David & Becky DeFord January 2016

Dear Prayer Partners,
January 2016 we celebrate 39 years of ministry with the Native American folks. We are overwhelmed at the opportunities the Lord has extended to us as a family with three sons in earlier years of ministry. He continues to extend ministry opportunities to the two of us, although not as rigorous and numerous. We are grateful for all He provides for us and for the partnership many of you reading this have had with us. Some have been our partners for all the 39 years.
One of the blessings of the last few months of 2015 have been filling the pulpit through the month of December for Pastor Yazzie. He needed a rest from the responsibilities of the church for a time. He is back in his pulpit now and doing much better after the rest. He has also added a Sunday afternoon service in addition to the regular morning worship and Sunday School classes.
We are looking forward to being with Messicks in February for their Sweetheart Banquet. It is always a blessing to be with Messicks and the church family there. We are also looking forward to visiting with the Sondergaard family. IBIMI’s newest missionary family the Lord has called to help Messicks in the Camp Verde area.
Please remember Kay Z., Brian J., Jim and Nancy M. in prayer. There are various needs in these individual lives as the Lord is fully aware. We need to be faithful in bringing these dear folks before the Lord.
We want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who remembered us with calls, cards, letters, and gifts this Christmastime. We appreciate so much hearing from you. Many dear friends reminded us of their prayers for us in ministry needs. You are encouraging to us and we are grateful.
In His love and ours,
Dave and Becky DeFord