Dave and Becky DeFord September 2016

Dear Prayer Partners,                                                                       September 2016 update


Most of the update letters we send out to our friends and family interested and praying for the ministry the Lord has given us contain items that we’ve been involved in over a specific period of time.  This letter we intend to devote solely on prayer requests for individuals we’ve been in contact with recently.  Some will be named, others we will mention a first name only, not because of importance, but for their privacy.


Pastor Marshall Yazzie and his family we’ve known for some 30 years.  We’ve seen their children born and raised in a solid Christian environment.  We’ve witnessed their grandchildren’s appearance.  We love this family as we do our own and ask that you pray with us specifically for their spiritual and emotional needs.  Because of the stand they take and have taken, the enemy is constantly attacking.  He would have them discouraged and saddened.  We would just like to ask that you uphold them in prayer often.


There are four young people that have been coming on a regular basis to Sunday School and Worship Service.  They are in their twenties and related to Eric, who was recently baptized.  They listen intently to the Word as it is taught and preached.  This is a very important time in young adults lives as they are bombarded with the world’s enticements.  Please remember these four as you pray.


Please continue to pray for Eric, Verlinda, Brian and Carla  They are faithful in services as health and work schedules permit.  All are growing and taking active roles in the services.


Lastly, the six year old that we have asked prayer for in past update letters.  He is facing an upsetting and unsettling situation at home.  He is so close to asking Jesus to come into his heart, but because of his home situation and erratic attendance this has not yet taken place.


David had an allergic reaction to a sulfa drug in May which required a six day hospital stay until the problem was actually diagnosed.  He is doing fine and will have to remember he is not designed to take Bactrin.  Becky was to have a heart cath and advised of possibly the need for three to four stents Aug. 22.  The heart cath was a success in helping doctors realize she did not need stents, and was released the same day.  The Lord is so good in caring for both of us.

We thank you for praying for us.


Thank you in advance for praying for the folks listed above, and for your faithful financial support.


In His love and ours,


Dave and Becky DeFord