Grammer’s Prayer Letter May 2015

May 2015

Dear Friends in Christ,

Greetings from Arizona.  Yes, we are home once again after 6 weeks on the road.  We knew we were getting close to home when we say road-side sales for “fry-bread” and “roasted pinions” rather than “maple syrup”. After over 6,500 miles, it is good to be home.
Thank you for your prayers as we traveled.  Mom’s memorial service went well and we believe God was honored as the message of salvation in Christ was clearly presented. It was also nice to see family again.

We were able to visit several churches before we had to head home.  If we missed  your church this trip, maybe next time?  We just didn’t have enough time to see everyone.  Most of the churches we visited are already supporting churches, but have taken on a new pastor.  We wanted to become acquainted with these new leaders that we’ve been praying for.  We are also thankful for a new church that has voted to take us on for a monthly support.

As many of you know, we did have engine problems as we traveled.  It was an unexpected expense but we are thankful that we were able to solve the problems before we headed back across country.  Thank you to those of you who helped us get that taken care of.
We found a good bit of interest in the Alaskan radio project and are praying about a group of men that are interested in helping out next summer in getting the building up.  Please continue to pray with us to have the experienced workers, as well as the needed finances for the materials.  One couple helped us with the blueprints and materials list that we think is going to be quite beneficial.  They told us that they had always dreamed of helping a mission building project and never thought that God would let them do just that while sitting in their own home.  Amazing how God can use what He has given to us when we have the desire to be used.

It didn’t take long before we were once again busy.  We got home Sat. night, and by Mon. morning we were asked to make 2 hospital visits.  Less than two weeks passed and we had 2 groups of visitors that we prepared meals for and then a funeral to attend.  Thank you for helping financially so that we can be available to minister to these people no matter what day or time.

This is the time of the year for graduations and our family has 2 high school graduations (Caleb Holton and Emily Carmichael) and 1 Bible School graduation (Nathan Carmichael) this month. In August, our grand-daughter, Hannah Holton will become Mrs. Jonathan Chick.  It’s exciting to see the next generation moving on and praying that God will be honored in their lives and homes.

We are very aware of how blessed we are by you folks as you give and pray on our behalf. 

You are most appreciated, thank you.

Please let us know if you are getting a duplicate letter on your e-mail address so we can correct it.

In Christ,
Sam and Janet Grammer