorne Bay.  A local man is helping us with the septic system installation and other local Believers have already put the flooring joists on the foundation pillars for us!  This was a pleasant surprise and should be a great help and allow the helpers from NC to accomplish much during their time in Alaska. 

Please continue to pray:

1-      For safety for all the men-both in travel and as they work on the project

2-That all the travelers make their connections

3-Wisdom in the construction, as well in the use of funds

4-Good weather so the work won’t be hindered

5-Good health for all the workers


                 II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”

 In Christ,

Sam & Janet Grammer