Grammer May 2017

May 2017
Dear Friends in Christ,
Last month we spent 2 weeks away from Arizona.  During that time we were able to visit with 4 of our supporting churches; 3 in NY and 1 in PA.  One was a Hunters’ Banquet, an evangelistic outreach event at one of our churches and 2 decisions for restoration of fellowship that night.  Two of them were on Easter Sunday and the 4th was a 5 day Missions Conference.  We were busy the entire time and truly enjoyed the visiting- but glad to be back home.
This month, Sam was invited to join some men on a fishing trip in Utah.  These 5 men and their pastor are from the First Baptist Church in Tuba City where we ministered for many years.  What a good time of fellowship.  Serving our Lord doesn’t always mean “sacrifice”!
When he has time, Sam also does some saddle-making and leatherwork to help with our expenses.  We have found that any activity that we are involved in can open up doors of opportunities to witness.  Just recently, a man came for some leatherwork and began to share some personal problems in his life and the Gospel was presented to him.  He even came back the next day to visit some more.  The seed was planted and we are praying he will come to Christ.
Coming up in June, there is another opportunity in Tuba City where they are having a “horse camp” for a couple of days and Sam has been asked to come and share some leather craft information as well as saddle-fitting tips.  This is not a Christian endeavor but we are praying that he can speak of the Lord to some that he meets during that time
                We have a grand-daughter who is coming for a week the first of June.  Bela is only 12 and will be flying alone.  Pray for a safe flight for her and for Bela, Mom and Grandmom to not be anxious.  We are all looking forward to this special time together.
In early July, Sam will be driving up to catch the ferry from Bellingham, WA to Ketchikan, AK and then transfer to the Prince of Wales ferry to the Island.  He has a cargo trailer that he has been busy filling with tools and the equipment needed for the construction. This will then be used for  transportation of the supplies once in Alaska.
We have been in contact with a local man who has been cutting the lumber needed for the project and it looks like it will all be ready in time for the arrival of the 6 men from NC who will be flying up to help construct the exterior of the building.
Please pray with us for the following:
#1-The travel fees for the truck and trailer (gas & ferries)-approximately $6,500
#2-For all the materials (lumber, windows, metal roofing, septic tank…) to be available
                as needed
#3-Wisdom in using the available funds and that they will be sufficient
#4-Safety for all- both in travel and during the construction
#5-Good weather so the construction can be completed before the men have to
                fly home
                 II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
 In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer