Dave & Becky DeFord’s February 2014

Dear Prayer Partners,

We’ve much to praise the Lord for as no doubt you have as well. We want to share some of our bless-ings with you this month. We were blessed to receive many cards, calls and monetary gifts during the Christmas season. We attempted to send individual ‘thank you’ notes, but realize we could have inadvert-ently missed someone. Please accept our gratefulness for each one who sent gifts to us as well as calls and cards.

Another blessing we’ve received is the answer to your prayers as well as ours for the Bible study with the ladies at Ferguson Memorial. Attendance has been great as well as interaction with the ladies. We’ve aver-aged eleven each month and are increasingly aware of the growth in the ladies spiritually as the study is focused on personal trials as we look at the book of Job. Please continue praying for these ladies, two of whom were not always faithful in church services.

Dr. Glen and Mary Jaspers have visited with several of the IBIMI churches in January and continue into February. They are always received well and are continually an encouragement to the church families as well as the missionary families. Pray with us for their safety in travels from one end of the state to the other as well as their health.

We praise the Lord for continued strength and health for us both. It is a wonderful experience to be able to serve the Lord especially as we witness the condition of man’s attitude toward God, Christian principals, morality and God’s Word. Please continue to pray the Lord will use us as testimonies in our neighborhood, and on the reservations.

We praise the Lord for you, our faithful friends and prayer partners and those who stand with us finan-cially. Many have stood beside us for thirty five years plus. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Prayer Requests: Neighbors, unnamed for privacy reasons

Praises: Financial provision, faithfulness of ladies in Bible study, health and safety for us both.

In His love and ours, Dave and Becky

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January 2014 Letter from the Baucoms

January  2014


Dear Pastor & Church,


Parade:       In our last Newsletter of 2013, we mentioned how we were gearing up for the Hagersville Parade.  Well, it was a great success in getting out the John & Roman portions of the Bible.  The parade was about a half mile long with around 60 floats.  Our people were able to hand out over 800 of these John & Roman booklets to the crowds lining the street.  Our float was a miniature Church built on the frame of a wagon.  It was eye catching.  This was the first time for our people being involved with a parade.  They loved it.  We are already planning for a bigger float this coming parade season.  We also were able to mail out over 600 of these John & Roman booklets on the Reservation for less then 16 cent each. So far we have heard positive things from this endeavor.


Special Blessings: Dennis Deneau, with Bearing Precious Seed, Parker Memorial Baptist Church in Lancing, Michigan for supplying the John & Roman booklets for this project.  This was such a great help to us.


Our Weather:  Brutal would not do it justice. Snow is an every day thing in the lives of folks living in Canada.  I know that there are parts on further north of us that would laugh at me for saying this, but we don’t generally get such bad weather this far down near the border. This has been the worst we have experienced since being here for snow, frigid single digit and even below zero temperatures and even Church wide sickness, and this is not the dead of winter as yet. Some services we only had a hand full of people, but have not had to cancel but two services at that.


Our Needs:  Again, the LORD has miraculously and graciously provided all our needs and most of our wants through special gifts and offerings this past month.  Also, we have had a new Church to add us to their mission family from Cross Roads Baptist Church, Robbins, NC., Pastor Mike Robbins.  This is a BIG BLESSING to Elaine & I.


Our Thanks: Yes, we are so thankful for you, our friends that have stood by us this past year. We sure appreciate you, your prayers and your support for the Baucoms.


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December Letter from The Steve De Ford family

Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many. Matthew 20:22

Dear Co-laborers and Prayer Partners,
Thank you for your continued prayer and financial support. We have been blessed to have each of you standing with us during 2013, and look forward to partnering with you in 2014.
Your prayer and financial investments have definitely paid dividends these past couple of months. Annabelle, has been attending Hualapai Baptist Church for over a year. She was one of the first to go through our New Converts’ Sunday School Class earlier this year. As of the last Sunday in December she has joined with us in membership. There are others who need to take this step, and we pray Anna’s obedience will encourage others to do the same. She has been a blessing to our congregation with her eagerness to participate in all the church activities. She was personally blessed early in the year when she encouraged her son and daughter to attend a youth rally at a sister church in Kingman. At that meeting our youth leader had the privilege of leading Annabelle’s son, Bryson, to the Lord! Several days ago she sent a text to Steve informing him that her nephew was in the hospital in Kingman. Edgar is a 27 year old man whose mother (Anna’s sister) we laid to rest a year ago. Edgar had been unable to attend the funeral because he was in jail at the time. Like so many of our native people, Edgar has struggled with the sin a drunkenness for many years. He was in the hospital because his drinking had caused his pancreas to fail. Steve was able to share the gospel with Edgar and see him gloriously saved! Please, keep this young man in your prayers that he will grow in his new walk with Christ.
Annabelle’s story is not the only blessing we have had this year. At our annual testimony and praise service the night before Thanksgiving nearly everyone in attendance gave God thanks for the blessings of the previous year. One of our seniors in particular brought us to tears. Rose was in a nearly fatal car accident just a year previous. We did not think she would make it through because of her advanced years and the extent of her injuries. Within a few weeks of her accident her husband passed away. The miracles God has worked in her like over the past year are overwhelming. To hear her put words to her gratitude was a blessing beyond words.
The week before Christmas, Steve preached a funeral service for a young man. At the closing of the service another young man indicated his need of salvation. As Steve led in the sinner’s prayer, several could be heard praying throughout the congregation. We may never know the results of that service this side of heaven.
We concluded a month of Christmas celebrations with our annual Christmas program on Sunday, December 22. Paul and Betty Hiscock had helped us earlier in the summer with a program they put together called “Tell Me the Story of Jesus A to Z”. We received several comments of the work done in hearts as a result of the program.
Thank you again for standing with us and the ministry among the Hualapai.
For God’s Glory,
The Steve De Ford family
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December 2013 Letter from Brian & Louann Shannon & family

November – December 2013

Supporting Church Families & Friends,

“This is the LORD’S doing; it is marvellous in our eyes.” – Ps 118:23  As we’ve reached the end of another year, we look back over 2013 and are truly amazed at the wonderful year He has blessed us with.  His grace and mercy are ever-present, and we can truly see marvelous things as we think back to all He has done for us during the past year.  It is with great excitement and anticipation that we press toward the mark in this coming year!  What a privilege to serve the King!

November and December were very exciting months for us here in Arizona.  Between the Casa Grande and Ak-Chin Village churches, we had several special services, including Friends & Family Day, a special Thanksgiving Dinner Service, and a pancake breakfast service.  These were very well attended, with several visitors, including some first-time visitors, to each.  We are grateful for the new people we met.  Some visitors have attended sporadically since, and we are praying they will start coming more often and learn of Him Who is mighty to save!

We were blessed with a visit from one of our dear preacher friends and supporters, Pastor Sam Vance.  He preached several times for us during December, and the Lord greatly used him to speak to hearts and encourage us all!  I’m thankful for faithful friends who boldly proclaim His Word and live what they preach!

We were blessed again to be able to distribute Christmas gifts to all the children we are privileged to work with on the reservation, and to the elderly in the nursing home as well!  What a great time to tell of, share and show His love for each of them!  Thank you to all who prayed for and gave to this project!  Only eternity will tell the return on your investment!  We must tell of one special young girl attending church from one of the villages, Alexis.  She is a 10 year old girl who has most faithfully attended the church for the past couple of years, taking part in the yearly Bible reading club, inviting friends, and has even had her mother at church a time or two over the past year.  She does all of this without anyone at home encouraging her to get up, get ready, get to church, read her Bible, etc…  The Lord rewarded her with an especially nice new bicycle, which caused her to almost break down in tears!  What an exciting time in our little church to see the Lord reward a faithful servant of His!  Please remember Alexis in your prayers, for her protection and spiritual growth.  Prayers for her family, and the other children and families on the reservation, is also greatly appreciated!

We did just have the opportunity to say “see you later” to one of our faithful members and longtime friends from the AkChin church.  Ms. Mary was saved, baptized, and attended regularly for several years.  The past few years have seen her suffer much from broken bones and surgeries, to cancer treatments.  She has been living several hours away for the past couple of years during this time.  At the end of the year, she suddenly passed away from this life of an apparent heart problem.  Though she will be deeply missed by friends and family here, we are very grateful to know where she is, and for the promise that we will meet again, by the grace of God!

Thank you for continued prayers & support!  May each of us do all we can for Him in 2014!

Working together with you for HIM,

Brian & Louann Shannon & family

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Gary & Bev Messick’s December 2013 letter




For unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given!!”Isaiah 9:6


I don’t know about you, but I am in mild shock that we are already heading into Christmas.

Too often, the “busyness” of this season can rob us of joy. But the words of Isaiah give us

reason to rejoice. The promised Son has been given! We must remember to keep our focus

on the One Who gives true joy, the Lord Jesus Christ.


Every day is a gift from God. As we reflect back over this year, we are amazed at how full

our days have been.. full of blessings, challenges, sadness and experiences that have

“stretched “ us in our walks with Christ.


Sadness – You may recall that Bev’s sister, Vivian passed away in February, and her sister,

Mary in May. But many of you who received our semi-annual letter in July may not know

that we also lost her brother, Barney, the last of July. Through this time of sadness, God has faithfully met needs. Knowing they are with Him and that we will be with them again one

day has brought great comfort.


Challenge – In October, Gary was hospitalized with a heart problem. After undergoing

cardiac cauterization, he is doing well. God, of course, knew that Gary was headed for

a trial of faith as He allowed sickness. God’s timing is always perfect, though I’ll admit that

we don’t always understand at the time. I’m so glad that God knows and sees what is best

for us! Gary’s last check-up was very good. He can now go back to his normal routine as

his strength allows. Truly, an answer to many prayers!


Blessings – Blessings have come in many forms:

*We are always thrilled to see a child come to Christ, but for an adult, they often have

“baggage” they must lay aside. We were reminded of this recently. One Sunday in Nov.,

ten-year-old Zach stayed after class and wanted to talk with Mrs. Bev. He shared that he

was worried, had been struggling with fears, and that he knew he needed to be saved. After

hearing the gospel, Zach prayed and trusted Christ as his Savior. He pointed to his heart and

said, “I feel better here.” At the same time, Gary was in the auditorium talking with Anita, an

older lady who had visited that Sunday for the first time. She stated that she had needs in her

life. As Gary shared the gospel with her, she said she wasn’t ready to be saved, because she

had bitterness against another person and wasn’t willing to give it up. Please pray for Zach’s

spiritual growth, and that Anita will give this over to God and allow Him to meet her needs.

*Another blessing has been the many folk who have given of their time and energy to help on

the church remodeling throughout this year. Because of Gary’s illness, it has had to be laid

aside temporarily. You have been a blessing in this process, as well. While you may not have pounded nails, hung drywall or dug ditches with us this year, you have given us a hand

nonetheless, some financially, some through your prayers.


*And yet another blessing came when the business that did our heating/cooling at church, gave

us a slightly-used gas furnace for the modular. This will be a tremendous help in lowering our electric bill.


Our Family –

Kirt and Elida, with their sons, Joseph (4) and Micah (3), still reside in Glendale, AZ. Kirt

continues his forensic work with the Phx. Police Department. Elida is a wonderful Mommy

to their lively little guys. We are able to get together frequently, and those are always fun

times Grandpa & Grandma look forward to!


Our “Kansas Kids” are now “Arkansas Kids!” Recently, a pastor friend in Conway, AR.

passed away unexpectedly. The church asked JD to become their new pastor. After much

prayer, they felt this was God’s will. It was with mixed feelings they left the folk at Lakin,

where they had ministered for eight years, and began serving at Grace Baptist on December 1.

Their new flock have made them feel most welcome. The difficult part is that we only see

them once or twice a year, and we’re now 1,220 miles apart instead of 815 miles, but knowing

this is where God wants them, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Their children are growing

so quickly! It is hard to believe that Jake is now 17, Zachary is 15, Hunter is 12, and MaKayla

is 7. Jenny keeps very busy as pastor’s wife, Mom, and teacher to her four. We miss them so

much and cherish the times we have together. The Lord willing, all our family will be

gathering at our home to celebrate Christmas the early part of January.


Bev is busy preparing for the ladies Christmas party at our home, and also the children’s Christmas play which will be on the 22nd.


We would appreciate your prayers concerning the church remodeling. Projects that need to be completed as funds become available:

*Stucco outside of remodeled building – estimate $5,000.00

*Painting of both buildings

*Interior painting,

*Carpeting and flooring – estimate $6,000.00


Wishing you a joyous Christmas with your loved ones, and a blessed 2014.


Love in Christ,


Gary & Bev Messick

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Sam & Janet Grammer’s December Letter

CIMG4600November 2013
Dear Friends in Christ,

Thank you to each of you that has prayed for us and helped us financially during the year 2013.  God has been good to us.  We are enclosing a picture of our cast for this year’s Christmas play,  “THE STORY OF CHRISTMAS”.  We had several more that were involved behind the scenes with costumes,  props, prompting, publicity, refreshments … and of course the parents that made sure the kids were present for practices.   What a great opportunity to remind each of the kids what Christmas is really all about.

We trust you are using the season as a witnessing tool as you send out cards and gifts and greet your neighbors.  It’s more than a season of joy.  It is also a time to tell them of salvation-that wonderful gift from God who loves us more than we can ever comprehend.

As we prepare this letter for you, we are also preparing for a trip next week to visit our son Sam and his family in Alaska.  We were able to see several of the girls and their families during Thanksgiving and looking forward to see more of the family.  Please pray for us for safety and to enjoy our time away.

In Christ,

Sam & Janet Grammer

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Veldhuis December 2013 Prayer Update

Veldhuis December 2013 Prayer Update

     Dear Family and Friends in Christ,

November’s first rain in months pushed the year’s total precipitation to two inches and brought a welcome reprieve from persistent 110 degree temperatures.  Citrus ripened and ushered in Christmas ministries early December when night time temperatures finally dipped below 40 degrees.  The Christmas mandate of teaching and baptizing all nations (Matt.28:19) could now be broadened to include:

·         Ladies’ Bible study and bake day for Cocopah at every spiritual level Dec. 7.
·         Church fruit picking, packing, and reservation wide distribution.
·         Reconnection with and ministry to spiritual and physical needs of foster children not allowed to attend other services.
·         Evangelistic Christmas program and services, December 22 and 25.
·         New Year’s Eve dedication service.
         The urgency of every Native ministry and the incalculable value of your prayers and sacrifices for them all is illustrated in the home going of two Cocopah men early this month.  Sixty-one year old George succumbed to long standing liver disease after only five months as a new creature in Christ.  Twenty-two year old Matthew heard the gospel here as an early teen but could not be followed up after moving to a distant Apache reservation. This is where he was tragically murdered weeks ago.  Your prayers for the Hayes and Phillips families would mean much to all of them.
     PRAY also for the salvation of Adrian, Alfreda, George L., Amanda, Millie, and Rodrigo as well as for the growth and victory over besetting sins of Alex, Angel, Ashley, Bernice, Bobby, Chris, Julia, Lorie, Lydia S., Ricky L., Robert, and Wanda.
     Each of these adults do individual Bible studies or attend services.  P.T.L. for Ricky S.’ phenomenal growth and testimony
Since his detention.  Pray that 40 year olds Daren and Robert H. will soon follow Ricky’s example and return to the Lord.
BLESS HIM beyond measure for drawing young people,  Angel S., Autumn, Damien, Gabriel, Gilbert, Kaya, Katie, Lilly, Nesha, Nemo, Thomas, Timothy, Tyler, and Tyrus back to church through our daughter Lydia’s Sunday school and choir ministries.
     What a blessing your prayers and sacrifices have been toward medical needs!  Silas’ hernia is stable without surgery.  Lydia’s oral surgery expenses are paid and her abscesses healed despite upper respiratory infections.  The balance of Dawn’s E.R. bill is shrinking- making way for dental work in Mexico. Thank the Lord for your prayers and His protection from any recurrent cardiac problems for me despite rare opportunities for significant rest.
     May God reward your labors in 2014 as you “strive together with (us) in your prayers to God for (us)” Romans 15:30.
·         Souls saved and growing in detention.
·         Stevens and Alvanez children’s return to church.
·         Successful Ladies’ Bible studies as part of craft and bake days September 28th and December 7th.
·         New bus tire before it exploded 200 miles from home.
·         One half of our church A/C and heater repairs paid in four months!
·         Barley, Miller, Sereno, and Thomas young people’s return to the Lord.
·         Safety, wisdom, and eternal fruit through Christmas and ongoing ministries.
·         Direction concerning a spring revival and fall tent meeting.
·         Open doors for missions meetings before or after Temple Baptist’s conference April 23-27, 2014, Statesville, NC.
                                           Sincerely In Christ,

Michael, Dawn, Lydia, and Silas Veldhuis

          (Headquarters)                                                                    IBIMI                                                          Field Address
       Independent Baptist                                                           (Accounting)                                             Michael and Dawn Veldhuis                               
       Indian Mission Inc.                                                              2406 Main St                                               17840 S. Avenue 4E                                                               
       3880 Stockton Hill Rd                                                              Keokuk, Iowa 52632                                    Yuma, AZ 85365                
       Suite #103-438                                                                       (For  Support )                                             e-mail: themissionarys@juno.com
       Kingman, AZ 86409
       Web Site: www.ibimi.com
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Grammer’s November 2013 Letter

November 2013
Dear Friends in Christ,

This month tends to turn our thoughts to all our blessings and to give thanks.   Sometimes we are so busy looking at the problems in life and forget to see God’s hand of blessing.  We’d like to share some of those blessings that God has reminded us of.

It’s a bit earlier than normal for our monthly up-date letter-but that’s because we plan to be traveling when we would normally be sending this letter out.  It is the time of the year when we enjoy getting together with  our family and to celebrate the holidays.  For most of our children and grand-children, this is the only time of the year that we are able to be together, so this is a real treat for us.

Not only are we thankful for our physical family, but we are thankful for our church family.  To avoid embarrassment and to keep confidentiality, we can’t share specifics, but we are thankful for the way God has worked in lives and homes during this past year.  We have seen homes restored and relationships healed.  We have also seen spiritual growth in individual lives, as well as several trust Christ as Savior and then make public profession of faith in baptism.

Just this past week, a lady received God’s gift of salvation and told us that one of us had visited in her home during our “visitation” time.  She decided that she needed to come to our church after years of not attending church anywhere.  She attended a Wed. prayer meeting and then a morning worship service, where she yielded to Christ and became a believer.  What a blessing and encouragement.  We don’t always get a friendly reception when knocking on doors, but it is worth the effort to see a soul come to Christ!

Last year, one of our young men decided to go to Bible College for a year and this year chose to return and continue until graduation!  This is definitely an answered prayer.  A second young man had already been in Bible College but had decided to quit.  This summer, while working at a Christian camp, he realized the need for his people to hear the Word of God and is now back in school with the goal of being a pastor.  Another answered prayer and encouragement to us all as we watch him growing in his love for God.

This fall, two of our families withdrew their children from the public education system so that they could educate their own children with Christian curriculum.  This has meant sacrifice for each family and they have had their moments of challenge, but both parents and the 4 students are glad that this is the course they have chosen.

One of these moms is also the head librarian here in Page.  Recently Debbie received a state award for the after-school programs she has helped start in Page.  She traveled to Phoenix to receive the award at a ceremony that was attended by many state leaders and officials.  In her speech of acceptance, she praised God for any accomplishments in her life.  She was the only one to mention God and after returning to her seat, another lady, who has an important position in the state, leaned over and told her “thank you”.  She is also a believer and glad to know that she wasn’t alone in her faith and excited to hear God being praised publicly.

Pray for us through the coming month of December.  It is always a busy time with the extra activities of the holidays.  It also has great opportunities to share the Gospel message.  May our Christmas program, our caroling, our visiting, gifts and cards and even our Christmas decorations, all remind others that God came in the form of a human baby, so He could die for us on the cross to pay our sin penalty.  Now we can live with Him forever, free from sin.  There is no greater gift and Christmas is a wonderful time to tell others that they too can have this great joy!

In Christ,

Sam & Janet Grammer

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Baucom’s October 2013 Newsletter

September  2013


Dear Friends Of The Baucoms,


It’s that time of the year again when we enjoy celebrating our anniversaries together.  The Church got together and gave Elaine & I a celebration of our 40th Wedding Anniversary.  They had invited many of our friends as well.  We knew they were going to do this, but we had no idea how many people they invited.  Oh, the congratulations  and gifts were too good!  We were so blessed.  And then it was the entering into our 26th. year of being here on the Reservation as their pastor.  To God be all the Glory!


By the time you get this News Letter we will be into our Fall Revival with our pastor, Brother Bobby Leonard.  He and Larry Langston will arrive on Saturday, October the 5th. and stay with us through October 9th.

Our people sure look forward to this meeting with Brother Leonard.


The Church is doing well. Our attendance is averaging around 35-40 each Sunday.  With summer ended we expect to see more folks come as vacations and summer fun comes to pert near a halt! Praise God!  We are amazed at the visitors that are coming.  Seems just about every week someone new shows up. And most of the time it’s not the folks that we have visited, but those that we forgot about visiting.


Our family is doing good.  We are in contact with them quite often.  Melissa & Pat are attending our Church now and Mary & Derek in Little Rock are busy as can be with their Church.  It’s John that burdens our heart.  He’s still away from the Lord.  He is as sweet and gentle to us as he can be.  Our prayer is that the Lord will bring him back soon.  Everyday my heart weeps for our son.  You know as a parent that you’d give your right arm, right leg or even your life if that would bring your child back to God.  Please, please keep our son John near your prayer closet :'(


Many thanks again to you and your faithfulness to our ministry here.  Apart from your help with prayers and financial support,  our lives would be more complicated.  We thank God for your gracious partnership with and for us.


We Gladly Remain As His Servants,

Tommy & Elaine

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October 2013 Letter from Steve & Sherry

Dear Praying Friends and Ministry Partners,

  Romans 10:14-15 How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!
  We have wrapped up a great summer of ministry on the Hualapai Indian Reservation here in Northwestern Arizona. Our home church youth group came out to help us with backyard Bible club and VBS early in July. The girls in the group taught the Bible clubs each morning while the boys helped us paint the church. They also put in some fruit and nut trees at our house. We are looking forward to many great harvest in years to come. The VBS was well attended and two young people accepted Christ as Savior!
  We want to clear up any lingering misunderstandings regarding the home-going of Dustin De Ford. Dusting was one of the 19 firefighters lost in the devastating fire near Prescott, AZ. His family are friends of ours and there was much confusion because Dustin’s dad, Stephen, is a Baptist pastor in Montana. Many thought we had lost our son in the fire. Please, continue to pray with us for the Stephen De Ford family in the loss of their son.
  In August, we attended our annual IBIMI conference. This year Brother Gary Messick hosted the meeting at the work in Verde Valley, AZ. It seemed God had a special meeting planned for us as circumstances prevented most of our plans from happening. We were encouraged by many of our men to continue for the Lord in the ministries in which He has placed us. God also brought Brother Garry Locklear and his wife Sheril to visit with us. The Locklears are Lumbee Indians from Fairview, NC and travel all over the US supporting Indian missions through preaching, building, and a ministry of encouragement to missionaries. They were a blessing to our entire mission family! Sherry and I also celebrated our 25th anniversary. The mission family surprised us with a beautiful cake and many cards. A couple of weeks later, Paul and Betty Hiscock were with us for a crash course on music! They brought our a Christmas program for our church to begin working on and walked us through it step by step. We loved our time of fellowship with them. And look forward to their next trip west!
  September brought us back to the beginning of another year of home school co-op. I also drove to Pensacola, FL to take our son Immanuel to college. Sherry had a hard time letting him go, but Manny is adjusting very well to college life.
  We did have the sad duty of removing one of our families from the membership roll. Please keep Danny and Ruth in your prayers. Satan has gotten a hold of this couple and is trying very hard to destroy them. They had been members of our co-op as well, so their children are back in public school. We are grieving over this family and pray they return to us quickly.
  Now, we look forward to fall and all the ministry opportunities that await this wonderful time of year. Thank you for your continued prayers and support of this ministry. We are truly grateful for your part in the Lord’s work among the Hualapai!
For God’s Glory,
The Steve De Ford family
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August 2013 Newsletter from Brian & Louann Shannon

July-August 2013


Dear Supporting Church Families & Friends,


“… Is it well with thee?… And she answered, It is well.” Greetings from Southern AZ. I am very thankful to be able to answer that in our lives “it is well!” We never know what may “fall upon a day,” but I do “know that my redeemer liveth” and that He will never leave nor forsake us! What an encouragement our Lord and His Word are!


Our busy Summer season is finally winding down… which leads to the next busy season! “Back to school” usually means “back to Bible Club” too, for the kids on the reservation, and we look forward to that ministry being recharged in the coming days. Please continue praying for the children and the Bible Club ministry!


We are thankful for the opportunities we were blessed with during the past two months. In July, I had the opportunity to visit and preach once again with Bro. Dale Vance and his youth campmeeting in Virginia. This meeting is always a blessing and encouragement in my own life, and I pray it is in the lives of the many young people that attend as well! It is always encouraging to take part in the good fellowship with friends!


We were also blessed to attend the annual retreat of our mission board, Independent Baptist Indian Mission, Inc. It was hosted by veteran missionaries Gary & Bev Messick in Camp Verde, AZ. This meeting is always a great time of fellowship with our fellow Native missionary families. Please remember to pray for the entire Mission family of missionaries and their respective fields, and pray that the Lord would send more laborers into His fields of Native America!


We continue to be blessed with permission to meet monthly in the Nation’s nursing care facility. Attendance has been great the past few months, and we always so enjoy getting to have a service there with those dear folk. We appreciate your prayers for the elderly of the Nation, for their physical and spiritual needs.


We enjoyed a great visit by one of our longtime friends, Tom & Elaine Baucom, missionaries on the Six Nations Reservation in Ontario, Canada. They were out for our Mission Board retreat, and spent some time with us after. We so enjoyed the preaching, singing and great fellowship with this dear family. We are grateful for the many wonderful friends God has given us along this journey!


As many of you know and were praying for, my dad had prostate cancer surgery in August. We are very grateful for how the Lord has helped throughout the process. His grace and peace are always super-sufficient and ever present! We are thankful that the surgery was successful, recovery is progressing, and Dad is doing good. Please continue to pray for his recovery over the next few weeks. We are thankful that his cancer was found in its early stages, and was treated successfully!


Our family is continually blessed. Lilly (10th), Rebecca (3rd) and Brandon (1st) are all back to school now. Please pray for them, and Louann as she helps them in their homeschooling! Benjamin (3 years) is still deciding which classes he will be attending this year, but enjoys sampling the classrooms of each of his siblings! Thanks again so much for all of your faithful prayers and support, which have a huge part in making the ministry here possible!


Working together with you for HIM,


Brian & Louann Shannon & family


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August 2013 Letter from the Grammer’s

August 2013

Dear Friends in Christ,


August is always a good month for the Grammer family. Each year we celebrate our anniversary and also Janet’s birthday. This year we celebrated 45 years of marriage. Janet’s birthday? Well-let’s just say it’s one more year than she was last year. 😉


We had 2 men that joined Sam for a trip to Alaska this month to do some more preparation for the Christian radio station that we want to see started in Thorne Bay. We were praying that all the materials would arrive on time and in good shape, and also that the weather would cooperate so that the foundation blocks could be completed. God heard our prayers and the job went smoothly and quickly-even giving enough time for the men to fish for some salmon to bring back home. Another step closer to seeing the radio station up and going.


At the moment, Sam is traveling back home to Arizona, catching the ferry from Ketchikan to Washington and then driving. The route takes him through Idaho where all the fires have been burning, so please pray for his safety on the roads throughout this coming week. Thanks.


Last week, a new area of ministry began in Page. Two of our families have chosen to withdraw their children from the public school system and educate them at home. In reality, they are educating together in one of the classrooms in the church. This way they will be supporting and encouraging each other and the students will have the sense of a classroom setting and hopefully commit themselves to the task before them. Please pray with us for these 3 students: Keanu (“key-ah-new”), Aaliyah (“ah-lee-ah”) and Alana, as well as their moms.


Both of these families also have an older son that are both now students at International Baptist College down in Chandler, AZ (Phoenix area). Daniel is a returning student and Tyler is a transfer student from BJU. We’ve been excited to see God working in both their lives and know that this is not an easy step for either of them. Please pray also for them in their studies and for the needed finances.


Thank you for your prayers and gifts that allow us to minister in the Southwest USA.


In Christ,

Sam & Janet Grammer

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